2020 Testimony – 29

OPPOSE-Raised HB-5448 An Act Concerning a Risk Protection Order or Warrant

To Whom it May Concern,

HB-5448 is to establish a risk protection order and to expand upon the list of persons who may be complainants for purposes of issuance of a risk warrant. Currently, anyone can call 9-1-1 and do this.

HB-5448 is to require the Judicial Branch to develop and make available a form and explanatory materials (1) to persons applying for a risk protection order; (2) to disqualify persons subject to a standing risk protection order from possessing firearms or ammunition; and (3) to penalize any such possession. How about afford strong due process protections, including high burdens of proof, like clear and convincing evidence, cross-examination rights, and the right to counsel to those who can’t afford it. Once again, the state legislator is proposing gun control bills that makes owning firearms for self-protection to only those that can afford them. I am opposed to Raised HB-5448 An Act Concerning a Risk Protection Order or Warrant.

CT Voter,



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