Firearms Safety School Curriculum

Connecticut State Department of Education has finally developed a Firearm Safety Guide!

In compliance with Public Act 19-5: An Act Concerning the Safe Storage of Firearms in the Home and Firearm Safety Programs in Public Schools, passed with bipartisan support, Connecticut State Department of Education has finally developed a Firearm Safety Guide to assist schools and districts in developing this curriculum.

Over 20 years ago, the Connecticut General Assembly pass a law that said the Connecticut State Department of Education may develop a guide. The state never developed this guide. CCDL was the first to discover that the state failed to develop this guide years ago. CCDL has advocated that the law be changed from may to shall develop a guide. After numerous request and fifteen months after the effective date the guide has been completed.

This curriculum is based on the premise that all community members want to protect students from unintentional firearm accidents, injuries, or deaths. Many firearm incidents are accidents and can be prevented by knowledge and firearm safety behaviors, such as: leave it alone; leave the area; tell an adult.

Like other safety lessons about swimming pools, electrical outlets, matchbooks, fire prevention this program’s sole purpose is to give children crucial information about what to do if they ever come across a firearm. With firearms found in about half of all American households, it is a message that makes sense.

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