The legislative session for 2019 is now well underway here in Connecticut, and we’re seeing a plethora of gun-related proposed bills; both progun and anti. The important thing to remember is, at this stage the legislators are basically throwing everything they can think of out there, just to see what might stick. Many proposed bills never go any further than this stage. In other words, it’s a little too soon to be fist pumping over an exceptionally good sounding bill, or to be breaking out the torches and pitchforks over an extremely bad sounding one.

That’s not to say CCDL isn’t already carefully following every single proposed bill. We are.

We’re currently tracking over 40 different proposed bills, and that number grows almost daily. Yes, we already know about the ammo tax one, and the one gun a month one, and all the others, good and bad. We’re already working with legislators on many of them.

Make sure you’re following CCDL’s blog, Facebook page, and Twitter for updates on any proposed bills that advance. Often there is very little advance notice when the time comes to call or email your legislators, or testify (in person or via email) at a public hearing. And of course, CCDL members will also get an email.

You’ll always find a list of ALL the bills CCDL is tracking for this session at:

Or you can always click the “Pending Legislation” button on our website:

Or on our blog:

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