CCDL Inc Meeting minutes February 9, 2010

19:04 Meeting called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance

19:05 Introduction of new and existing members

19:07 Scott Wilson – Welcome to everyone


19:09 Executive Reports - President

Coordinated two executive meetings in Newington.

Chris Lemos, Cheryl Lemos, Bennett Prescott and Phil Cypher nominated and voted in as executive members.

Pres. VP., and LA met with Representatives Dave Labriola and Rosa Rebimbas to discuss increase validity of permits and/or reduce fees.

Also discussed passing Castle Doctrine-like legislation through the legislature.

Attended legislative breakfast and submitted informational packets to legislators.

Joint presentation with Kevin for CCDL/SAM to CT Patriot Alliance

Another joint presentation at Niantic Sportsmen Club on Friday 12th


19:10 Executive Reports – Vice Pres

Put packets on legislator’s chairs so they had to move them before sitting.

Rosa Rebimbas suggested getting together sooner than CCDL dinner

Dave and Rosa are both good allies.

We should get behind Rosa Rebimbas and help her win re-election.

Last week became member of Seymour Fish and Game. Attended meeting as new member. Steve Loban introduced Lenny as new member and Lenny was able to speak to members about CCDL. CCDL got a round of applause.


19:15 Executive Reports - Secretary

Submitted meeting minutes to Registered Agent and Technology Coordinator for posting to website.

Requested and received electronic copies of the CCDL by-laws and all resolutions passed to date by the CCDL from the previous CCDL secretary.

Reformatted CCDL Constitution so it was in editable format.

Reviewed the CCDL by-laws and submitted a report to the executive board with suggested changes and areas for improvement.


19:18 Executive Reports – Treasurer

Started year at approx $1200. Dipped down to $876.

Spent money on hats, shirts, card, signs, meeting. Since Jan 1. Spent $834

Took in more than $500.


19:19 Committee Reports – Membership

444 members. 84 new since last meeting.

Received questions about advertising on website.

Received questions about adding gun shops and clubs without websites.

See Nick for more cards and posters.

Nick to forward information to Virginia for inclusion on website.


19:21 Committee Reports – Events

20 Feb. 1st anniversary dinner/SAM fundraiser. Dinner at WLOPA (gun club in Wolcott) $10 suggested donation. With $10 you get a special raffle ticket for items donated by Hoffman’s (certificates for range time).

19 March, Friends of NRA dinner at Aquaturf. CCDL sponsoring 4 tables. 3 completely booked. 10 seats available. $50/ticket


19:24 Committee Reports – Legislative

Not in attendance, read by Lenny.

Established relationships in two committees.

Next action is more acceptance with Sportsmen Caucus headed by Sen. Piscopo.

We’ve seen no bills yet.


19:25 Committee Reports – Technology

$141 donated through paypal. Some of that is payment for Friends of NRA dinner.

Monitoring e-mails because we were having problems with new member notifications not going to Membership. No issues seen since.

Created folders for legislative breakfast.

Received 1 spam complaint which was an accident. 1 member unsubscribed from mailing list.

Few outstanding items to coordinate with Membership as far as getting access to member database.


19:27 Committee Reports – Public Relations

Printed and folded 100 “Is that legal?” for

Drafted letter for packet to legislators.

Contacted NRA news and NRA-ILA to inform them of our available to interviews on gun issues in CT.

Sent letter about BPFE decision.

Updated Press Release e-mail list.

Picked up Scott Hoffman’s donations.


19:28 Registered Agent Report

Turned books to Scott for taxes.


19:29 Open forum for gun related matters

Member Jeff T. attended Stratford Gun Collectors meeting. They’ve held elections and have all officers they need for this year. They do need new members to increase their rolls and increase interest in the organization. Meetings held 3rd Tuesday of every month at Boothe Memorial Park gazebo.

