Capitol Update – April 19, 2023

Capitol Update for the Week of April 19, 2023.  

As the extreme gun control bill, HB6667 gets its final tweaks from the commissions. It is important for Connecticut residents to stay informed about the status of these gun bills and to take action to protect their Second Amendment rights. As these bills move closer to a vote on the House floor, it is crucial that residents contact their legislators and make their voices heard. 

You can view the synopsis of this extreme gun control legislation by clicking here.

We urge all Connecticut residents who value their Second Amendment rights to act now by calling their legislators and joining us in Hartford in the upcoming weeks. Together, we can make our voices heard and protect our constitutional rights. 

Find your Legislator 

It is important to note that there are many factors that can influence the outcome of a vote, including public pressure, political alliances, and personal beliefs. Therefore, it is important for residents to express their views to their legislators in a respectful and persuasive manner. 

We encourage our members to stay engaged in the legislative process and to continue to advocate for their Second Amendment rights. By working together, staying informed, and raising awareness of these bills. We can make a difference and ensure that our voices are heard in the halls of government. 

We can make a difference and ensure that our Second Amendment rights are protected, but you have to call your legislators and talk to them on the phone or in person.  

HB6667 Quick Fact Sheet  

The fight to protect our Second Amendment rights is ongoing, and it requires sustained effort and vigilance. While we may win some battles, there will always be those who seek to erode our constitutional rights. Therefore, we must remain engaged and vigilant, and continue to work together to protect our rights.  

In addition to calling our legislators and joining in person in Hartford, there are other ways that Connecticut residents can stay engaged in the fight to protect their Second Amendment rights. This includes getting others to join CCDL and attend our events and meetings, staying informed about proposed legislation and its potential impact, and encouraging others to get involved in the fight. 

Read the full Synopsis of HB6667

By working together and staying engaged, we can ensure that our Second Amendment rights are protected for generations to come. 

Carry On! 

Ray Bevis 

Legislative Coordinator 

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