CCDL Inc Meeting minutes      August 11, 2009


19:08 Meeting called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance

Introductions for new members and current members


19:10 Presidents report – Ad Hoc meeting results, Picnic discussions, Welcome letter for the website.


19:11 MTA Virginia/Lenny – unanimous

19:13 Secretary report – read

19:24 MTA Lenny/Heli – accepted with 1 abstention

19:25 Treasurers report Jay

            $174 in donations

            3 X $15 Tee-shirts sold

            Incoming $1296

            Spent   $826 with 35 transactions

            Balance $470

            Bank cards arrived – one to president one to secretary

            Checks arrived, generic, no guns on them.

Tee-shirts are for sale and more are on order (version 2)

19:27 MTA Justin/Virginia – unanimous

19:28 Registered Agent report – Susan

AdHoc discussions Logo, Trademark ($50)

Scott agreed to eat the $50 trademark re-filing fee if the logo minus the ‘inc’ is rejected.

19:30 AdHoc web-hosting – Virginia

Issues moving from GoDaddy to Rick’s servers, may have to be moved by hand and then once the site is ported over get the DNS link changed to point at Rick’s server.

Looking for letters, forms, other content and pages with nothing will be under construction.  Wording needs buttoning up on the pages, etc.

Lenny described how CCDL.US domain was purchased/registered and put on a temporary site.  He also talked about signs and the stand he made and donated to the cause.

19:33 Bylaws discussion – Justin

Article V – positions, organizational governance

Article III financial section 4 changed regarding dues

Subsection D dues set by executive board each year based on the needs of the org, voluntary dues accepted, annual membership dues posted to the website as approved by the board, no dues for the first year of existence.

If the organization does well with good voluntary help then we may not need to have to “charge” dues. Contributions are welcome especially in the form of talents.

Article VI Election procedures- no change, vacancies covered, 7-C Executive board resignations must be in writing.

Article VII  - Elections and campaigns.

Section 1 executive appointee to local and state campaigns can’t be executive chair of the committee

Section 2 Campaign Report of volunteering opportunities to the general membership

Section 3 Work with exec board for official CCDL endorsements of candidates (vague)

Section 4 Qualifications for endorsements are by position on 2Amendment and Art 4 Section 15 of Conn. Constitution, political parties are not endorsed, Subsec C we also reserve the right to withhold any endorsement at all if none of the candidates are worthy of such an endorsement.


19:39 MTDiscuss Ira/Nick

Discussion of Article 6-5 grammatical issues, gender, etc.

19:42 Accepted unanimously


Article IIX Disciplinary procedures.

Section 1 – An executive committee member shall be removed for any of the following infractions, Violation of the CCDL charter, Dishonesty, Negligence, Impeding the progress of the CCDL, Collusion, becoming a prohibited person with regard to firearms, Section 2 impeachment proceedings subject to a vote with ½ of the exec committee or a 2/3 vote of the general members.

Section 3 the impeached has the right to present a defense to the charges at the next meeting.

Section 4 removal from the exec committee requires a majority consensus from the committee members or a 2/3 consensus of the general members at the meeting

Section 5  – officers impeached will never be allowed to hold an officer position in the CCDL again.


MTA Susan/Nick


Article IIX – discussion regarding eligibility back and forth between US, USA, The United States as to what would cause one to be ineligible to be on the board.  “Throughout the entire US” was the agreed upon wording.


19:51 voted accepted unanimously


Andrew talked about article 5 8-18c negligence or incompetent


His versus His or Her, versus Their remove gender neutral and use the generally accepted “his” to be gender insignificant with a disclaimer in front


MTA ??/??   For 11 Opposed 4


Amendments:  Constitution may be amended by a 2/3 of the board majority

Changes would be posted for 30 days review period

Listed in article IX

Adopt the constitution and abide by it

19:58 MTA Nick/Lenny accepted unanimous


19:59 Jay – activities picnic

September 4th 2 days before Labor day

Need equipment, need everything

Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford

Need to check availability and reserve (Lenny)

Get the info/date out to FB

Good area for kids, playground


20:03 Break

20:22 Back to order

20:23 Old Business

Membership forms

Article 5 revisions


$50 trademark fee

Dues vs contributions


Table sponsored trash pickup adopt a highway.


