Curious to where a candidate stands on your right to self defense? Look no further. Below is the list of all candidates for the State of Connecticut and their 2A ratings according to CCDL. If you are not sure what district you are in, click here and enter your address.

Party: (D) = Democrat, (R) = Republican, (I) = Independent, (L) = Libertarian, (G) = Green

* = Pending Primary

State Representatives

Please enter your State Assembly District number or the candidates name into the search below to find your candidate ratings.

Assembly DistrictName/PartyCCDL Rating
1Matthew Ritter (Democrat)
2Jenn Lewis (Republican)
2Raghib Allie-Brennan (Democrat)
3Minnie Gonzalez (Democrat)
4Mark Stewart Greenstien (Write-In)
4Julio Concepcion (Democrat)
5Charles Jackson III (Republican)
5Maryam Khan (Democrat)
6Edwin Vargas Jr (Democrat)
7Joshua Hall (Democrat)
8Mary Ann Hansen (Democrat)
8Tim Ackert (Republican)
9Matthew Lauf (Republican)
9Jason Rojas (Democrat)
10Henry Genga (Democrat)
11Jeff Currey
12Geoffrey Luxenberg (Democrat)
13Donna Meier (Republican)
13Jason Doucette (Democrat)
14Tom Delnicki (Republican)
14Erica Evans (Democrat)
15Bobby Gibson Jr (Democrat)
16Melissa Osborne (Democrat)*
16Michael Paine (Republican)
17Heather Maguire (Republican)
17Eleni Kavros DeGraw (Democrat)
18Jillian Gilchrest (Democrat)
19Tammy Exum (Democrat)
20Anastasia Yopp (Republican)
20Kate Farrar (Democrat)
21Joe Capodiferro (Republican)
21Michael Demicco (Democrat)
22Rebecca Martinez (Democrat)
22Francis Cooley (Republican)
23Joseph Heffernan (Democrat)
23Devin Carney (Republican)
24Manny Sanchez (Democrat)
24Paul Edwards (Republican)
25Bobby Sanchez (Democrat)
25Jerrell Hargraves (Republican)
26Peter Tercyak (Democrat)
26Joel Moret (Republican)
27Gary Turco JR (Democrat)
27Nancy Cappello (Republican)
28Amy Morrin Bello (Democrat)
28Brianna Timbro (Republican)
29Pankaj Prakash (Republican)
29Kerry Wood (Democrat)
30Donna Veach (Republican)
30Denise McNair (Democrat)
31Jill Barry (Democrat)
31Gary Giannelli (Republican)
32Christie Carpino (Republican)
32Rose Aletta (Democrat)
33Quatina Frazer (Republican)
33Brandon Chafee (Democrat)
34Irene Haines (Republican)
34John Olin (Democrat)*
35Christopher Aniskovich (Republican)
35Hugh Birdsall (Green)
35Christine Goupil (Democrat)
36Christine Palm (Democrat)
36Christopher Turkington (Republican)
37Holly Cheeseman (Republican)
37Nick Menapace (Democrat)
38Kathleen McCarty (Republican)
38Nicholas Gauthier (Democrat)
39Anthony Nolan (Democrat)
39Karen Paul (Republican)
40Christine Conley (Democrat)
40Lauren Gauthier (Independent)
41Robert Boris (Republican)
41Aundre Bumgardner (Democrat)
41Francis Dunigan (Petitioning)
42Kim Healy (Republican)
42Keith Denning (Democrat)
43Gregory Howard (Republican)
43Ashley Gillece (Democrat)
44Anne Dauphinais (Republican)
44David Randall (Democrat)
45Kayla Thompson (Democrat)
45Brian Lanoue (Republican)
46Robert Bell (Republican)
46Derell Wilson (Democrat)
47David Nowakowski (Democrat)
47Doug Dubitsky (Republican)
48Christopher Rivers (Democrat)
48Mark DeCaprio (Republican)
48Lance Lusignan (Independent)
49Susan Johnson (Democrat)
50Patrick Boyd (Democrat)
50Aaron Soucy (Republican)
51Ricky Hayes (Republican)
51Christine Maine (Democrat)
52Kurt Vail (Republican)
52Gregg Dafoe (Democrat)
53Tammy Nuccio (Republican)
53Kenneth Trice (Democrat)
54Gregory Haddad (Democrat)
55Stephen Weir (Republican)
55Wesley Skorski (Democrat)
56Kevin Brown (Democrat)
56James Tedford (Republican)
57Jaime Foster (Democrat)
57David Stavens (Republican)
58Thomas Arnone (Democrat)
58Robert Hendrickson (Republican)
59Carol Hall (Republican)
59Matthew Despard (Democrat)
60Jane Garibay (Democrat)
60Lenworth Walker (Republican)
61Tami Zawistowski (Republican)
61Jim Irwin (Democrat)
62Mark Anderson (Republican)
62Kimberly Becker (Democrat)
63Jay Case (Republican)
63Althea Candy Perez (Democrat)
64Maria Horn (Democrat)
64Christopher DuPont (Republican)
65Michelle Cook (Democrat)
66Karen Reddington-Hughes (Republican)
66Matt Dyer (Democrat)
67Alexandra Thomas (Democrat)
67William Buckbee (Republican)
68Joseph Polletta (Republican)
69Cindy Harrison (Republican)*
70Jeffrey Litke (Democrat)
70Seth Bronko (Republican)
71William Pizzuto (Republican)
72Vernon Matthews (Republican)
72Larry Butler (Democrat)
73Abigail Pizarro (Republican)
73Ronald Napoli (Democrat)
