Curious to where a candidate stands on your right to self defense? Look no further. Below is the list of all candidates for the State of Connecticut and their 2A ratings according to CCDL. If you are not sure what district you are in, click here and enter your address.

Party: (D) = Democrat, (R) = Republican, (I) = Independent, (L) = Libertarian, (G) = Green

* = Pending Primary

State Senators

Please enter your State Senatorial District number or the candidates name into the search below to find your candidate ratings.

Senatorial DistrictName/PartyCCDL Rating
1John Fonfara (Democrat)
1Alexander Colaiacovo (Republican)
1Oladotun Oretade (Green)
1Alyssa Peterson (Petitioning)
2Douglas McCrory (Democrat)
3Matthew Harper (Republican)
3Saud Anwar (Democrat)
4MD Masudur Rahman (Democrat)
4Jacqueline Crespan (Republican)
5Derek Slap (Democrat)
6Tremell Collins (Republican)
6Rick Lopes (Democrat)
7Cynthia Mangini (Democrat)
7John Kissel (Republican)
8Lisa Seminara (Republican)
8Paul Honig (Democrat)
9Matthew Lesser (Democrat)
9Lisa Marotta (Republican)
10Gary Winfield (Democrat)
10John Carlson (Republican)
11Martin Looney (Democrat)
11Steven Orosco (Republican)
12Paul Crisci (Republican)
12Christine Cohen (Democrat)
13Joseph Vollano Sr (Republican)
13Jan Hochadel (Democrat)
14Kim-Marie Mullin (Republican)
14James Maroney (Democrat)
15Joan Hartley (Democrat)
16Rob Sampson (Republican)
16Christopher Robertson (Democrat)
17kathy Hoyt (Republican)
17Jorge Cabrera (Democrat)
18Farouk Rajab (Democrat)
18Heather Somers (Republican)
19Pietro Camardella (Republican)
19Catherine Osten (Democrat)
20Martha Marx (Democrat)
20Jerry Labriola JR (Republican)
21Kevin Kelly (Republican)
21Christopher Green (Democrat)
22Marilyn Moore (Democrat)
22Wilfredo Martinez (Independent)
23Juliemar Ortiz (Working Families)
23Herron Gaston (Democrat)
23Michael Garrett (Republican)
24Michelle Coelho (Republican)
24Julie Kushner (Democrat)
25Daniel Miressi (Republican)
25Bob Duff (Democrat)
25Lisa Brinton (Independent)
26Cecilia Maher (Democrat)
26Toni Boucher (Republican)
27Patricia Billie Miller (Democrat)
27Michael Battinelli (Republican)
28Timothy Gavin (Democrat)
28Anthony Hwang (Republican)
29Mae Flexer (Democrat)
29Susanne Witkowski (Republican)
29Jean de Smet (Green)
30Eva Bermudez Zimmerman (Democrat)
30Stephen Harding Jr (Republican)
31Henri Martin (Republican)
31Gregory Hahn (Democrat)
32Eric Berthel (Republican)
32Jeffrey DesMarais (Democrat)
33Brandon Goff (Republican)
33Norman Needleman (Democrat)
34Paul Cicarella (Republican)
34David Bedell (Green)
35Jeffrey Gordon MD (Republican)
35Lisa Thomas (Democrat)
36Trevor Crow (Democrat)
36Ryan Fazio (Republican)
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