20:26 New Business

New constitution

Required to post for 30 days for review

Motion to Post bylaws Susan (withdrawn)

Email to membership, and facebook

20:28 Ira suggested the post for 30 days then a vote straight up/down at the next meeting, binding vote and a straight majority.

Concerns about posting the bylaws, VCDL doesn’t post their bylaws either for the safety of the organization.

20:29 MTA Ira/Justin – unanimous


Scott – Volunteers for picnic on the 5th  September - sheet sent around.

Call for donations

Picnic, low key

No press

BJ’s card (Robert has one)

Suspended discussion on Picnic.



20:45 Future plans

Pictures taken by Jay

20:55 Youtube channel suggested by Heli, content, safety tips, legal tips

20:58 MT create Heli/Ira  Youtube channel accepted unanimous


Introduced Christian who was invited to the original Hops dinner but was unavailable

Introduced Charles, his skills regarding politics, non profits, experience, CT Chapter of Alarm and Muster keeps track of anti firearms laws on the state and federal level and mobilizes 2A supporters to call their reps, useful to get people activated.


Adhoc meeting discussions, late nights, long drives, bologna sandwiches

Proposed days not Wednesday, Tuesday 19th or 20th, Thursday

Monday 17th in Norwich at Ira/Susans palace 7pm can handle 8 attendees.


21:10 MT Close Susan/Nick

Call for donations, Lenny’s hat.

21:12 Meeting closed

Connecticut Citizen’s Defense League, INC
Meeting minutes, Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Scott called meeting to order.
Group said Pledge of Allegiance (19:24)

Intro of New members

Intro of previous members

Minutes from previous meeting read by Jason
Motion to accept minutes made by Susan, 2nd by Jay (19:30)

Bennett mentioned that his name has two(2) “T’s”
Minutes voted on
Passed unanimously

Jay spoke as treasurer
t-shirts sold – paid $168 to make 18 t-shirts, took in $180 selling them before the meeting started
$12 on account from sale of t-shirts, extras are available
Elk’s lodge fees for 1st meeting paid for by Scott and Jay
2nd meeting paid for by Susan and Lenny
Lenny was not present, is in the hospital
Motion to accept Treasurer’s report made by Bennett, 2nd by Susan

Motion to take a short break made by Susan, 2nd by Bennett

Old Business

Open Nominations
Bennett nominates Scott for interim President, 2nd by Susan
Susan mentioned it would be better to make the interim official positions 6 months instead of two
months because there would be a filing fee for every change made to our registration
paperwork, this discussion was tabled until later on in the meeting Group voted, unanimously
chose Scott as interim President

Greg nominated as Secretary
Greg was absent, but group decided that we could vote him in anyways because he had already accepted the nomination at the previous meeting
Motion to nominate Greg as Secretary by Bennett, 2nd by Jay

Jay nominated as Treasurer
Motion to nominate Jay as Treasurer by Mike, 2nd by Susan

Congrats to all elected officers

All other Old business mentioned as noted in the agenda, Jay mentioned that he would order
more t-shirts.

5 minute break, Jay sold some more t-shirts

Scott called the meeting back to order, talked about staying committed to the group to get
it off the ground

New Business
1. Strike agenda item to vote on interim Board postions, already done
2. Motion to discuss Incorporation status by Susan, 2nd by Bennett.

Susan: is our website, in addition to
Discussed information necessary to fill out the Certificate of Incorporation form for the
State of CT.
-Our goal is to be a professional organization, so we need to incorporate
-cannot get tax exempt status
-we have to register with the State
-we will need this for a tax ID in order to open a bank account.
-in order to do this we need:
Can’t use CCDL, already taken
Motion by Susan to name the group Connecticut Citizen’s Defense League, INC. 2nd by Bennett
Passed, unanimously
Options are 1. No members, 2. only members who can’t vote, 3. one class of members, or
4. multiple classes of members

Susan recommended option 4, multiple classes of members, with 3 classes:

Voting members
Non-voting members

Bennett, recommended defining non-voting members, this was tabled to a later date, to be
included in the by-laws
Susan motioned to take option 4, with 3 classes of members, 2nd by Bennett

Susan discussed Registered Agent
a registered agent will be the party responsible for maintaining all legal documents,
address will be on file with the State
Bennett stated that Registered Agent (RA) could be hired, did not have to be one of the
members of the group
Ryan stated that his company, 3Prime, could serve as RA for $20 per year

