HR 822 Update:
This bill recently passed the US House of Representatives. CCDL has been following this closely.  HR 822, while expanding the Right to Carry for those with Permits, has faced much scrutiny due to the possibility that the Federal Government may regulate this Reciprocity through bad amendments. Claims have also been made about the Constitutionality of the bill by a number of different Constitutional Think Tanks as well.  Based on these considerations, the CCDL Executive Committee held no official position on 822. However the passage by the House should be considered somewhat of a victory for gun owners up to this point.
Now we wait for the Senate.
If you are in favor of 822 and wish to support it, you can contact both of your Connecticut Senators from our links page here:

How Connecticut Reps Voted:
Joe Courtney (2nd District) was the only Connecticut US Rep that voted in favor of this Bill. The other four Connecticut Reps opposed 822. Even though CCDL has not taken an official stance on this Bill, we do certainly want to acknowledge Joe Courtney for having the courage to vote for this Bill.
If you are from the 2nd District, and wish to thank him for his vote, you may contact Joe here:
(Email is regulated by a zip code qualifier for only those within the 2nd District)

Food Drive
CCDL has been collecting Non Perishable Food for the FAITH Food Pantry at St John’s Episcopal Church in Sandy Hook. This being the beginning of the Holiday Season, on Sunday, we delivered these donations. Thank you to all that donated food to this drive!
Please keep in mind that these folks need food all year long, not just during the holiday season. For this reason CCDL collects food at all meetings and events.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!
CCDL Invites You!
Join us for an assortment of light refreshments to celebrate the holidays while we conduct our usual business at the December General Meeting on Tuesday December 13th.