VP Lenny – anyone who lives near a club that may be in danger of closing should get involved. Each club that closes causes us to lose strength.

New Haven test case fell through for testing additional requirements ruling. New Haven is ignoring the ruling. If anyone knows of someone getting their Pistol Permit in a town that requires additional information, let CCDL know.

East Haven is asking a list of all firearms you own with serial numbers as of last week.

Putnam website still asking for two letters of reference as of 2010-02-08.

Gail from – Group of teacher wanting to take back the country and make CT safest state. Donated $100 of bumper stickers to CCDL.


19:47 Break


20:03 Return and Old business

Discussed NH test case.

Continued discussion on anniv. Dinner

Tech Coord.


Distribution of

Stuff for march and speakers

Lenny appearing before BFPE


20:04 New Business

Phil Cypher:

Sent information needed to Hunting and Fishing Expo to administrator.

Has copies of schedule for everyone involved.

We can leave everything at table, no pass, but need copy of paper to get stamp as Authorized Staff.

Phil to find out if firearms are allowed. Expo is Feb. 26th-28th.


20:09 1st Anniversary

Cheryl has signup sheet. Can e-mail or signup during meeting to tell if you coming and what you are going to bring.

Being held at the WLOPA (gun club). No firearms allowed because of bar.

Suggested donation of $10. Raffles galore.

DJ, Mike Butler will be providing sound.


20:11 Friends of NRA

Seats available. March 19th at 6pm at Aquaturf. Tickets for $50 will include seat at CCDL sponsored table.


20:13 Second Amendment March

Bus scheduled for DC. $40 per seat. Leaving at 3:30AM on April 19th. Should return around 11PM April 19th. Contact Kevin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to sign up.

Three speakers confirmed: Scott Wilson, Bob Crook (CT Coalition of Sportsmen), Atty. Craig Fishbein (Blue Trail Range attorney).

Soft confirm from Sam Caligiuri. Have to wait until closer for final confirmation.


20:17 CCDL gun shop letters

These letters would be put into every gun sale bag. Further discussion tabled until letter written.


20:19 Donating shirt to Scott Hoffman.

Scott Hoffman has done a lot to support CCDL and promote gun rights. Plan to give Scott Hoffman a CCDL t-shirt for free.

No objections. Medium, dark color to be given.

James Goldberg brought up as another possible donation. Someone will discuss with Ed Peruta about approaching James.


20:21 T-Shirt, Hats, Promo items

Need lots more of everything for Hunting and Fishing Expo. Not enough money to print “Is that legal?” for Hunting and Fishing Expo.


20:24 Sunday Hunting

Pushing Sunday hunting, bow-only, private land only.

Need more hunters to get involved.

Sunday gun hunting used as “bill killer.”


20:26 Future projects

Getting more involved with other legislators. Shoots, dinners, etc.

Firearms education.


20:27 Proposal to discuss campaign backings

Need to start collecting names that we can make a decision on regarding backing as a candidate.

Come up with a questionnaire to send to legislators and candidates.

Help from John at getting questionnaire to candidates.


20:32 Closing remarks.

See Nick if you went to Gun Shops

See Cheryl if you have not paid for the dinner.


20:33 Adjourned

CCDL Inc Meeting minutes January 12, 2010
19:04 Meeting called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance
Attendees: (Removed from the minutes for online publishing)

19:05 Introduction of new and existing members
19:07 Scott Wilson - Welcome to everyone

19:09 Executive Reports - President
Dec. 18th appeared on WXLM Radio show to promote CCDL and 2nd Amendment March
Booked booth and signed contracts for Hunting and Fishing Expo.
No executive meeting due to holidays. Stayed in contact through e-mail with executive members.
Bennett Prescott to PR.
Joint presentation to NL/Windham Country Sportsmen League
Scott and Lenny made contact with NW CT Sportsmen Association to promote CCDL and 2nd Amendment March
Facilitated special election to replace Secretary due to move. Appointed new Events Coordinator
Feb. 12th another joint presentation to Niantic
Legislative breakfast with Lenny

