On Wednesday the Public Safety and Security Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly issued Joint Favorable reports to two solidly pro-gun bills: S.B. 967 and H.B. 6376.

S.B. 967 AN ACT CONCERNING APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR A TEMPORARY STATE PERMIT TO CARRY A PISTOL OR A REVOLVER builds on the Declaratory Ruling issued by the Board of Firearm Permit Examiners over a year ago. This bill, if passed, would prohibit the modification for any application for a permits to carry. Towns would no longer be able to hide behind claims of vague language in determining suitability, which they have abused time and again by requiring access to medical records, civil court records, letters of reference, and credit checks.
S.B. 967 has been referred to the Planning and Development Committee. We urge you to contact the members of the Planning and Development Committee to voice your support of S.B. 967.

H.B. 6376 AN ACT ELIMINATING THE REQUIREMENT OF A BOOK RECORDING EACH SALE OF A PISTOL OR REVOLVER removes the requirement from state law that firearms dealers keep a second bound book of all firearms transfers separate from the one already required by federal law. Additionally, the Department of Public Safety would be authorized to review the federal bound book as they already do to the state required bound book. This would simplify regulatory compliance for gun dealers throughout the state by eliminating duplicate effort and reducing the chance of mistakes. HB 6376 is headed for the house floor, so please contact your local legislators in support.

Please contact members of the Public Safety and Security Committee to thank them for supporting S.B. 967 and H.B. 6376.

Other gun related bills receiving Joint Favorable reports from the Public Safety and Security Committee:

H.B. 5263 AN ACT AUTHORIZING RENEWAL OF STATE PERMIT TO CARRY A PISTOL OR REVOLVER BY MAIL would allow renewals of permits to carry be made by US mail provided the paperwork is properly filled out, fee is included, and the applicant is otherwise eligible to hold a permit to carry. This bill would also make it a requirement that renewals include a proof of citizenship or legal resident status. This bill puts into law the policy DPS has been following for years which is currently being litigated in Kuck v. Danaher [or is it Acting Commissioner Stebbins now] This bill will be headed to the House floor.

H.B. 6416 AN ACT CONCERNING THE REGULATION OF FIREARMS brings the carrying while intoxicated statute in line with the driving while intoxicated statute, require that your date and place of birth be recorded on the receipt of all handgun transfers or all firearms if purchasing from a dealer, require gun show promoters notify both state and local police instead of just the local police, and removes the requirement that DPS issue a temporary eligibility certificate if they can't prove the person is ineligible within the time limit. This bill has been referred to the Judiciary Committee.