Wrap up of 3rd annual CCDL Family Picnic

On August 27th we had a great time with a better than expected turnout considering many came from across the State with Hurricane Irene nipping at our heels, and the prospect for rain was nearly a given. The Executive Board would like to thank Cheryl Lemos for her hard work planning this event. And a great thank you is also given to all of the other members that helped cook, clean, set up and brought things to make the day an overall success. Pics are available in our gallery for viewing: http://ccdl.us/photo-gallery/category/16-3rd-annual-family-picnic


Campaign Watch (2012)
At our next meeting (tomorrow, 9/13) we have candidate for US Senate Brian K Hill. Brian will speak about our rights as gun owners. Visit Brian's website to learn more about him: http://briankhill.com/
If you know of any pro-2A candidates seeking election in 2012, please have them contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have them included as guest speakers at our general meetings.


Killingly Town Ordinance Watch Update:
Scheduled Meeting:

There is a scheduled meeting to discuss a proposal of a firearms ordinance this Thursday at the Town Managers' Conference room at the Killingly Town hall 172 Main St. Danielson, CT. This meeting is open to the Public, however it is not a public hearing. We still are encouraging Killingly residents to contact Town Hall and attend this meeting if possible.

Killingly CCDL Members and all gun owners should prepare for the likelihood of a public hearing in the very near future for a gun ordinance. This ordinance proposal has language that may restrict use of firearms on private property. There may possibly be no provision for use of firearms for self defense purposes. While no public hearing is scheduled as of yet, both the town council and Public Safety committees are working on language for this proposal.

CCDL is recommending that interested parties view the Public Hearing page for Killingly:http://www.killingly.org/index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC={CC060358-84C5-46D8-AC81-64412AED1C81}&DE={708752AF-F3C5-4655-99AC-E4CD144B09D1} You may also inquire at the Town Manager’s office: 860-779-5334. As always, be polite when making inquiries.

When and if this Public Hearing is scheduled, CCDL will do it’s best to alert members as soon as possible.


Suitability Study/Permit Issues
CCDL Member E. Jonathan Hardy is heading up a state wide Suitability Study regarding permit issues in every town of CT. Many local issuing authorities are asking for additional information that is not required per the State of Connecticut to obtain your permit. We've seen some local issuing authorities, go so far as to ask for, skin color, handicap information, medical information, dental information, credit data, three letters of reference, etc. All of this is NOT required per the State and is just a barrier for those that want to maintain a certain amount of privacy and still obtain a permit. For more information, click here.