Meeting Minutes for CCDL 4th meeting May 12, 2009

New members (welcome)

17 members attended.

The meeting was called to order at 19:06 with the Pledge of Allegiance

Introductions of new members were made and introductions of the existing members after that.

The minutes of April’s meeting were read
Motion To Accept (MTA) by Bennett/Alex at 19:16 unanimously passed

Treasurers report read by Scott for Jay
The treasury is up $25 after donations/tee shirts/filing fees
Scott will meet with Jay and get the next tee shirt order for distribution in June
MTA Treasurers report by Bennett/Lenny unanimously passed 19:18

Lenny addressed Web Hosting issues and options next
Go Daddy pricing
Economy plan 1 year $4.75/month
Mass mailing options were discussed express email marketing package $7.19/month (500 emails/month)
Google Groups were discussed as a mailing option
Misc discussion, email forwarding using as a destination.
MTA by Bennett/Ryan

Discussion of Dues/fees, donation buttons on the website, paypal, membership drives etc.
Membership forms
Ryan inquired as to CCDL being a non profit, we are a not for profit entity
Ryan offered his services for a modification of an existing web-site to CCDL as a
Donation or some other arrangement. Suggested looking at as an idea.
Ryan asked about a bottom of page tag to advertise his creative company skills, no issues

Accepted 19:28

Scott provide the presidents report.
Online forums, constitution sections via CT page
Requested more input on the section and encouraged active participation.

MTA Presidents report Lenny/Tony Unanimous 19:31

Ed Peruta suggested we could put the reports on a larger report and accept the whole thing rather than act upon each item separately.
Lenny wised off about the secretary’s head being down taking notes.

Susans Report as Registered Agent given by Scott

Business ID number 0970391
State ID number 00169-4650

$10 per filing for changing names on the group entity
No Tax ID yet
File separately for that with the Department of Revenue Services
Doable online
Secretary or RA handle… (all agreed that Susan should handle)
PO Box for mailing address approx $50 (monthly presumably)
Suggesting donation of “founding members” of $100/household per year
Solicit donations on the website using a button for non-attending members that would like to help out with the finances of the group.
Once the tax ID we can get a bank account for donations to go into
Quicken suggested to use for financial records to export
Apologies for missing items etc…
Passed around to view.

MTA Bennet/Virginia - unanimous 19:35

5 minute break called at 19:37

Off the record discussion driven by Ed Peruta who suggested if the could provide pistol permit training classes at prices less than average with a minimum of 10 people per class it could be a decent moneymaker for the group. Ed had to leave but made his $100 household donation to the group, record made of money donated.
He said we ought to have the pistol/revolver course link on the page as people would look for that, and with a minimum class we could either teach it or have Ed or someone else teach it and do the hands-on (live fire) exercises at a range somewhere.

Meeting called back to order at 19:52

Old Business
Accomplishments read from last months meeting

New Business
Proposed Agenda
Membership forms
Online Ad-Hoc tweaking of forms (online signup)

MTD (discuss) Bennett/Lenny - membership forms 19:59
The group viewed Lenny’s design on his computer discussed.
Discussed the lack of access to “free” printing facilities
Boxes to use to display them, on the back are tri-fold instructions to make them mailable.

MTA Lenny/Justin unan 20:04

MTD Web hosting
Ryan said he would build and manage a simple site.
No issues with small bottom ad for Ryans time/effort
NRA ad, GOA ad suggested by Lenny
Asked Ryan for a contract such that the website contents were protected and owned by CCDL Inc.
Ryan suggested putting the new site up on the hosting site it will reside on and when it is ready for public consumption change the to point at it.

Ryan offered to put up:
Online application page
Home page
News page
Certificates page?

Motion to have Ryan create the web page Bennet/Tony unan 20:08

Motion To Table MTT July 4th type event due to Susan/Ira not being here amongst other reasons Bennet/Alex

MTD bylaws Justin/ (went back to the audio no second, etc)
Discussed the Ad-hoc modifications made

Justin Read Article 1 of the group constitution
Discussion of mission statement
MTA Article 1 Alex/Tony unan

Article 2 Organization read by Scott

MTA Article 2 Lenny/Justin unan

Article 3 Finances
Justin read
All books open upon request
Financial info 2 weeks after request of treasurer
Report on treasury and balances during meetings
Exec board will prepare Preliminary budgets
Minimum bank balance (fee avoidance)
Balance below minimum no existing exec board member may run for office
Min balance set by exec
Dues set by exec board
Dues are not required of members

Voting versus non-voting members having demands
Posting of books online
2 business meeting notice of intent to see books
Hostile takeover discussion by outsiders
To be determined later what the requirements are
Members in good standing? Definition
Voting members? Requirements for voting?
Justin to re-write the portions as needed for viewing
Treasurer will present finance report to cover demands.. (phew)
$25 minimum to be amended later for bank account once bank fees are known.
Or amend the section with whatever the bank says the minimum is.

