7:05 PM 12/13/20115
Open meeting with pledge and introduction

7:08 PM 12/13/2011
Executive Report - President
Held executive meeting on Nov. 22 (Discussed 2A rally, Hunting and Fishing show, discussed BPFE ruling
Drafted letter to Police Chiefs
Extended introduction to new New London mayor. Going to try working with them to eliminate open carry ban.
Worked with Committee Members on Shall-Issue campaign

7:10 PM 12/13/2011
Executive Report - Vice Presidnet
Designed stamp with return address of CCDL
Attended Exec. Meeting

7:10 PM 12/13/2011
Executive Report - Secretary
Attended Exec. Meeting
Worked on Shall-Issue document

7:10 PM 12/13/2011
Executive Report - Treasurer
Attended Exec. Board meeting
Donations from last month: $360.55
Merchandise from last month: $452.55
Expenses from last month: $263.11

7:11 PM 12/13/2011
Coordinator Report - Committee
1835 total members
32 new this month
Attended executive meeting
Continued to work on staffing for Hunting and Fishing show

7:12 PM 12/13/2011
Coordinator Report - Events
Looking at mid to end of March for annual dinner.

7:13 PM 12/13/2011
Coordinator Report - 2A Rally Coordinator
Late Oct. sent in building use application.
April 28th, 2012 has been reserved and approved. If we can find our own podium, we won't be charged for anything. Looking for volunteers for flyer distribution. John B. Treasurer to design a flyer.

NOTE: The Connecticut Citizens Defense League often gives the floor to members who wish to speak on various topics that may be of interest to CCDL members. Guests are responsible for all statements made. Though the CCDL does not necessarily believe or promote these statements, it does try to faithfully summarize the sentiments to the best of it's ability.

7:18 PM 12/13/2011
Special Guest - John P. - Discussion on gangs and guns
Firearms are the ultimate arbitor of our freedom.
Personal protection against crime. Police are often too far away to protect us.
Ability to resist government oppression
Personal protection against social breakdown spurred on by global monetary breakdown
Firearms will be the first and last line of defense.
Government gun confiscation is a reality in the face of disaster (as evidenced by Katrina)
Peace officers of John's day has become the Law Enforcement Officer of today. Former kept peace. Latter now serves to enforce the law. Law often serves to protect the criminal while the victim fears repurcussions of protecting themselves.
Tax supported international organizations of municipalities and legislatures are not elected and serve their own purposes by proposing uniform codes you don't have any say in.
Today there are 25,000 gangs, and 1 million confirmed gang members, active in the US.
These gangs are sophisticated and organized. Some even supported by their respected governments.
Street gangs are used to violence. There's nothing you can threaten them with.
In 10 years, only 57,000 arrests and only 30,000 convictions have been made.
With 1 million gang members in the United States, what are going to do about it?
Oppose all gun control measures at all levels of government, get your firearms permits and guns now.

7:45 PM 12/13/2011
Special Guest - Amy Stegel - Legislative (and others) Update
Zoning proposal in Killingly: town wanted to ban target shooting on private property. Ended up being killed quite soundly. Highlights need to be active in town politics and have one-on-one conversations with town managers.
National Right to Carry Bill: Impacts CT residents who are unable to get non-resident permits in other states. Lot of rumors are not true. Visit NRA or Gun Owners of America websites for accurate information. Probably will pass House, likely won't pass Senate. It's a good bill and should be supported.
CT Redistricting: Lost 2 anti-gunners, districts aren't settled. Pay attention to know where you land when districts are finalized. You need to know who to contact when the legislative session opens.
Session opens in Februrary. No date yet. Short session, which is dangerous. February-May. Only supposed to deal with budget items.
Everyone should writing/calling legislators to introduce themselves before the session opens. Legislators deal with 100s of people each session, so keep on their radar. Thank them for antyhing they've done well. This should be a 'warm and fuzzy' introduction.
DOJ press release in Nov. in which it announced charges against 2 individuals who stole firearms from residents throughout Connecticut. Question Raised: How did they know where the firearms were? Allegedly they stole whole safes without knowing what the contents were and extracted contents later.
National Associatino of Gun Rights has been sending out e-mails on gun related bills. Some of their information was questionable. Be wary when forwarding their e-mails. Please get your information from known reputable organizations NRA, GOA, CCDL, SAF, etc.
You can now renew pistol permits through the mail.
Colt opened a new factory in Florida. They're 'not moving' but have approximate 50 well paying positions. Locating in FL because they are a right-to-work state and are gun friendly.
Suggestion that CCDL should gather pro-gun newspaper clippings of CT residents defending themselves with guns.

