November 2018 Meeting Minutes

                                                   MEETING MINUTES: CCDL General Meeting


General Meeting of Connecticut Citizens Defense League was held on November 13, 2018 at Elks Lodge 44 Maynard Street, Middletown CT.  The meeting began at 7:00 PM and was presided over by Scott Wilson, with Cheryl Lemos as secretary. The meeting opened with the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance.



EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: John Beidler, Chris Lemos, Cheryl Lemos, Scott Wilson, Bob Starr, Michelle McBrien, Ray Bevis, Robert Chambers, Keith Cagle, Holly Sullivan, Kris Witherill, Jonathan Hardy

EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS NOT PRESENT: Kevin Holian-Borgnis, Frank Russello

GUESTS:   Joe Markley



  • Open Forum Dialogue (Back and Forth Discussion
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Post-Election breakdown
  • Legislative Preview- 2019
  • Anniversary Dinner
  • Guest Speaker
  • Post-Election Wrap-up


President’s Report – Scott Wilson
-Conducted Executive Meeting 10/23/18

-Numerous press and radio contact  

-Worked on candidate endorsements  

-Helped craft alerts and communications with legislators

-Numerous other tasks.

Vice-President’s Report – Chris Lemos

-Worked on the website, blog, social media post, and membership emails.  

-Attended Executive Meeting 10/23/18

– Worked on candidate endorsements  

Treasurer’s Report – Robert Starr
-Available Funds:

  • People’s Bank Balance (Litigation) = $ 86,317
  • People’s Bank Balance (Operations) = $ 87,317
  • Paypal Balance = $ 2,052

-Attended Executive Meeting 10/23/18  

Secretary’s Report – Cheryl Lemos  
-Created minutes for the previous monthly meeting and provided to the Technology Coordinator to post to the website.

-Attended the CCDL Executive Meeting 10/23/18  


Membership Coordinator – Kris Witherill
-Membership report

-Member Total –   31,630

-New Members –  160

-Attended Executive Meeting 10/23/18  


Events Coordinator – Holly Sullivan

-Attended the executive meeting 10/23/18

-10th Anniversary dinner tickets for sale – new venue is La Bella Vista in Waterbury

-Discussion of the Time Magazine project


Legislative Coordinator – Ray Bevis
-Attended CCDL executive meeting 10/23/18

– Attended two CCDL Planned ‘Pop-up’ volunteer days at two campaign headquarters.

The First ‘Pop-up Volunteer day’ was to help State Representative Melissa Ziobron for her Senate campaign. We had 12 members show up and we made over 2000 calls for Mellissa’s campaign.

The Second ‘Pop-up volunteer day’ was in Southington at the Campaign Headquarters to help Rob Sampson and Gale Mastrofrancesco. We had 5 members show up and we did over 200 literature drops that day.

DESPP finally has a DPS-3-C-1 form for the Olympic Style Pistol Sales. 5 years after the bill was passed. 

FOIA request for DESPP:

                                                  1) How many active pistol/carry permits holders are in CT? “269,137”

                                                  2) How many pistol/carry permit holders are Male? “209,021”

                                                  3) How many pistol/carry permit holders are Female? “60,116”

                                                  4) How many active long gun certificates/permit holders are in CT? “1,294”

                                                  5) How many active ammunition certificates/permit holders are in CT? “5,365”

6) How many bump stocks, binary triggers and trigger crank devices were turned over/in to Police/DESPP between the dates of May 30, 2018 and October 2, 2018? “We do not track this information.”

Additional correspondence:

Answered a emails.

 Merchandise Coordinator – Michelle McBrien
-Attended Executive Meeting 10/23/18 

-looking for interested in a custom CCDL holster


Permit Issues Coordinator – Jonathan Hardy

-Discussed current cases at the Board of Pistol Permit


  • November Food Drive – for nearly eight years, CCDL has collected and distributed food for those in need at our monthly meetings. Thank you to all of our members who generously donated canned goods and other non-perishable items to our January meeting.
  • Letter Writing Campaign – all CCDL members are encouraged to write pro-gun letters to the editors of news organizations.  


  • Guest Speakers
    • Joe Markley
  • Ray Bevis – Post election wrap-up


The next General Meeting of Connecticut Citizens Defense League will held on December 11, 2018 at Elks Lodge 44 Maynard Street, Middletown CT.  The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM.



Scott Wilson called the meeting be adjourned at 9:00 pm


Cheryl Lemos – Secretary CCDL

November 13, 2018

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