Eric from Enfield arrived and introduced himself

Scott called for a 5 minute break so Ryan could verify with his business partner that it
was OK to serve as RA

Meeting called back to order (20:32)
Jay informed us that he had spoken with Greg and that he had regretfully declined the
nomination as Secretary
Scott asked to suspend discussion on Incorporation to discuss the interim position
Alex nominated Robert, 2nd by Mike
Jay nominated Susan, Susan declined
Robert accepted nomination
All voted, passed unanimously (20:38)

Congrats to Robert

Back to Incorporation Discussion

We must have a Mission Statement to file State papers
Group has reached a consensus through online discussions
Susan read Mission Statement
Group discussed Mission Statement for possible changes
Eric made motion to alter language in the statement, group discussed, Eric withdrew motion
Bennett made motion to alter language, +"keep and bear arms" Jason 2nd motion
Susan Read altered Mission Statement
Passed unanimously (20:49)

Susan went over the second State Document, Organization and First Report Form, having to do with the Registered Agent
Susan mentioned that she has a fireproof safe and was willing to be the RA
Ryan made motion for Susan to be RA, 2nd by Bennett
Passed unanimously, Susan is Registered Agent

Susan declared that $65 was needed to file all paperwork with the State
Susan made motion to accept all discussion pertaining to State forms, 2nd by Mike
Passed unanimously (20:59)

Jay, as Treasurer, made motion to conduct a fund collection for $65 needed for State forms, 2nd by Mike
Donations made by members

Motion to table Membership forms made by Robert, 2nd by Bennett

Motion to table Web Hosting made by Susan, 2nd by Bennett

Motion to table By-Laws discussion made by Susan, 2nd by Marcie

Motion to extend interim officers from 2 to 6 months made by Susan, 2nd by Marcie
Passed 21:06)

Susan suggested having a 4th of July event for the CCDL group

Susan made motion to close the meeting, 2nd by Bennett

Meeting ended at 21:09.

CCDL Inc Meeting minutes      July 14, 2009


19:13 Meeting called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance

19:15 Reading of the presidents report (Scott) discussion of the ad-hoc meeting to discuss article V of the CCDL By-laws.

19:16 MTA Susan/Ira

19:17 Last meetings minutes, MTA written minutes with the deletion of the information regarding Ed Peruta’s brother’s information  Ed/Ira

19:18 Treasurers report

$1077 income

$301 balance

Tee shirts, business cards

Report to be forwarded to Scott/Susan

Checks ordered

Debit cards requested

19:19 MTA Susan/Nick Voted – unanimous

Shawn M mentioned that treasurers reports normally aren’t accepted until they are audited – to be discussed later

19:21 Registered Agents report

IRS papers have been received with numbers

$50 charge to register our logo as a trademark

19:22 Webmasters report Lenny for Virginia

Still working off the temporary domain

Working with Rick to move content to his server and point the domain at it

Requests for content, photos

Email addresses need to be created and distributed

Paypal for membership/donation needs a legit email address to tie to

Request the executive board to check it all out and make suggestions for adds/deletions

Webmaster position shouldn’t include Facebook modifications and Twitter stuff.

Virginia is having trouble getting in touch with Rick, Susan to get hold of him.

19:29 Purchasing report Lenny

Cards – the kind offer from Ed’s brother didn’t address some needs we had so Lenny got some cards online 2500 for $74.19 inc shipping and taxes.

A larger banner was procured online with a free smaller one thrown in.  Both a kind donation to the cause by Lenny/Virginia

Don’t distribute the CCDL cards just yet as the website is still Facebook not our website.

19:31 MTA Ira/Susan Unanimous

19:32 Ad Hoc Article V discussions Ira

Executive board and organizational governance items discussed

Coordinator positions discussed and described (not elected)

Positions for the executive board (President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary) and functions thereof.

Coordinators are nominated by the President and approved – not elected (Membership, Events, Legislative Advocate, Public Relations, Webmaster)


19:43 Sean said we need to check the rules to make sure if our legislative advocate needs to register with the state as a political lobbyist

Judy said there’s a threshold amount possibly $2000 of payment before a person is required to register as a lobbyist but we would need to check, she mentioned that they set up temporary PAC’s for each issue, and let it die once the issue is covered.

Shawn said a good resource who knows everyone is Bob Crook at Hartford, he is a 2A supporter.