8:10 PM 12/13/2011

8:23 PM 12/13/2011
Jonathan - BPFE update
Got to see new Board member, appointed by Malloy filling a vacancy of over a year.
An interesting case of a person who doesn't speak very good english who has an arrest from 20 years ago for stealing a pack of batteries and was denied. Board overturned.
Active domestic case or active accerlerated rehabilitation cannot apply for permits.
You have 90 Days from time you were denied by the town to appeal. Make sure you get paperwork postmarked before that time. If your denial letter didn't include a reason for denial, do not investigate why. If a reason is not supplied by town by the time of appeal hearing, the board will generally automatically over-rule.
Store clerk in New Haven defended a customer with a firearm and had it confiscated by New Haven Police as 'evidence'. He was able to buy another firearm.
Unfortunately, some times people get screwed by police department when they don't get statements from other witnesses at the scene. No way around this.
Goldberg lost his appeal of the Chili's open carry incident in the 2nd Circuit Court.

8:42 PM 12/13/2011
Copy of declaratory ruling
Need numbers from BPFE
9 questions as it relates to suitability?
Final draft needs to be finished.
Getting Shall-Issue passed this year not likely because of short session. Need to find a legislator really supportive of it.

8:45 PM 12/13/2011
Police Chief Letter
Need a way to link to the BPFE ruling regarding open carry.
Possibly ask the Board to include additional information when they send out mailing to police chiefs.

8:50 PM 12/13/2011
Hunting and Fishing Expo
Feb. 17th-19th at the CT Convention Center
Still looking for volunteers to staff table. 4-hour shifts.
Admission is free if volunteering, but you may have to pay for parking.

8:52 PM 12/13/2011
There are gun associations that are non-profit. Look for one if you need tax-deductible donations by end of year.

8:54 PM 12/13/2011
Close of meeting

7:10 PM 11/8/2011
Open meeting and introduction

7:14 PM 11/8/2011
Executive Report - President
Held executive meeting - Discussed gun questionairre, 2A rally, Hunting and Fishing show, Shall issue campaign, BPFE ruling and how to distribute it)
Filed FOIA with DPS for permit statistics
First draft of Shall Issue Campaign letter
Coordinated speakers for meeting

7:15 PM 11/8/2011
Executive Report - Vice President
Attended executive member meeting.
Acquired list of local issuing authorities from BPFE for use in distributing BPFE ruling
Put effort into getting window decals into our merchandise
Spent last weekend shooting with pro-2A folks

7:17 PM 11/8/2011
Executive Report - Secretary
SHall issue letter

7:17 PM 11/8/2011
Executive Report - Treasurer
Balance $7308
Donations and Merch Sales -
Expenses - $616

7:18 PM 11/8/2011
Coordinator Report - Mem
1795 members total
25 new this month
Updated membership database with Virginia
Drafted and distributed questionairre to Bridgeport Mayoral candidates. None have responded as of yet.

7:20 PM 11/8/2011
Coordinator Report - Events
Attended executive meeting
Nothing new coming up.

7:20 PM 11/8/2011
Coordinator Report - Tech
Made updates to Database and website.
Sent out e-mails to members and faceboko updates.
Attended exec meeting

Renewed website hosting
Working on product for female members. May have quote this week for new supplier.

7:21 PM 11/8/2011
Coordinator Report - PR
Nothing to report.
Scott says we may have some press releases to send out this month

7:21 PM 11/8/2011
Coordinator Report - Merch
New piece of merchandise for save. A car decal.
Working on getting a sample of patches for range bags and similar items.

7:23 PM 11/8/2011
2A Rally Coordinator
Could not be here tonight.
Haggling with administrator at Capitol over cost to hold event there. It may be provided to us at no cost after some discussion.

7:24 PM 11/8/2011
Special Guest - Dan Reel, candidate for 2nd US Congressional District

7:41 PM 11/8/2011
Special Guest - Wayne Winsley, candidate for 3rd US Congressional District

8:01 PM 11/8/2011

8:12 PM 11/8/2011
Old business

8:13 PM 11/8/2011
Constitution Lobby
Estelle Stephens spoke to us a few months ago to discuss the Constitution Lobby.
After Gov. Malloy came out with some executive orders, the Constitution Lobby sent him a Cease and Desist letter to which he had to put another executive order clarifying that he's not trying to usurp power from the Legislature.
Then they sent a request to the Legislature to investigate whether the oaths of office were violated and the Legislature has scheduled a public hearing.
We need people to show up at the public hearing November 10th at 10AM in Room 1A in the Legislative Office Building.
The Constitution Lobby will have some training classes on protecting the constitution.

