CT Pistol Permit Renewals

There have been a lot of questions regarding CT Pistol permit renewals. Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that can help you during this process.

Can I renew early?
Yes. In fact, we advise you don’t even wait for the renewal application from the state. Too many people have waited for renewal forms and never received them. You can send in your renewal 90 days before your permit expires or up to 90 days after your expiration date.

New forms can be found on the CT Special Licensing and Firearms Unit (SLFU) website. The location of that site has changed a couple of times. Your best bet would be to go to your preferred search engine and search “CT SLFU”. On their site you’ll most of the forms any CT gun owner may need.

As of January 2022, the location of the DSP-129-C form is here.

Is there a grace period?
Yes. You can renew your permit up to 90 days after your permit expiration date.

Can I carry during the grace period?
Yes, you can carry, but you will not be able to purchase firearms, ammunition or magazines. If your renewal is nearing the expiration date, you should stock up on any of those purchases before the expiration date.

Can I renew in person?
As of right now (January, 2022) you cannot renew in person. Only new permit holders are being allowed into the state police buildings where permits are processed.

Is there a number I can call for an update on my permit status?
No. However, if your checks have been cashed and you’ve been waiting for an excessively long time (over 4 months) you MAY be able to get through and inquire on the SLFU main authorizations number at 1 (860) 685-8400.

What do I send back to the state for my renewal?
You need to send back a notarized renewal form, passport photo and a self-addressed stamp envelope.

We suggest you protect yourself and send it in certified, return receipt requested. This is to protect yourself in case the state says they never received your renewal packet.

What happens if I don’t receive my permit and I did not send it in certified? What if it’s past the 90 day grace period?
You will have to apply for a new permit. You don’t have to take safety classes over again if you still have your certificate. If you don’t have your certificate, then you can try to obtain a copy from your instructor. If you are unable to obtain a certificate, then you will need to take the class again.

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