Organizational governance section X

Committee chairperson can involve more committee members as needed

Proposals to be approved by the executive board

Following Roberts Rules of Order for all official business (with modifications as needed)

Registered Agent is appointed

Outgoing chairs will facilitate getting incoming chairs up to speed in their new positions.

19:50 MTA Nick/Lenny   Unan

19:51 Break


20:07 Meeting called back to order


Sean Murphy discussed some ideas he has based on his involvement with state government and the legislature.

Interested in getting state pack

Gun community, many disparate groups

Get group reps for hunters, target, etc etc

Umbrella group for all firearms groups to speak with one voice and many members

Sean told us about how the leftists are taking over the legislative process and the conservatives are being pushed out via primaries etc.

Scott mentioned we are non-partisan and judge each candidate based on their 2nd amendment position.

Deborah mentioned that the state constitution section 15 should be mentioned as that quote is on our tee-shirts.  Ira mentioned that it is included in our preamble and going forward the tee-shirts should put this on.

20:17 Ed Peruta discussed the BPFE meetings which he has been attending for the past 18-19 months.

He relayed a story of how a permit candidate was denied for a permit due to being honest on the form regarding some very old issues when he was younger.

He suggested that a good audience for CCDL would be the folks having to go to headquarters for hearings and such, banner on cars in the parking area, CCDL business cards handed out, flyers.  Said the meetings/hearings are informative on how these folk conduct business.  He contacted the NRA to see if he can get all the instructors or senior instructors to come to a state wide meeting to discuss state specific regulations and issues that never get discussed in the generic NRA pistol permit safety class.

An Ad-hoc meeting was suggested to discuss this whole idea.

20:30 Old business

Discussed revisions, business cards, voting rights of members, motions to strike regarding not open carry at the Elks, contacting the state legislature etc.

20:31 New Business

Propose to talk about organized political enlightenment – litter pickups etc.

Jeremy talked about doing something positive and visible like CCDL picnic/BBQ, litter pickup.  Various discussions about when to do a BBQ 19th of September place to be determined.

Lenny talked about adopting a highway and wanting to make a move on it.

Adopt-a-highway program, signs and what they would say. “This highway sponsored by”

CCDL Inc (Ira). Or spell the whole thing out.

20:36 Lenny talked about membership forms, how Justin made a nice one on his Apple but Lenny can’t use the jpg to make a form, Ira said he has a program that might do it.

20:37 Discussion of article V revisions

Vacancies are covered in the bylaws

Filled by special election and candidates serve until the next election

Resignation of positions is not covered in the bylaws

Discussion with new members about their willingness to serve in some capacity in the organization.

20:42 Motion to start up the website and call for content to put in it.

20:47 Motion to table discussion on hats/caps with CCDL logo

20:58 Discussion of registering logo $50, putting “Inc.” under the logo

20:51 Membership dues discussion Ira – differing opinions regarding who would be members if membership dues were required and who would back out completely.

General membership (free) versus executive membership (dues). Ask for donations.

Suspend membership dues for a period of 6 months. BRING THIS UP AGAIN Scott.

20:57 Motion to table discussion on membership Ira/Lenny

21:00 Article 6 Bi-annual election discussion, need for a quorum at meetings to make any outcome valid

Solicitation of donations Jeremy collected, Ed is going to approach Scott Hoffman for a donation, tee-shirt sales.

21:04 Meeting closed.

CCDL Meeting Minutes – June 9, 2009


19:15 Meeting called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance

19:15 Opened with Scott providing the presidents report

            The report was available on hardcopy and doesn’t need to be retyped

19:18 MTA Ira/Susan accepted unanimously

19:19 Reading of the minutes of last months meeting by Robert

          MTA Lenny/Susan  accepted unanimously

19:31 Treasurers report by Scott on behalf of Jay

Bank account has been opened (Peoples bank) Signatories are doing paperwork. $25 deposited by Scott.

Tee Shirt order arrived Ira/Susan have the shirts

Balance of $302 minus $261 for the shirts


19:33 Registered Agent report by Susan

Forms have been signed $51 fees and expedited services

PO box opened in Groton $30 per 6 months, 2 keys deposit $2 one key given to Scott, Susan has the other.  Po Box 642 Groton, CT 06340

Susan needs meeting minutes and spreadsheet of finances after each meeting (Robert/Jay)

Word Docs (within 2 days) preferred.

Quicken for finance sheet?  Excel at the moment?