19:12 Reading of previous Secretary's resignation letter. No Secretary report

19:15 Executive Reports - Treasurers
$1192 in bank at beginning of year
$734 before meeting

19:16 Committee Reports - Membership
360 members. 79 new since last meeting
Created map with gun shops, trying to organize teams to consistently go to gun shops to put our flyers out

19:17 Committee Reports - Events

19:18 Committee Reports - Legislative
Not in attendance

19:18 Committee Reports - Technology
2 donations through PayPal totaling $47.94.
Website membership form integrated to Mailchimp. Automatic insertion to mailing list
We qualify for 15% discount to Mailchimp being a non-profit
Gunpal and other sites suggested for donations/merch. Ease of use and wide confidence in paypal prompted us staying with them despite anti-gun stance.
Problems with e-mail. We're not receiving all memberships so not all getting out.
Working on adding t-shirts to the website.

19:21 Registered Agent Report
SOTS messages about changes in leadership and some tax info coming in mail. Sending out important info to

19:22 Phil Cypher
All the time slots are full for the Hunting and Fishing Expo.
Need to work out logistics for handing off "Master Pass" for those working the show.
Anyone who can attend the show to visit should. Petitions need to be available.

19:24 PR report
E-mail Brian Lockehardt for comment on his blog.
Sent letter availability to newspapers, radio, TV
To meet with Steve Loban to develop informational handouts for legislators for Legislative breakfast.

19:25 break

19:40 return from break
Open forum:
Wounded Warriors motorcycle ride for veterans [Missed date]
National Center for Constitutional Studies to host a seminar about the founding of the United States and the Constitution Jan 23rd in E. Windsor. $17 includes lunch and coffee for breaks. 8:30a-5p

19:43 Old business
Dicussion on Friends of NRA banquet. Cheryl/Chris to oversee dinner.
Discussion for Fishing and Hunting Expo
Ken Baylor stepped down from PR
Discussion of Anniversery Dinner.
Discussion on Pro-gun people becoming legislators.

19:44 New Business
Request for New Haven resident to apply for Permit to Carry.
Looking for test case to refuse to submit to additional information request.
Jeff T. may know someone who will be willing to do this.
Permit application is written in statute and cannot be amended by towns. Jeff to get back to Scott and Lenny.

Webmaster position has become the Technology Coordinator

19:49 Lenny to appear before BPFE
Lenny and Jack Goldberg filed declaratory ruling asking if towns can ask for additional information from permit applicants.
Lenny to hear results, but towns will be told they cannot  require more information. BPFE willing to

19:51 Discussion on 1st Anniversary Dinner
Location, Date and Place.
Looking for help. Kevin to work with Cheryl.
Room for free with cash bar.
WLPA has asked no firearms at event.

20:01 Discussion on Friends of NRA
3 tables reserved in our name. 20 people on sign-up list.
Not sure cost yet, but in the past $500/table.
March 19th at Aquaturf.
Attending members to bring $50 to next meeting or pay $52 on paypal with comments mention that it's for NRA dinner.
We're to be seated near legislators.
Open Carry at the Aquaturf is allowed.
Largest NRA dinner in country and Wayne LaPierre may be speaking there.
Contact Cheryl to sign up or contact her if you have to back out.
Checks to CCDL with memo saying "Friends of NRA dinner"

20:07 Proposal to discuss teams of people for information regarding 2nd Amendment March
3 months away. 10 CCDL Placards hundreds of 2nd Amendment March flyer need to be distributed.
Communicate with Nick H. to get organized on that.

20:11 Help for 2nd Amendment March
Need help setting up for the march on the day of the event

20:15 Stratford Gun Collector's Association
Need members. Meeting at house in Boothe Memorial Park.
Membership is getting older and no longer being active.
To join the club contact Lenny who will get you information.

