CCDL holds its monthly general membership meeting at 7:00pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Elks Lodge in Middletown, CT. All CCDL members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Moment of Silence
  • Updates on actions with the Middletown pistol permit process
  • Updates on actions with the Waterbury pistol permit process
  • Soto v Bushmaster Updates
  • CCDL Educational Legislative Shoot
  • Legislative proposals in wake of Las Vegas massacre

Avoid the wait and shipping fees! The full selection of CCDL merchandise is always for sale at our meetings, including many items not sold on our website.

Inclement Weather Alert! Tuesday, March 14th CCDL Meeting CANCELED The National Weather Service is currently predicting a major snowstorm to impact our area this Tuesday, which is the same day as our monthly meeting in Middletown. For the safety of our members, we are cancelling the meeting. Our next member meeting will be Tuesday, April 11th.

March 15th Legislative Breakfast & Public Hearing On Gun Bills Depending on the timing and severity of this storm, our legislative breakfast and the public hearing on two gun bills planned for Wednesday, march 15 may or may not be rescheduled. As soon as we hear one way or another, we’ll send out another email. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates as we get them. Meanwhile, you can still send in your testimony via email. See here for more info:

General Meeting - 2015-09-08


7:09 Open meeting
Pledge, moment of silence, words from the President
Need to get out there, get involved to elect people who are pro-2a.

7:16 Executive Report - President
Conducted executive meeting
Communicated with candidates
working on endorsements
Communicated with attorneys on Shew v. Malloy
Interviews with the media

7:17 Executive Report - Vice President
Exec board meeting
Working on formatting endorsments
social media and blog

7:18 Executive Report - Acting Treasurer
Total Expenses: $2,481
Total Income: $2,006
Lit total: $94k
Total lit don: $646k
Total lit exp: $537k

7:22 Coordinator Report - Membership
23135 total
337 new

7:22 Coordinator Report - Events
Exec meeting
Final work on next year's anniversary dinner
Picnic - August 27th at Booth Memorial 11-4
Free, carry and pet friendly
Hunting and Fishing show moved to March. We'll be there again.

7:25 Coordinator Report - Legislative
Not in session, so not a lot going on
Working on another Legislative Shoot. Might be a joint effort with other organizations. Details are just beginning to be worked out
We need people to volunteer on compaigns and donate money. Getting pro-2A candidates elected will make our lives easier next session.
Contact Ray if you don't know who to volunteer for. Ray will find you someone in or near your district.
A lot of volunteering is stuff you can do at home. Sometimes it just stuffing envelopes or making calls. Sometimes it's door knocking. If you can volunteer 12 hours over the next 3 months, that would be a phenominal help. For every strong volunteer that works, it's worth 100 votes.
Endorsements should be coming out soon.
2700 votes would have flipped a house in our favor

7:35 Coordinator Report - Permit Issues
State rakes in 0.25 mil per year in permit fees. Cutting budget for board. 2 meetings are being cancelled per year.
If you filed an appeal and you get your permit (and it's in your hand) call the board and cancel your hearing. Free up the spot for someone else.
Almost a 3 year wait now.
Temporary Restraining orders are going to be a big problem.
Working with a couple of towns to try and fix their constructive denial issues
Likely to have an appeals workshop soon. Information will be posted to our blog.
Social Media, vote on any polls you see on social media

7:41 Poker Run
Starting at Meridan Boat Club, ending Doogies Inn in North Branford.
Party with band and food.
September 24th. Will be looking for volunteers and sponsorships.
We'll have a booth at the Biker Bash July 9th and 10th. Looking for volunteers

7:44 Dan Carter - Candidate US Senate
Challenging Richard Blumenthal

8:00 State Sen. Joe Markley and State Rep. Rob Sampson
Take election day off. Help at the polls.