Passed Art 3 unan 20:24

MTT Article 4 until next general meeting – more discussion needed Bennett/Lenny
When Susan and Ira can attend. unan 20:25

Article 5 Election Procedures
Justin reads
Membership votes for members at second to the last meeting of the year (Nov)
1 year position for exec board members (2 years??)
Steve discussed his experience with bylaw amendments
Fiscal year end October meeting books balanced prior to elections.
To be presented at Oct meeting

Sec 2 Nominations for officers Oct Meeting
Exec board positions nominated by members
Exec board positions can self nominate
Language change “all elected board position” to “only elected board position”
Possible exception to waive requirements for appointment (by president to committees)
Steve talked more about committees and appointments making things easier
Sec 3
Nominated candidate must have attended at least 50% of gen meetings in calendar year
Change calendar to fiscal?
Add nominated candidate must be a voting member
Discussion of “member in good standing”

Justin discussed differences in membership classes. Online discussion to follow to decide how to define members, good standing, voting, etc.
Vote in election with 1 meeting attended struck!
Move to section 4

Section 5
Officers shall be elected by a plurality of the votes
No run-off election (top two candidates, vote again)
Whoever wins wins.
Tiebreaker – flip a coin? Shoot off? Duel?
Flip of a coin by current president (by someone someone NOT vested in the outcome)
Secret Ballot – to be added to the section write-in secret ballot.
Can’t hold more than one position at a time.

Section 6 to become sec 5
If the office of chairman is vacant then vice chairman will be appointed until the next election. v/c position is posted after that for 30 days accept nominations from the general membership.

Section 7 to become 6
Elections shall be rolling chairman/ vice chairman/ secretary, and so on.
Discussions to determine all the positions online
Take some positions and combine them to reduce headcount or paperwork changes
Registered Agent to be an exec board position

Section 6 to become 7 after membership section addition.

Discussion of legislative person to cover elections with help of committee.
Committees will help with election coverage
We are non-partisan
Choose best candidate based on 2nd amendment
NRA ratings? GOA ratings?
Reach out to candidates and feel them out for their position and decide on which one is best.
Lenny suggested the politicians will fall over themselves to get our backing.
Regional contact in touch with local politicians
Same issue for governor recommendations
Help available from membership who can help (ad hoc)

Justin will post the changes online to be discussed and worked on next meeting.
Article 8 amendments
Article 9 disciplinary procedures

Motion to close the meeting made by Bennett/Tony 21:01

Tuesday March 25th, 2009.
Second meeting of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League
B.P.O.E. Lodge #771, Middletown, CT
Minutes: Robert and Justin

Scott called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:17 p.m.

Introductions of first-meeting members, introductions of new members

Jay spoke next

Thoughts, introduction

Driving force for why he feels CCDL is necessary.
Liberty and seeing the great results VCDL have achieved
Things we need to fight against (Micro stamping, ammo stamping, HR45)
Freedom to defend ourselves and community
Education of others in what we believe in and exercising our God given rights
Attitudes, changing those of non-gun owners
Support legislators friendly to freedom esp the 2nd amendment and good legislation
Open carry events such as litter pickups, picnics, etc
Media coverage of open carriers doing good volunteering things.

Keith was absent to address his attendance of the House Bill 6457 hearing.

Lenny spoke next

Membership forms passed out
Talked about Domain all taken perhaps
Hosting costs and options.

Susan spoke next
Talked about what sort of organization we would be best suited to adopt
Not for profit corp, $65 incorporation fee, not tax exempt
Political or lobbying org would not be qualified for tax exempt status
We need to find out the rules regarding organizations and what is allowed
Monetary issues need thinking out reporting to the state and such.
Officers - positions, elections
Address for the organization and PO boxes aren't acceptable
Mission statement needs to be created.

Ira, Scott talked

Addressing the legislature regarding 2A matters
CTSAS (sportsmens alliance)
YCGG Ye Connecticut Gun Guild
NRA - national and not local issues
We could be an umbrella for all groups willing to participate
People need to be proactive with their representatives not always reactive and defensive.
Propose legislation on our behalf
Work on transitional positions for the organization going forward.