8:20 PM 11/8/2011
Shall Issue
Scott submitted a copy of the campaign
Kevin mentioned some sections

8:38 PM 11/8/2011
Permit Issues
There may be another declaratory ruling coming out.
Based on some of the issues seen in Hartford and other towns.
ctpistolpermitissues.com website has an outline on how to prepare for the permit appeal process
A person in Hartford has said last month to fight extra requirements from Hartford. One person will submit application by mail to avoid 90 day delay. Another individual will go farther by getting background check done first.
New legislation coming up:
- Open Carry to come up in
- Out of state permits and eligibility certificates
BPFE Ruling
Have decided to send the rulings to the chiefs of police for clarification on open carry.

8:47 PM 11/8/2011
Gun Questionairre
Kurt to improve questions and submit new questions soon.

8:47 PM 11/8/2011
Hunting and Fishing
February 10th - 12th is the 2011 Hunting and Fishing Expo.
We've had a table there for the last few years now.
Please sign up with Jeff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to help out. You have to pay for parking, but entrance to the event is free.
We try to pair new members with more experienced members so no one is alone.

8:51 PM 11/8/2011
Agenda 21
Last month was the Agenda 21 seminar. 4 other towns have signed up for the seminar as well.
Dates/times are available on Facebook.
Seminars are free

8:59 PM 11/8/2011
Close of meeting

7:05 Open meeting and Introduction

7:09 President's Report
Held executive meeting (discussing Hunting and Fishing show, 2A Rally, Shall issue)
Discussed and voted on the CCDL Media Fact Sheet
Discussed the pro-gun questionairre
Attended meeting about new London town ordinance banning concealed carry
Coordinated speakers for CCDL general meeting
Followed up with Killingly and they've pulled their anti-gun proposed ordinance

7:11 Vice President's Report
Attended the Executive member meeting
Scheduled and attended the 2A Rally meeting

7:12 Secretary's Report
Attended the 2A Rally meeting
Worked on updating the shall issue document

7:13 Treasurer's Report
No major expenses
Sent check for Hunting and Fishing show
Received $78 in donations last month. No merchandise sales.
Spent $766 on the CCDL annual picnic, web hosting, hall rental, and bank fees.

7:14 Membership Coordinator's Report
1776 members
37 new this month
Printed 'Is that Legal?' pamphlet
Attended executive member meeting
Worked with Technology Coordinator to update members list
Arranged table for hunting and Fishing show. I fyou want to help out, please contact Jeff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

7:15 Events Coordinator's Report
Attended Executive Member Meeting
Recorded, edited, and uploaded Brian K. Hill's video to youtube
Shredded old raffle tickets from previous raffle

7:16 Technology Coordinator's Report
Updated the website/facebook and sent out e-mails.
Uploaded remaining videos from 2009 2A March.
Reached out to our merchandise vendor about a decal for women to apply to sweathshirts/bags/etc. Waiting on a quote.

7:17 Merchandise Coordinator's Report
Shipped outstanding orders
Attended the 2A rally meeting
Inventoried the merchandise

7:18 Special Guest - Mark Greenberg, Candidate for Congress in the 5th Congressional District

7:57 Break

8:11 Review of Old Business

8:13 Permit Issue discussion
Number of strange issues around the state.
Hartford breaking basically all of the rules. DPS won't interfere with Hartford because Hartford has a policy. The permitting process in Hartford is taking over 10 months now.
The board has given some suggestions on how to work around the issues being faced around the state.
Florida has a law where if a town ordinance conflicts with state law, the town must remove it from the books or face fines.
Best way to fix the permitting process is to attack suitability
Checking if a candidate is 'suitable' doesn't serve a useful purpose except to put roadblocks in the path of honest citizens

8:43 2A Rally
Original date and location taken @ capital (south side). We can take North side or move to a different date
This requires further discussion
Even will more than likely be on a Saturday.

8:46 New London
Scott attended the monthly Town Council meeting.
Working with Ordinance Keeper to resolve the issue.

8:46 Ideas for actions during the upcoming legislative session
A bill should not be allowed to be brough up in legislature without a name attached.
Something like the Floriday law mentioned earlier
State preemption of local firearms ordinances
Reciprocity with other states
Don't try to enact new laws, amend of repeal existing laws.
Need a round table w/ representatives of both parties  in the Legislature to discuss bringing state law into compliance with Heller and McDonald decisions.
Castle Doctrine reintroduced to cover both Civil and Criminal actions

8:54 National Right to Carry
CCDL has no official stance on national right to carry.
Whitehouse.gov petition to ask for a comment by Obama administration needs approximately 2500 more signatures before they will respond.