20:18 WHCTV
Scott has copies of the shows filmed last month.
$20 to purchase a DVD of the episode. CCDL to buy two copies.
Show available on CCDL website.
Next month to air 2nd Amendment March.

20:21 close of meeting

CCDL Inc Meeting minutes December 8, 2009

19:05 Meeting called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance

Attendees: (Removed from the minutes for online publishing)


19:03 Introductions –New members and existing members.

19:07 Scott Welcome to everyone, thanks for the support

19:09 Executive Reports – President

Distributed cards and placards to multiple gun shops and clubs

Change of officers work done with the bank

Attended YCGG gun show and supported 2A march

Web update

Change of registered agent

Change of officers

Executive Meeting at Hoffman’s on Dec 1.

Webmaster position to technical coordinator posting for 30 days

Procedure for coordinators

Reports from Kevin (2A etc)

Radio Interview coming up

Attended Trap shooting with the legislators at Wolcott Land Owners (LOPA)

Filmed a segment “What you should know” with Hartford Public Access channel (Judy)

Will be on later

Registered trademark with secretary of state

19:13 Secretary Report for Justin by Lenny

Pistol permit issues for various towns/cities collecting forms

Thank Tim Smith and John Kumiega

Resolution to address inadequacies in bylaws

Ready for January Meeting


Permit issues discussion and local issuing authority to determine suitability.


19:21 Committee reports

Membership – Nick

281 members now

Gun stores without cards let him know


Events coordinator – Kevin

YCGG turnout volunteers good

2A march – big interest

Folks without computers are not interested in learning about web-based content

Call in number?

TV show thanks to Judy Aron

Events 1st annual CCDL dinner in February

Mid spring – free food snack at a rest area?

Firearms safety rules – policy when meeting

Needs help in very near future due to impending birth of a son (congrats)

CCDL “Is that Legal?” tri-fold brochure, well received.

Packet of info for non-computer people (as mentioned above)


Virginia asked if there were plans for busses for April 19th DC march

Tax/Tea party march April 15th in DC

CT 2A march in Hartford 10th April

Google phone voice mailbox free

Fund raisers – benefit 2A national march?

Hats for sale $15.00 each


19:30 Volunteers – Steve L, Chris, Cheryl, to get with Kevin.

Petition for State Legislators to support 2A


19:31 Legislative Advocacy Coordinator – Steve


Dec 5th Saturday – Trap shoot at Wolcott Land Owners Protection Association

Hans Justus – President of WLOPA


  1. Experience shooting sports in a safe environment
  2. Meet club officers and members
  3. Meet CCDL and learn the organizations mission
  4. Pave the way for more community awareness

It was a snowy day

Representatives Rosa Rebimbas and

Dave Labriola attended, as did Jake McGuigan from the National Shooting Sports Foundation

With our own Steve, Scott, Lenny and Justin

Check out for more information

Will invite Corky Mazurik – pro-gun Democrat

Hopefully WLOPA will hold more of these type events in the year

Breast Cancer benefit shoot

Marshall Robinson, noted State Police ballistics expert and WLOPA Vice President, testifies for DPS etc.

Was welcomed as a new member and we should find a position that could use his expertise.

Question: How many legislators are on our side? Against? On the fence?

Majority on the fence.

Mary Fritz from Cheshire was proudly gun control – after hearing testimony said at a hearing “we are going down the wrong road” a good outcome.

Do more awareness things in the 4 corners of the state.

Smaller events

Contact local people to go shoot


19:44 Webmaster report – Virginia

Pay pal donations $197.55 deposited to the bank account

Menu changes in proper places

Newsletters under “About” menu

Tee shirts – In limbo, part of Jay’s basement for shipping area?

Q – How many members donated?? Not tracking that information


19:48 Lenny passed around the hat for donations.

