CT Gun Community Photo Contest


As announced at the Rally at the Capitol 2023, CCDL is developing a new firearms course to meet the new qualifiers for the Connecticut pistol permit process. Given the vast community of over 400,000 gunowners in the state of Connecticut, we want to give YOU an opportunity to be showcased in our content. 

We’re looking to compile photos for reference in our course, various firearms, firing positions, and the like to display safe firearms handling and mechanics. The chosen entries will be awarded with free CCDL swag and credits for the photographs in the course. 

To participate! 

1. Participants must be a CCDL member, preferably wearing CCDL apparel or unbranded clothing, with their face visible in the photo where applicable (any photos featuring people).

 2. Photos must be to model one of the needed subjects (see below), participants can submit any amount of the needed photos.  

3.. Photos must be taken in bright, even lighting at a high resolution. Most modern phone cameras are acceptable.  

4. Photos must be emailed to media@ccdl.us with the subject line “photo contest”, the participants name, the participants CT town/city, and the photos being modeled from our list of needs. 

Note: By submitting photos to this contest, participants are giving CCDL express permission to use this content as needed without additional compensation. CCDL swag prizes and photo credits will only be awarded to participants selected for the project. Selected participants will be notified by email.  

Here’s the list of needed photos:

Equipment, against a plain background: Eyepro, Active/Passive Earpro, Single Action Revolver, Double Action Pistol, Striker-Fired Pistol, 9mm Cartridge/Components, Rimfire Cartridge/Components, Single Stack v. Double Stack Magazine, Iron Sights v. Red Dot, Disassembled Pistol, Cleaning Supplies (CLP, Brushes, Boresnake, etc…)

People/Places: Shooting at an indoor/outdoor range, smiling RSO stationed at a range in uniform, FFL employee(s) in uniform smiling/helping a customer.

Posed Range Photos (can feature single/multiple people): Stapling Up Targets, Clearing a Pistol/Show Clear Chamber, Straight Trigger Finger, Pistol Double-Feed, Pistol Stovepipe, Proper Pistol Grip Placement (both sides), Revolver Grip Placement (behind the cylinder gap), Steps to Load and Fire, Acquiring Sight Picture, Weaver v. Isosceles stance, Kneeling/Firing, Bench Firing, Generic Aesthetically-Pleasing Pistol Shooting Photos    


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