8:56 Candidate Questionairre
Current draft needs some tweaking, but probably a good idea.

8:59 Close of meeting

9/13/2011 CCDL General Meeting

19:05 Meeting opened with pledge of allegiance
19:06 Introductions
Agenda: Brian K. Hill, Jonathan H. with BPFE, 2nd Amendment Rally, Outline for Shall Issue, Killingly Town Ordinance, New London Ordinance.

-President's Report: No executive meeting last  month. Brian K Hill to speak. President made a guest appearance on local television; ordinance code writer called in to show & joined CCDL. CCDL picnic. Shall Issue. Killingly issue.

-Vice President's Report: CCDL picnic
-Treasurer's Report: Picnic was good; thanks to Cheryl and Chris. Balance in accounts pf $7633.30. Donations $799. Merchandise $466. Expenses from raffle, etc: $277. General expenses (food, website, hall) $753.57.

-No Secretary's report

-Membership: Helped set up CCDL picnic, coordinated with Tech on database. 1744 members total, 39 new this month.

-Events: Picnic successful

-Tech: E-mails sent, Facebook updates, picnic.

-Public Relations: Newspaper submissions, working on fact sheet for press.

-No Merchandise report

Brian K. Hill, Senate Candidate (seeking to take Liberman's seat)

-JAG in the military, and attorney with broad experience especially in government, from Windsor, CT.
-Running for the Senate because the country is in trouble from attacks on business, uncontrolled spending, and other effects of Democrat policies, especially in the cities.
-Empowerment, not entitlement programs.
-Government has become an impediment to progress, and needs to get out of the way.
-Next major attack on this country will be a cyber-warfare attack, and this is where we need to focus for national security and the military, especially with regard to China.
-Would have supported a Federal law for reciprocal carry amongst states. It's Federal because it's inter-state.

-Q&A by Brian K. Hill

-Motion to waive the break accepted.

-Old Business:
-Picnic, shall-issue reform outline.

-New business
-Jonathan H update on permit process irregularities:
-Has been given an opportunity to address the BFPE about these irregularities.
-A Mr. Sultan was arrested when he confronted a man towing his truck while Sultan had a holstered weapon. In his permit appeals hearing, the BFPE said that open carry IS legal in CT and there's no reason to arrest for Breach of Peace.
-Board is trying to cut down on the back log by having extra hearings.
-Another interesting case: Mr. Martagua had a misdemeanor case in 2010 which shouldn't have disqualified him, but the judge admitted a bias against him because he was a firearms owner and permit holder and wanted to charge him more harshly. Firearms are part of Martagua's way of making a living.
-Brett Braccidiferro was cleaning his gun in his basement, did a function test on the re-assembled weapon, and found police officers outside his house with their hands on their weapons. They asked him to come out under threat of being dragged outside. They said he was outside to intimidate them. Neighbors had heard him cycling the weapon through the window, but he'd left the gun inside. They threatened to revoke his permit and NRA membership. Officers came into his house while he put his gun away, and drew their weapons. There was no request for any identification and no police report filed. He wishes the CCDL to pursue this.
-Jonathan has good access to records to get statistics, like how many permits were granted because the towns didn't oppose it at the hearings.
-Castle Doctrine, Shall-Issue, and Pre-emption are some important issues for the next legislative session.
-1744 is almost exactly 1% of the permit holders in the state.

-Scott with Shall-Issue reform
-We'll need statistics on how the permit process is being abused. About 30% of the towns have information, and many of these are not in compliance with state regulations. We'll need re-writes of the drafts we've got for the proposed law. We're working on getting sponsors and co-sponsors. We'll need people to contact local representatives when we have a final draft.

-2nd Amendment rally at the Capitol this coming April:
-Kevin B did most of the work 2 years ago. This is an opportunity for general members to step up by taking the lead on this. We need to reserve the capitol steps, and create flyers for this; we'll need to arrange the sound system and do set-up and clean-up. Also to be a point of contact with the Capitol Police.
-Several members are interested in working on such a committee. Eric is willing to take the lead on this.

-Killingly town ordinance meeting: Scott will not be attending the meeting, but if there's an open hearing where the public is invited to comment, Scott will go.

-New London ordinance against concealed weapons: the town manager has the ordinance and Scott has been invited to speak about this ordinance on October 3.

-Hartford Mayoral candidate Edwin Vargas wants to ban concealed carry even with a permit. Mike McGary may still be running as a Republican candidate, who is pro-2nd Amendment.

-Jonathan H: we need a questionnaire to send to candidates like this to know where they stand. The problem we need to solve with that is who would head this up. We'll address this at the Exec meeting and next general meeting.

Meeting closed at 21:00