Upcoming Gubernatorial Election

This is a guest post by CCDL President Scott Wilson.

Dear members and supporters,

There are a few important points I’d like to make in my capacity as the president of CCDL.

The first point is this. 2018 was the first election cycle that the CCDL Executive committee made convention, and primary endorsements.  This year it was something that we felt was crucially important. The downside was our early involvement was also time-consuming and often contentious. While the majority of the committee voted to endorse Tim Herbst for governor in the primary election, there were those who supported Bob Stefanowski. While I will personally stand by our choice for Herbst in the primary, I will say that Bob Stefanowski also personally made very strong statements of support for the 2nd Amendment; both to the Executive Committee, and to our members. Connecticut gun owners are fortunate to have ended up with a candidate for governor who has shown this level of support for the issues that matter most to us.

Another point that I would like to make is that while it is indeed good news for 2A supporters that Bob is the nominee for governor, the best news is that we have Joe Markley on the ticket alongside him as the nominee for lieutenant governor.  As a state senator for the past eight years, Joe has never once wavered in his support of the Constitution. This could be crucial for us because in the event of a tie vote in the legislature, the lieutenant governor casts the tie-breaking vote. This is a very solid ticket, especially considering some of the other candidates in both races were less than enthusiast or sincere in their support of the 2nd Amendment.

Now for the biggest point.  Ned Lamont is on record stating he will support further gun control initiatives. After eight long years of attacks, legislation, and unconstitutional laws by Governor Malloy, the last thing that law-abiding gun owners need is more of the same. Electing Ned Lamont would be no better than reelecting Dan Malloy, and might even be worse.

Beyond the race for governor:
In the coming weeks, the CCDL Executive Committee will be releasing our endorsements for the November 6th general election.  We ask that our members pay attention and get involved with helping to support solid 2A candidates. The most important tool for stopping anti-gun legislation is you. Without your help we will lose key races that absolutely must be won. There is no magic bullet, but just a little bit of work and a little bit of dedication can lead to success.

In closing, let me add my voice to the many who have already done so:
Congratulations to the formation of the Stefanowski/Markley ticket!
I know that both of you will work hard to win the tough battle ahead.

Scott Wilson – CCDL President

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Gubernatorial Election”

  1. I strongly support the 2A mission of and am a member of CCDL but have to wonder about the endorsement(s) portion of our involvement. It has great potential to backfire should a candidate not endorsed by us get into office. At best now, Bob can only say he was CCDL’s second choice. My personal 1st choice but CCDL’s second. How does that bode for us as a collective cohesive group pushing the 2A agenda within our state and beyond?

    1. No different than Peter Lumaj being our first choice in the Convention but not being in the Primary.
      Our endorsement is always going to be someone we believe to be a solid 2A candidate. This election, with such a large starting field, and even the unprecedented 5 way primary, we were presented with many candidates ALL looking for CCDL’s endorsement. In the end, we had to make a choice, as did you.Yeah, Bob can think he’s only second best on the single issue of gun rights, but he can also look at it that the voters decided he was best overall I’m sure he would rather have 31,000 CCDL members voting for him in the general, then not. I think it could bode worse for us if we do not get involved early. If Pro2A candidates don’t win conventions and primaries, then they won’t even be on the ballot to vote for them in the general election.

  2. Scott and CCDL Members,
    I am grateful for your tireless efforts to sustain our 2nd Amendment Rights here in CT. We live in a time where some people think gun control is a goal but we look at Chicago and places where liberal chaos is taking lives every day. The criminals will always have their guns and no laws will change that. Common sense must prevail.
    I do appreciate your endorsements and your efforts to keep our Rights safe here in this blue state. We must never give up the fight! I am grateful to have your voice speaking for us all.

  3. We need to let them know we are backing them all the way. Ask for signs to put up in the towns you live in and spread the word….if anyone had time to make phone calls for them or go to their headquarters and show support,,,,anything will help….

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