Curious to where a candidate stands on your right to self defense? Look no further. Below is the list of all candidates for the State of Connecticut and their 2A ratings according to CCDL. If you are not sure what district you are in, click here and enter your address.

Party: (D) = Democrat, (R) = Republican, (I) = Independent, (L) = Libertarian, (G) = Green

* = Pending Primary

US House

1st Congressional District

John Larson (D)

Larry Lazar (R)

Mary Sanders(I)

2nd Congressional District

Joe Courtney (D)

Mike France (R)

William Hall (L)

Kevin Blacker (G)

3rd Congressional District

Rosa DeLauro (D)

Lesley DeNardis (R)

Amy Chai (L)

Justin Paglino (G)

4th Congressional District

Jim Himes (D)

Jayme Stevenson (R)

5th Congressional District

Johana Hayes (D)

George Logan (R)

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