Political Hijinks

Earlier today, a political robocall was sent out by former candidate for governor Peter Lumaj on behalf of the Bob Stefanowski for Governor Campaign.

Here is what is troubling:

CCDL endorsed Peter Lumaj for the Republican convention, and it was a one-time endorsement that extended to him, and him alone. Our initial endorsement of Peter Lumaj was not for passing along as though it were an inheritance should his campaign fail. And ultimately, it did fail.

In the robocall message, Peter stated that because CCDL endorsed him, people should vote for Bob Stefanowski. He has done so with full knowledge and understanding that the Connecticut Citizens Defense League does not support Bob’s campaign. Some may view this as politics as usual, but the reality is, this is a betrayal of trust and honor that was bestowed to Peter Lumaj by our organization. Such a move of this kind is one that travels down into the ‘filthiest of filthy bowels’ of Connecticut politics.

Let the record stand that CCDL fully endorses Tim Herbst for governor, not anyone else. The dirty trick of a formerly celebrated man named Peter Lumaj will never change that.

Another troubling point:

The robocall goes on to imply that because Tim Herbst was endorsed by a former legislator who once voted for an antigun bill, that Tim himself cannot truly support your gun rights. While this is an absurd conclusion to jump to, it’s also an extremely hypocritical one as well.  Stefanowski proudly touts the endorsements of several antigun legislators, such as Dave Yaccarino and Noreen Kokoruda. Both of them voted for SB1160 and numerous antigun bills since. If CCDL endorsed candidate Tim Herbst is antigun simply by association, then so is Bob Stefanowski.


The last troubling point:

The call claimed that Bob Stefanowski is “A” rated by the NRA. That is a lie by every measure. The NRA does not give A ratings to candidates that have no viable track record. Bob’s rating is no better than Tim’s rating from the NRA.

The highest rating that the NRA gives to untested candidates seeking office s AQ. There is a big difference, in that one implies they are battle tested, the other indicates strong leanings but untested. That erroneous message sent out by the Stefanowski campaign clearly is either shady, amateur or maybe even both.

Scott Wilson Sr.
CCDL, Inc.


Peter Lumaj Robocall for Bob Stefanowski

4 thoughts on “Political Hijinks”

  1. There someone running against Murphy in this next weeks race and we’ve heard little to nothing about him. Where is NRA s support where is CCDL support. We need to get Murphy out just as badly as we need Malloy out.

    Year after year NRA neglects Connecticut in these races when will they learn that what CT does influences other areas of the country. Stop it here first.

    These politicians are crippling this state. There’s a mass exodus of republicans out of this state since 2013 when we were number one on the list of places people moving away from we are currently number 4 only because most people who could leave already did in2013 and successive years , the stragglers still get us to number 4 ! Problem is those are OUR voters leaving. And they leave because they have NO HOPE for change here.
    Thanks NRA

    1. Jeff, Next week is the primary election, where Republicans will vote on which candidate will get to run against Murphy in November. If you check the list of CCDL endorsed candidates, you’ll see we’ve endorsed Matthew Corey, and we ask that registered Republicans vote for him next Tuesday.

  2. Malloy, Murphy and Blumenthal are ALL no g’ damn good for Connecticut.
    Long live the Republic.

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