Gov Lamont Proposes New Anti-Gun Measures

Governor Lamont is calling for gun registration, expanding the list of banned firearms, and ban the carrying of firearms in public places 

Just days before the legislative session starts Governor Ned Lamont drops his Gun Control agenda, with the main target being legal gun owners and gun stores. Governor Lamont is on a power trip with executive orders that first restricted gun sales and continued delays firearm permit renewals all in the name of a pandemic emergency and now wants more gun control that blatantly attacks lawful gun owners. 

Lamont went as far as to say, more legal guns in the home means more gun violence. He continued, you’re not tough on crime if you’re weak on guns.  

Rep Stafstrom, co-chair of the Judiciary Committee told reporters that “the uptick in certain criminal activity we have seen during the pandemic corresponds with a surge in gun sales”. Stafstrom agreed with Governor Lamont’s proposals and added that Connecticut should also look into microstamping ammunition and firearm purchase limits.  

So, what gun control measures is Governor Lamont proposing

Stop the flow of illegal “ghost guns”, by require registration of pre-2019 “ghost guns”. Back in 2019 Lamont banned “Ghost guns” in Connecticut, but those that were manufactured prior to 2019 were grandfathered in, now his is calling for registrations of those grandfather firearms.  

Ensure gun stores take their obligations seriously by creating a state license for all gun dealers in Connecticut. Allowing the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection to enforce those laws, security requirements and inventory tracking. So, the state can provide oversight and guidance to Federally Licensed Firearm dealers.  

Modify carry laws, gun owners are allowed to carry essentially everywhere in Connecticut, even in many sensitive locations like polling places and protests. Police officers cannot ask those “brandishing weapons”, for their permit unless they suspect they’ve committed a crime. Gov Lamont wants to make it easier for law enforcement officers to request the gun permits and ban the carrying of firearms in polling places, public buildings, public transit, and at demonstrations (such as marches, rallies, vigils, sit-ins, protests, etc.) 

Close loopholes in assault weapons laws, by expanding, the already long list of ban “assault weapons” to include guns with so-called “arm braces” and to include pre-1993 guns and mandate registration for those who own these.  

Strengthen laws on safe storage of firearms by providing more guidance to gun owners on what quantifies as safe storage in their home and to require all firearms, not just pistols and revolvers, to be sold with a trigger lock. 

Reestablish a Connecticut Gun Tracing Task Force. Governor Lamont Is that the same taskforce that that your administration and the administration before you unfunded?  

Launching a statewide gun buyback program.  

Make domestic/family violence convictions an automatic disqualifier for holding a permit. And get rid of the applicants’ right to appeal the decision in front of the Firearms Permit Examiners Board.  

Train officers in highway interdiction techniques and deploying those officers strategically to stem the flow of guns into the state. 

The 2nd Amendment is once again under attack here in Connecticut. We must stand united this legislative session and at the polls in November 2022 

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