74Michael DiGiovancarlo (Democrat)
75Geraldo Reyes (Democrat)
76John Piscopo (Republican)
76Sharon Farmer (Democrat)
77Cara Pavalock-D'Amato (Republican)
77Andrew Rasmussen-Tuller (Democrat)
78Joe Hoxha (Republican)*
79Jen Van Gorder (Republican)
79Mary Fortier (Democrat)
80Gale Mastrofrancesco (Republican)
81Christopher Poulos (Democrat)
81Tony Morrison (Republican)
82Michael Quinn (Democrat)
83Lou Arata (Republican)
83Jonathan Fazzino (Democrat)
84Hilda Santiago (Democrat)
85Kerry Lentz (Republican)
85Mary Mushinsky (Democrat)
86Vincent Candelora (Republican)
87David Yaccarino (Republican)
88Joshua Elliott (Democrat)
88Michael Pace (Republican)
89Lezlye Zupkus (Republican)
89Kevin O'Leary (Democrat)
90Rebecca Hyland (Democrat)
90Craig Fishbein (Republican)
91Michael D'Agostino (Democrat)
92Patricia Dillon (Democrat)
92Lesley Heffel McGuirk (Petitioning)
93percy saunders (Independent)
93Toni Walker (Democrat)
94Robyn Porter (Democrat)
95Juan Candelaria (Democrat)
96Eric Mastroianni (Republican)
96Roland Lemar (Democrat)
97Alphonse Paolillo Jr (Democrat)
97Anthony Acri (Republican)
98Richard DiNardo (Republican)
98Moira Rader (Democrat)
99Joseph Zullo (Republican)
100Quentin Williams (Democrat)
101John Rasimas (Republican)
101John-Michael Parker (Democrat)
102Robin Comey (Democrat)
102Raymond Ingraham (Republican)
103Liz Linehan (Democrat)
103Randy Raines (Republican)
104Joshua Shuart (Republican)
104Kara Rochelle (Democrat)
105Nicole Klarides-Ditria (Republican)
106Mitch Bolinsky (Republican)
107Martin Foncello (Republican)
107Phoebe Holmes (Democrat)
108Patrick Callahan (Republican)
108Jeff Ginsburg (Democrat)
109Farley Santos (Democrat)
109Jesy Fernandez (Republican)
110Bob Godfrey (Democrat)
110Eric Gleissner (Republican)
111Robert Hebert (Republican)
111Aimee Berger-Girvalo (Democrat)
112Sheila Papps (Democrat)
112Tony Scott (Republican)
113Jason Perillo (Republican)
114Mary Welander (Democrat)
114Daniel Cowan (Republican)
115Dorinda Borer (Democrat)
116Trenee McGee (Democrat)
116Aaron Haley (Republican)
116Shawn Brown (Independent)
117Charles Ferraro (Republican)
117Laura Fucci (Working Families)
118Jeffrey Parkin (Republican)
118Frank Smith (Democrat)
119Kathy Kennedy (Republican)
119Michael Smith (Democrat)
120Laura Dancho (Republican)
120Phillip Young (Democrat)
121Gregory Burnes (Republican)
121Joseph Gresko (Democrat)
122Ben McGorty (Republican)
123David Rutigliano (Republican)
123Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox (Democrat)
124Jose Quiroga (Republican)
124Andre Baker (Democrat)
124Michael Young (Independent)
125Aurelio Alvarez (Democrat)
125Thomas O'Dea Jr (Republican)
126Philip Flynn (Republican)
126Fred Gee Jr (Democrat)
126Joseph Thompson (New Movement)
127John (Jack) Hennessy (Working Families)
127Anthony Puccio (Republican)
127Marcus Brown (Democrat)
128Christopher Rosario (Democrat)
128Ramona Marquez (Republican)
129Louis Savino (Republican)
129Steven Stafstrom (Democrat)
130Antonio Felipe (Democrat)
130Terrence Sullivan (Republican)
131David Labriola (Republican)
132Jennifer Leeper (Democrat)
132Brian Farnen (Republican)
133Michael Grant (Republican)
133Cristin McCarthy Vahey (Democrat)
134Sarah Keitt (Democrat)
134Meghan McCloat (Republican)
135Alexander Burns (Republican)
135Anne Hughes (Democrat)
136Alma Sarelli (Republican)
136Jonathan Steinberg (Democrat)
137Kadeem Roberts (Democrat)
137Luis Estrella (Republican)
138Kenneth Gucker (Democrat)
138Rachel Chaleski (Republican)
139Kevin Ryan (Democrat)
139Mark Adams (Republican)
140Travis Simms (Democrat)
141Tracy Marra (Republican)
142Lucia "Lucy" Dathan (Democrat)
142Donald Mastronardi (Republican)
143Dominique Johnson PhD (Democrat)
143Nicole Hampton (Republican)
144Hubert Delany III (Democrat)
144Mitchell Bell (Republican)
145Fritz Blau (Republican)
145Corey Paris (Democrat)
146Jessican Demmo (Republican)
146Thomas Concannon (Independent)
146David Michel (Democrat)
147Abraham Viera (Republican)
147Matthew Blumenthal (Democrat)
148Daniel Fox (Democrat)
148Wilm Donath (Republican)
149Rachel Khanna (Democrat)
149Kimberly Fiorello (Republican)
150Ed Lopez (Republican)
150Stephen Meskers (Democrat)
151Peter Sherr (Republican)
151Hector Arzeno (Democrat)
5Elijah El-Hajj-Bey
14Marek Kozikowski (United Community)
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