Justin spoke (quite eloquently might I add)
Journalism major hence a good point man for media
Spoke about how he and others revamped a dying College Republican organization
Listed mission statements
roles, positions, purpose, reporting, books, minutes etc
Boards and Governance
Membership coordinators
member rolls
Tables to get new members (such as at a gun show)
Attendance Sheets
Welcome emails we can form and send to new members
Calendar items
Responsibility events (invite the media to see that gun owners are not nuts)
Come up with a legislative advocacy person, a point person to deal with the state government
monitors legislation coming down the pike and gets the group moving on how to deal with such.
Public relations coordinator, inviting media to meetings and issuing press releases
Fielding questions from media, someone good at dealing with the press
Community service organizers, litter pickup other volunteerism
Election procedures how to elect officers etc.
Perhaps have a nomination and election towards the end of the year no later than the 2nd to last meeting

We then took a break and enjoyed some sinfully delicious brownies from Susan's kitchen

Reconvened at 8:15

Scott spoke about new business and the proposed agenda:

Motion 1: Motion to name the group "Connecticut Citizens Defense League"
Almost no discussion on Motion 1
Motioned by Lenny, Seconded by Jay
Motion passed unanimously

Motion 2: To adopt a CCDL t-shirt
Options discussed; colors, sizes, quantities, styles
Motion by Greg, Seconded by Bennet
Initial sign-up sheet created sent around by Robert, will have red & navy shirts for about $15, price to be confirmed by Jay at next meeting

Motion 3: To finalize dates and times of general meetings
Options were Tuesdays or Thursdays (for Elks), Second tuesday of the month seems to be the consensus
Motion Lenny, seconded by Bennet
Motion Passes, 2nd tuesday of the month
Decided next meeting, April 14th 7-9pm

Motion 4: To discuss purchasing a domain and server rental
Motion by Lenny, seconded by Jay to discuss options
After much discussion over how to go about naming the site we decided on, ""
Motioned to obtain the domain name so it doesn't get squatted by Virginia seconded by Robert
Passes unanimously

Motion 5: To create and approve a mission statement
After much discussion about group organization and layout, we decide it would be best to kick around ideas on line and bring them to the next meeting
Ira motions to table until next meeting, seconded by Lenny
Motion passes

Motion 6: Motion to discuss fundraising options
Tabled indefinitely immediately in light of Susan's findings about how to approach our not for profit status.

Motion 7: To approve or amend membership forms provided by Lenny
Motion 8: To create a transitional committee and appoint individuals to those positions
Motion 9. To discuss bylaws and organizational structure

Ira motioned to table items 6,7,8, and 9 due to time constraints until next meeting, seconded by Lenny
Passes unanimously

We then initially nominated individuals to run for interim positions for the period of April 14th through May 12th.

Lenny Nominated Scott, seconded by Robert
Scott accepts.

Greg nominated himself for Secretary, seconded by Lenny. Justin respectfully declined a nomination from Lenny.

Greg nominated Jay for Treasurer Seconded by Susan
Jay accepts

Elections for these positions will be held at the next meeting.

Ira motions to adjourn at 9 p.m., many seconds.

CCDL Inc Meeting minutes      August 11, 2009


19:08 Meeting called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance

Introductions for new members and current members


19:10 Presidents report – Ad Hoc meeting results, Picnic discussions, Welcome letter for the website.


19:11 MTA Virginia/Lenny – unanimous

19:13 Secretary report – read

19:24 MTA Lenny/Heli – accepted with 1 abstention

19:25 Treasurers report Jay

            $174 in donations

            3 X $15 Tee-shirts sold

            Incoming $1296

            Spent   $826 with 35 transactions

            Balance $470

            Bank cards arrived – one to president one to secretary

            Checks arrived, generic, no guns on them.

Tee-shirts are for sale and more are on order (version 2)

19:27 MTA Justin/Virginia – unanimous

19:28 Registered Agent report – Susan

AdHoc discussions Logo, Trademark ($50)

Scott agreed to eat the $50 trademark re-filing fee if the logo minus the ‘inc’ is rejected.

19:30 AdHoc web-hosting – Virginia

Issues moving from GoDaddy to Rick’s servers, may have to be moved by hand and then once the site is ported over get the DNS link changed to point at Rick’s server.

Looking for letters, forms, other content and pages with nothing will be under construction.  Wording needs buttoning up on the pages, etc.

Lenny described how CCDL.US domain was purchased/registered and put on a temporary site.  He also talked about signs and the stand he made and donated to the cause.