8:07 Steve Giacomi - Candidate 73rd State House District

8:12 Chris Morelli - Candidate 30th State House District (Aresimowicz's seat)

8:15 Charles Paonessa - Candidate 6th State Senate District

8:18 Teresa Tillett - Candidate 2nd State Senate District

8:21 Linda Szynkowicz - Candidate 33rd District

8:24 Mentions
Letters to the editor workshop on our website under 'Resources'
- Tips for writing.
- Proof reading service is available free of charge for CCDL members

8:26 DC Project
Delegation of group of 50 women's shooters going to Washington to interface with Federal legislators
Show a different face of gun owners in America and trying to establish a relationship with them
CCDL is partially sponsoring the trip.

8:37 Political Action Committee
We've been debating for a couple years starting a PAC.

8:40 Lawsuit update
SCOTUS has picked up case and we wait for a decision on cert.
With Scalia gone, we likely have a 4:4 split, meaning the State of CT wins. Important to protect Heller and McDonald decisions.

8:50 Close of Meeting

General Meeting - 2015-09-08

7:08 Open meeting with national anthem and pledge


7:10 Executive Report - President

Conducted exec meeting actions of the Board included a poker run commitment

communicated with candidates for elected office

Communicated with attorneys

Communicated with media – press releases and news spots. Lots of interviews


7:15 Executive Report - Treasurer

Donations: 2507

Expenses: 7911

Lit: 90k

Total Lit don: 642k

Total Lit expenses: 564k


7:18 Executive Report - VP

Worked on blog/ facebook/website

executive meeting


7:19 Coordinator Report - Membership

22,524 total

377 new this month


7:19 Coordinator Report - Events


7:21 Coordinator Report - Legislative

Tracking 11, 9 have been voted out of committee

TRO Bills (2 similar bills) - 206 total testimonies written on our bills: 145 oppose, 61 support. 70% of total were CCDL membership

Of the people attending the public hearing, 15 for our side, 23 their side.

Most impact is had in face-to-face interaction with your legislators, particularly at the public hearing

5408 – Must show permit - 66 oppose, 130 supporting testimonies

  • Amended to only apply when open carrying and officer seas firearm, must show permit if asked

  • Ready to be added to the House Calendar for a vote

5409 – Permit app requirements

  • 49% of the testimony were CCDL members

5597 – Risk warrant bill (CCDL neutral on this bill)

  • 15 testimonies in support, majority opposed

SB 20 – Lowering intoxication limit for carrying firearms


Contact your representitives and senators and tell them how you feel.

Make sure to include the title and Number of the bill in addition to reasons why your opposed

Brief e-mail with contact info

If you don't hear from the rep, follow up with another e-mail.

If you still don't hear back, call


CT Liberty Caucus will be hosting a Campaign volunteer workshop. Markley and Sampsonw ill be there. In Manchester, June 11th.


7:55 Linda Szynkowicz – Candidate 33rd State House District

Linda is a CCDL Member


7:57 Coordinator Report - Permit Issues

Suitability makes us a may-issue state.

Important to testify on these bills.

Pushing 3years for denial/revocations. 8+ months for Constructive Denials


8:07 Special Election – April 26th. 75th House Ray Work


8:15 State Rep. Doug Dubitsky

Need to flip the power in the house

Donate small amounts to good candidates to help them qualify for public campaign financing

Contact your legislators. Form letters are useless. Personal phone calls are best. If they don't call you back in 1 day, call again.

E-mails are OK, phone calls are better.


8:37 Andy Falvey - Candidate 103rd State House District

Al Aldinolfi's Seat (Cheshire, Southington, Wallingford)


8:46 Angel Cadena - Candidate 3rd US Congressional District


8:48 Matt Maxwel - Candidate 5th US Congressional District

Lives in Sandy Hook


8:53 Poker Run

September 24th.

We'll be at the Super Sunday in Terryville June 5th


8:56 Brief Open Forum

2 week from today, we're having a primary


8:59 Close of meeting