CCDL Endorses Mark DeCaprio for 48th house district.

Endorse3The Connecticut Citizens Defense League is proud to announce its endorsement of Mark DeCaprio in the January 14th Special Election for the 48th House District. After much discussion with Mark, CCDL believes that he will represent the people of Colchester, Lebanon, Mansfield and Windham strongly and with steadfast support of the Second Amendment.

CCDL members have this rare January opportunity to make a difference in the General Assembly. We are asking our members in these four towns to not only be at the polls and support Mark DeCaprio but to bring two friends, family members or neighbors as well. Every vote in a special election carries tremendous weight!

We are also asking any CCDL members to volunteer even a few hours between now and January 14th to assist with Mark’s campaign. Volunteering is easy and can even be done from the comfort of your own home with new phone technology. CCDL members in Colchester and Lebanon should contact and members in Mansfield and Windham should contact to help out.  Please be sure to tell the campaign that you are a CCDL member and that gun rights matter to you.

Do not miss this opportunity to ensure your Second Amendment rights are protected in Hartford by supporting Mark DeCaprio in this January 14th Special Election! Carry on!

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