19:33 Bylaws discussion – Justin

Article V – positions, organizational governance

Article III financial section 4 changed regarding dues

Subsection D dues set by executive board each year based on the needs of the org, voluntary dues accepted, annual membership dues posted to the website as approved by the board, no dues for the first year of existence.

If the organization does well with good voluntary help then we may not need to have to “charge” dues. Contributions are welcome especially in the form of talents.

Article VI Election procedures- no change, vacancies covered, 7-C Executive board resignations must be in writing.

Article VII  - Elections and campaigns.

Section 1 executive appointee to local and state campaigns can’t be executive chair of the committee

Section 2 Campaign Report of volunteering opportunities to the general membership

Section 3 Work with exec board for official CCDL endorsements of candidates (vague)

Section 4 Qualifications for endorsements are by position on 2Amendment and Art 4 Section 15 of Conn. Constitution, political parties are not endorsed, Subsec C we also reserve the right to withhold any endorsement at all if none of the candidates are worthy of such an endorsement.


19:39 MTDiscuss Ira/Nick

Discussion of Article 6-5 grammatical issues, gender, etc.

19:42 Accepted unanimously


Article IIX Disciplinary procedures.

Section 1 – An executive committee member shall be removed for any of the following infractions, Violation of the CCDL charter, Dishonesty, Negligence, Impeding the progress of the CCDL, Collusion, becoming a prohibited person with regard to firearms, Section 2 impeachment proceedings subject to a vote with ½ of the exec committee or a 2/3 vote of the general members.

Section 3 the impeached has the right to present a defense to the charges at the next meeting.

Section 4 removal from the exec committee requires a majority consensus from the committee members or a 2/3 consensus of the general members at the meeting

Section 5  – officers impeached will never be allowed to hold an officer position in the CCDL again.


MTA Susan/Nick


Article IIX – discussion regarding eligibility back and forth between US, USA, The United States as to what would cause one to be ineligible to be on the board.  “Throughout the entire US” was the agreed upon wording.


19:51 voted accepted unanimously


Andrew talked about article 5 8-18c negligence or incompetent


His versus His or Her, versus Their remove gender neutral and use the generally accepted “his” to be gender insignificant with a disclaimer in front


MTA ??/??   For 11 Opposed 4


Amendments:  Constitution may be amended by a 2/3 of the board majority

Changes would be posted for 30 days review period

Listed in article IX

Adopt the constitution and abide by it

19:58 MTA Nick/Lenny accepted unanimous


19:59 Jay – activities picnic

September 4th 2 days before Labor day

Need equipment, need everything

Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford

Need to check availability and reserve (Lenny)

Get the info/date out to FB

Good area for kids, playground


20:03 Break

20:22 Back to order

20:23 Old Business

Membership forms

Article 5 revisions


$50 trademark fee

Dues vs contributions


Table sponsored trash pickup adopt a highway.


20:26 New Business

New constitution

Required to post for 30 days for review

Motion to Post bylaws Susan (withdrawn)

Email to membership, and facebook

20:28 Ira suggested the post for 30 days then a vote straight up/down at the next meeting, binding vote and a straight majority.

Concerns about posting the bylaws, VCDL doesn’t post their bylaws either for the safety of the organization.

20:29 MTA Ira/Justin – unanimous


Scott – Volunteers for picnic on the 5th  September - sheet sent around.

Call for donations

Picnic, low key

No press

BJ’s card (Robert has one)

Suspended discussion on Picnic.



20:45 Future plans

Pictures taken by Jay

20:55 Youtube channel suggested by Heli, content, safety tips, legal tips

20:58 MT create Heli/Ira  Youtube channel accepted unanimous


Introduced Christian who was invited to the original Hops dinner but was unavailable

Introduced Charles, his skills regarding politics, non profits, experience, CT Chapter of Alarm and Muster keeps track of anti firearms laws on the state and federal level and mobilizes 2A supporters to call their reps, useful to get people activated.


Adhoc meeting discussions, late nights, long drives, bologna sandwiches

Proposed days not Wednesday, Tuesday 19th or 20th, Thursday

Monday 17th in Norwich at Ira/Susans palace 7pm can handle 8 attendees.


21:10 MT Close Susan/Nick

Call for donations, Lenny’s hat.