19:50 Open forum-

Thanks to Aron family for TV show exposure

Sweatshirts? Prices to come as well as for embroidered polo shirts

Collection of Statutes in state to combine in one place – Legislative area posting local ordinances.

Lenny said we have lots of work to do and need involvement.

Gaye – Legislators, need to educate them to become an expert authority and able to get information quickly, suggest to them to contact CCDL for help.

20:00 Steve – This has been tried before but died out. Needs to be revived.

20:04 break

20:26 Scott – Old business

Tee-shirts online sales

Teams of people to visit gun shops

2A march

Proposed legislation from DPS

Legislative shooting event

Town permit issues, collect all non-standard procedures/forms

Tables for Friends of the NRA banquet


20:29 Proposed new business

NRA Banquet $50/head Nutmeg is the biggest in the country

Lenny – Purchase table(s) for CCDL

Pledge type deal, counts of people, sheet sent around

Usually held on Friday at the end of March or early April

Held in Southington at Aquaturf

Cheryl and Chris will oversee getting info and such on that.


20:36 Fishing and hunting expo at Hartford February 26th-28th

Table? $150 for non-profit

Jeff – print out bills to show hunters the laws are going after them now

Staffing for show – not Kevin

Volunteers – consensus we should get a table

20:45 Scott – show of hands to go to show


20:46 Ken Baylor – Public Relations Coordinator stepped down

Job description

Send press releases to media

Send press releases to firearms organizations

Field CCDL Questions from media

Contact Scott or Lenny about interest in this position


20:51 Kevin – talking about first annual dinner

Elks Lodge in Rocky Hill 95 people capacity $300

Middletown $500 food extra, must use their caterer

New Britain 270 people $500

American Legion in Thomaston? $300 or so?


20:58 Legislators – Need Gun people to become legislators

Connecticut Patriot Alliance, invite to speak to them

John Election matching funds from state

Scott read political section of CCDL bylaws

21:03 meeting closed

CCDL Inc Meeting minutes      November 10, 2009


19:02 Meeting called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance



(Removed from the minutes for online publishing)


19:03 Introductions – New member Chris from Wethersfield, Existing members.

19:04 Elections for officer positions, speeches (officiated by Justin O’Neal)

Scott    President          Voting              Elected

Lenny   Vice President  Voting              Elected

Jay       Treasurer          Voting              Elected

Justin    Secretary          Voting              Elected


19:11  Reading of the presidents report (Scott)

Cards distributed to several gun shops

Spoke at network for change meeting Rocky Hill

Ye Connecticut Gun Guild show for National 2nd amendment march information

Updated webmaster with info

Declaratory ruling sent to DPS regarding fees on applications and extra info


Secretary report

Treasurers report $783, in>$1,000, spent less than that, Balance $1090

Comments?  None.

No Registered Agent report

19:13 Webmasters report (Virginia)

Articles, Emails, $236.09 - fees transferred to Checking acct via Paypal – donations

212 members on web site

47 new members

No spam or email delivery (issues) so far

New menus for suggestions and discussion

Picnic video posted to CCDLINC’s youtube page.


19:15 Twitter update – emails get twittered.

Email accounts for officers and committee chairs to be created etc.

19:16 Marketing – Lenny attended meetings, deployed cards, created exec member cards paid for by individual not organization

19:18 Open forum – Agenda

Discussed Tee Shirts online availability

Gun shop card/placard placement and reports must go to Lenny This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Upcoming proposed DPS legislation

Legislators come to talk to CCDL organization

Question regarding permit applications (and extra content)

Cheryl – Presence at Friends of the NRA dinners in 2010

Donate tee shirt to the raffles

Table at the dinners for Nutmeg and Danbury

Adam – talk to dinner arranger regarding CCDL banner, rotate banner to state functions

Steve said Friends of NRA is not the NRA and contributions are tax deductible

19:26 Judy discussed 1oz silver rounds with CCDL imprints

Car magnets discussion, large cash outlay hard to recoup

Brochures to be printed up and given out regarding gun laws and CCDL

19:28 Heli – Focus on things to bring us exposure, radio, interviews, tv, etc.

