Last Day… 4/30/2024

Official 2023 AWB Registration Thread!

By Matthew Strasser

With the deadline approaching for registration, I thought it would be best to centralize all questions and comments regarding the registration aspect of HB6667.

“How do I register my other?”

The steps are relatively straight forward

• Create an online account with SLFU

• Print and fill out a DPS-414-C form. You can fingerprint yourself.

• Upload completed DPS-414-C with either an DPS-3-C or sworn affidavit

• Submit application for review

On the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit website, link located in this post, scroll down to the 2nd paragraph that reads “Effective 9/14/2023”. This is where you’ll find instructions on how to register your “assault weapon”. You will also find what is called an “online registration portal”. This is where you will create an online account with SLFU to register online. This is also where you can do your permit renewal when the time comes. Lastly there is a link to a 5 page instruction manual created by the state to guide you through this. I find it is *mostly* complete but there are some things not immediately clear.

That being said, this is the place to ask those questions. Examples include:

“Does my pre-ban/Mini 30/Mini 14/stripped lower receiver need to be registered?”

“What about magazines?”

“Where is the link? Where do I get a DPS-3? What is an affidavit?”

Helpful Links-

Special Licensing and Firearms Unit website:

“Assault Weapon” Registration Instructions

“Assault Weapon” Registration Form

Sample Sworn Affidavit

Frequently Asked Questions-

Does my MP15-22 / Tippman M4-22 need to be registered?

This law does not include language specific to rimfire rifles. Rimfire does not require registration.

Where do I get my fingerprints done?

You can do them yourself with a $5 ink pad from Amazon. Most local PD’s are also capable of doing the prints for a fee.

What if I do not have a DPS-3c?
Fill out an affidavit (sample in this post) and have it notarized.

Does my DPS-414-c need to be notarized?


Do I have to do anything with my fixed magazine firearm?


Can I register a lower purchased after 6/6/2023 as an “assault weapon”?


It is very important to note that the CCDL’s willingness to help those who want to register is rooted in our desire to support law-abiding citizens’ desire to remain law-abiding. We DO NOT support this law and fought tirelessly to block it. Through the efforts of the CCDL, 40% of HB6667 was removed. We are still SUING the Lamont administration to dismantle both the 2013 and 2023 assault weapons bans but for those who wish to comply with this registration – we are here to help you.

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