21:12 Meeting closed

Connecticut Citizen’s Defense League, INC
Meeting minutes, Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Scott called meeting to order.
Group said Pledge of Allegiance (19:24)

Intro of New members

Intro of previous members

Minutes from previous meeting read by Jason
Motion to accept minutes made by Susan, 2nd by Jay (19:30)

Bennett mentioned that his name has two(2) “T’s”
Minutes voted on
Passed unanimously

Jay spoke as treasurer
t-shirts sold – paid $168 to make 18 t-shirts, took in $180 selling them before the meeting started
$12 on account from sale of t-shirts, extras are available
Elk’s lodge fees for 1st meeting paid for by Scott and Jay
2nd meeting paid for by Susan and Lenny
Lenny was not present, is in the hospital
Motion to accept Treasurer’s report made by Bennett, 2nd by Susan

Motion to take a short break made by Susan, 2nd by Bennett

Old Business

Open Nominations
Bennett nominates Scott for interim President, 2nd by Susan
Susan mentioned it would be better to make the interim official positions 6 months instead of two
months because there would be a filing fee for every change made to our registration
paperwork, this discussion was tabled until later on in the meeting Group voted, unanimously
chose Scott as interim President

Greg nominated as Secretary
Greg was absent, but group decided that we could vote him in anyways because he had already accepted the nomination at the previous meeting
Motion to nominate Greg as Secretary by Bennett, 2nd by Jay

Jay nominated as Treasurer
Motion to nominate Jay as Treasurer by Mike, 2nd by Susan

Congrats to all elected officers

All other Old business mentioned as noted in the agenda, Jay mentioned that he would order
more t-shirts.

5 minute break, Jay sold some more t-shirts

Scott called the meeting back to order, talked about staying committed to the group to get
it off the ground

New Business
1. Strike agenda item to vote on interim Board postions, already done
2. Motion to discuss Incorporation status by Susan, 2nd by Bennett.

Susan: is our website, in addition to
Discussed information necessary to fill out the Certificate of Incorporation form for the
State of CT.
-Our goal is to be a professional organization, so we need to incorporate
-cannot get tax exempt status
-we have to register with the State
-we will need this for a tax ID in order to open a bank account.
-in order to do this we need:
Can’t use CCDL, already taken
Motion by Susan to name the group Connecticut Citizen’s Defense League, INC. 2nd by Bennett
Passed, unanimously
Options are 1. No members, 2. only members who can’t vote, 3. one class of members, or
4. multiple classes of members

Susan recommended option 4, multiple classes of members, with 3 classes:

Voting members
Non-voting members

Bennett, recommended defining non-voting members, this was tabled to a later date, to be
included in the by-laws
Susan motioned to take option 4, with 3 classes of members, 2nd by Bennett

Susan discussed Registered Agent
a registered agent will be the party responsible for maintaining all legal documents,
address will be on file with the State
Bennett stated that Registered Agent (RA) could be hired, did not have to be one of the
members of the group
Ryan stated that his company, 3Prime, could serve as RA for $20 per year

Eric from Enfield arrived and introduced himself

Scott called for a 5 minute break so Ryan could verify with his business partner that it
was OK to serve as RA

Meeting called back to order (20:32)
Jay informed us that he had spoken with Greg and that he had regretfully declined the
nomination as Secretary
Scott asked to suspend discussion on Incorporation to discuss the interim position
Alex nominated Robert, 2nd by Mike
Jay nominated Susan, Susan declined
Robert accepted nomination
All voted, passed unanimously (20:38)

Congrats to Robert

Back to Incorporation Discussion

We must have a Mission Statement to file State papers
Group has reached a consensus through online discussions
Susan read Mission Statement
Group discussed Mission Statement for possible changes
Eric made motion to alter language in the statement, group discussed, Eric withdrew motion
Bennett made motion to alter language, +"keep and bear arms" Jason 2nd motion
Susan Read altered Mission Statement
Passed unanimously (20:49)

Susan went over the second State Document, Organization and First Report Form, having to do with the Registered Agent
Susan mentioned that she has a fireproof safe and was willing to be the RA
Ryan made motion for Susan to be RA, 2nd by Bennett
Passed unanimously, Susan is Registered Agent

Susan declared that $65 was needed to file all paperwork with the State
Susan made motion to accept all discussion pertaining to State forms, 2nd by Mike
Passed unanimously (20:59)

Jay, as Treasurer, made motion to conduct a fund collection for $65 needed for State forms, 2nd by Mike
Donations made by members

Motion to table Membership forms made by Robert, 2nd by Bennett

Motion to table Web Hosting made by Susan, 2nd by Bennett

Motion to table By-Laws discussion made by Susan, 2nd by Marcie

Motion to extend interim officers from 2 to 6 months made by Susan, 2nd by Marcie
Passed 21:06)

Susan suggested having a 4th of July event for the CCDL group

Susan made motion to close the meeting, 2nd by Bennett

Meeting ended at 21:09.