19:29 Break


19:41 New business

Tee shirts

Online sales – shipping (3rd party Tee-shirt printer could do it for a price)

Café Press – quality issues (full bleed screen printing, not as nice)

Polo Shirts CCDL logo embroidery?

Paypal versus Gunpal (Paypal/Ebay is not gun friendly)

19:46 Gunshop teams – place cards/placards, card-holders – tell Lenny

Protocol to meet store owners, CCDL Teeshirt, encourage membership, staff etc.

Links to gunshops that support us we will link to as a friend of CCDL

Adam wants email of placard so he can print and laminate himself

10:52 Corporate sponsorship? Gun manufacturers suggested by Judy

19:54 Kevin coordinating 2A march in Hartford on Saturday April 10, 2010 1-3pm

empty holster carry?  No guns on capitol grounds (North)

Saturday Nov 21-22 YCGG Show.  Flyers to hand out and information

Elks lodge in Windsor

Sell CCDL Shirts

Washington 2A march on April 19th 2010.

19:58 Steve L. Offered up help with gun clubs he is familiar with in Route 8 valley area.

Public Relations coordinator to push march and CCDL

Kevins email on CCDL page for PDF of 2A flyer

Charles G offered to help on Sunday 22nd.

20:05 Rally at the Capitol – Empty Holster statement, CCDL cards available etc.

20:06 discussion on upcoming proposed DPS Legislation

Steve L.

Ed Peruta did an FOIA request for DPS proposed legislation

Intention to introduce legislation which:

Mandates concealed carry fine plus jail time for printing or exposure

Long gun registration

Bills are raised in 3 committees to know:

1 – Public Safety and Security where the state police bills go

 Office of policy management to Legislative Commissioners Office to the floor of the committees if favorable then to floor of general assembly for voting and gov signature.

2 – Judiciary – Michael Lawler and Andrew Mcdonald.

3 – Environment – hunting and fishing, noise, lead pollution

Check out

Reported legislation to NRA

Bob Crook – lead lobbyist for sports clubs, knows legislators and their leanings

In 2008 they tried to get micro-stamping on the books and this was squashed as needs to be the current batch of crazy proposed legislation.

20:15 Steve to create a flowchart for how to approach these things.

NRA Frontline? Any use to us on this issue?  RSS feeds?  Adam asked.

72 hours notice before hearings (dirty tricks regarding timing and announcements)

20:20 How do we monitor the legislation?  Lenny asked.

Bob Crook is a good resource he finds things out pretty well.

20:22 Judy – Best defense to know who is on the committee

Need to find a 2A-friendly person to alert us

Need inside information

Committee clerk good for notifications

Breakfast with legislators with paper about CCDL etc

To educate them about our cause

Don’t read the bills in front of them.

20:25 Discussion on legislators talking to us?  Us to them?

Steve will call legislators and find out, he is arranging a trap shoot.

Minutes of committee meetings may not be kept or available

CCDL introduce good legislation perhaps?  Uphill battle with anti’s

20:29 Judy – need to get more women involved in favor of 2A rights

20:31 Request discussion – Ed Peruta mentioned problems with applications via email

Towns requiring more information than DPS allows

Towns wanting a signed very broad release for personal information, letters of recommendation, etc.

Extra fees in Bridgeport (not credible)

New Haven, Shelton, Hamden, issues mentioned by Adam. Bethel, Waterbury also

20:38 Judy wants a map of the “problem” town in the state

Discussion of Friends of NRA dinners, Cheryl, Chris, Adam main activists.

20:42 Events coordinator and their duties discussed

20:44 Gun Ride for money raising (poker runs etc)

20:46 Call for donations in the box

20:45 Closed