Private Transfers of Firearms

The private transfer of a firearm is a simple process in the state of Connecticut. This can be done through a licensed FFL, usually for a fee, or can be done by the seller of the firearm. It requires the seller and the buyer to be residents of the state and the buyer to be properly licensed with either a long gun permit or a pistol permit. 

Required Forms


The primary form required to be filled out is the DPS-3-C. This form needs to be completed in quadruplicate (4 times) and contain information on the firearm to be transferred, the seller  of the firearm and the purchaser of the firearm. You will need to make sure that if you fill in this form with a pen, you will need to print CLEARLY with no scribbling out mistakes or correcting information. 

This form can be downloaded from the following link:



The DPS-67-C will only need to be filled out one time, but this form is to verify the purchaser of the firearm is not prohibited from obtaining one. This form is to be kept by the seller for a period of 20 years with the sellers copy of the DPS-3.

This form can be downloaded from the following link:


The Process

Get your authorization number

Once you have gathered the forms and filled them out completely, you will be required to get a Sales Authorization Number from the CT Special Licensing & Firearms Unit (SLFU). To get this number you will be required to call the below number with the purchaser and seller present.

Special Licensing & Firearms Unit

(860) 685-8400

Don’t be discouraged if you call and get a busy signal or get disconnected, just hang up and keep calling till you get through. Once someone does answer, specifically say to them “I have a person to person transfer.” They will request the seller’s permit number (the seller is not required to have a permit, if the seller does not have a permit make sure to have a copy of the seller’s state issued ID ready), the purchaser’s permit number, and possibly information on the firearm like the serial number. Don’t be alarmed if they request to speak with the purchaser as well. Once they have approved of the sale they will provide the Sales Authorization Number. This number will need to be placed on all 4 of the DPS-3-Cs and the DPS-67-C forms.

What to do with the forms

Now that you have your authorization to sell the firearm, you will need to distribute the forms to the correct places. 

Seller Keeps

The seller will keep signed copies of both the DPS-3-C for a period of 5 years and the DPS-67-C for a period of 20 years.

Purchaser Keeps

The purchaser is required to keep one copy of the DPS-3-C for their records.

Seller to send

One copy of the DPS-3-C must be sent to the SLFU at the following address:

Special Licensing & Firearms Unit
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, CT 06457

The final copy of the DPS-3-C must be sent to the Chief Law Enforcement Officer within the police department of the city/town that the purchaser resides in. This is typically the police chief or the person that is responsible for that role.

If you have additional questions, you can contact CCDL or visit the Special Licensing & Firearms Unit website

Last updated 5/15/2022

Please note, CCDL provides accurate information as of the date of the publishing of this article. CCDL does not present this as legal advise nor does CCDL present itself as lawyers. CCDL recommends contacting an attorney for any legal advise or legal questions.

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