Rick, (Susans’ son) offered hosting (free forever) and help with web design and setup

Charges for Brownies at meetings, good idea. $1 or so Per Person

Receipt to Scott for P.O. Box fees, pamphlet with hours of access.


19:38 MTA Virginia/Lenny 

19:40 Web Hosting from Virginia

Virginia will work with Rick and will call him tomorrow

Opensource web creation software was used

Has a demo site with a home page,  about us, mission, links pages

Integrate paypal for donation and merchandise purchases

Paypal hits the vendor with a 2% fee but will deposit to the bank account.

Question regarding tax collection, Susan said she will look into clothing under $50 being tax free in CT.  Perhaps change the charge for shirts to a donation with a tee-shirt thrown in?


19:43 MTA Susan/Nick Unanimous

19:44 AD-Hoc report from Ira

Different membership classes, officers, voting rights.

2 classes, exec board, and general membership

exec members have voting privileges (vote on officers) gen membership no vote

To maintain control and vision of the organization and stay on track (hostile takeover avoidance).

Exec members would be founders, early meeting attenders, constant attendees, over and above contributors, volunteerism, vision of organization, server on sub-committees, donations of time or money.  Not limited to just the original members, above and beyond recognition (time, legislative front, public events) nominated and voted on to be brought in.

Regular members attend meetings, keep the vision, dues, not able to donate more time etc just attendees.  Meeting attendance could be waived for significant efforts to the group.


Comparisons to VCDL’s governance – exclusions to officer/exec members not gone into, questions to Ira.

Impress nominations and accept – higher expectation of volunteers


19:52 MTA Mike/Justin (not Jason)

Lenny appreciated the report

Scott – 5 hour meeting and discussion (VCDL and membership classes etc and food)

Founders made perm exec members to maintain the integrity

Susan – Hope to ratify the bylaws in September

Voting on things for everyone until bylaws at which point only the exec board can vote.

Scott – Need to step up for helping out, need to find sympathetic lawyers etc.


20:00 vote to accept, unanimous

20:00 Motion to take a 10 minute break Virginia/Lenny


Ed Peruta discussed his investigation of the statutes regarding permits versus eligibility certificates and believes (as does his friend Chief Cetran) that this “loophole” may be able to afford permit seekers to get the fingerprint/background done by the DPS instead of locals and the onus of the background check would be on DPS not the local police and all they need to do is cough up the town permit which is then turned into the state permit.


20:29 Meeting back to order

Old business

Discuss membership forms, moved to the next meeting

Website build by Virginia

Table the discussion of the picnic

Table the discussion of article 4

(Ed Peruta distributed the “new” form for DPS )

Motion to discuss PO Box (accomplished)

Motion to discuss Bank Account  (accomplished)

Virginia is going to pick up her temp permit tomorrow and turn it into a state permit

Ed suggested turning both things in (and get an eligibility certificate as well)


20:33 Motion 1 to discuss article 3 revision

Justin – finances, registered agent provided with information within 48 hours (subsec E)

Justin can email details

Dues – previously dues were not required, now dues shall be $20 for year 2009, can be amended by exec committee.

20:35 MTA Ira/Lenny



20:40 Voted on, passed unanimously


MT Discuss Article 4 revisions Justin.

Membership classes (2)  exec – eligible to vote, gen membership non voting.

Ed didn’t like it

20:41 MTA Ed/Lenny

Discussion exec collectively could have 2 votes, gen members collectively have 1 vote.  Could break a tie, couldn’t take over the vote (Ed suggested that this would give the gen membership a vote).

Ira discussed other boards he had been on, membership heavy and attendance light.

20:45 Heated discussion regarding voting rights or lack thereof for general members.

20:51 Hostile board can’t be controlled by membership

75% general membership present can override the board

20:55 Big enough issue 75% of the gen membership have to show up to vote (quorum).

20:57 MTA section 4 as it stands and come up with a clause to amend the bylaws IRA/Ed

20:57 carried unanimous

Article 5? Long section

20:58 MTT article 5 Ed/Ira  unanimous

table picnic discussion

Lenny makes a motion to strike the issue regarding non-open carry at the Elks per Bob.

Scott drafting a letter on our letterhead to our entire legislature to feel them out regarding their stance on 2A.

21:03 Motion to close Ira/Steve unanimous

Ed distributed new DPS forms for Eligibility Certificates to all that wanted them.