Monthly Meeting Minutes for May, 8th 2012
7:05 Pledge and Introductions
7:08 President's Report
Held Executive Meeting on 04/24/12
Discussed detail of the Rally
Attended 2A Rally at the State Capitol on 04/28/12
Worked with Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post for support
Attended Hearing in Woodbridge with many CCDL members
Communicated with State Senator on gun Bill HB5245
Contacted NBC 30 to ask them to update their news report indicating support for Woodbridge
7:10 Vice President's Report
Attended Executive Meeting on 04/24/12
Attended 2A Rally at the State Capitol on 04/28/12
Attended Woodbridge zoning meeting to Support Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post
Put a few people in contact with Jonathan H for help with revoked permit issues
7:11 Secretary's Report (not present)
7:11 Treasure's Report
Attended 2A Rally at the State Capitol on 04/28/12
Donations $186.00
Merchandising $209.00
Expenses $395.55
Discussed seminar on US Constitution
7:16 Membership Coordinator's Report
Preparations for 2A Rally
Manned Table at Hoffman's Gun Center on 04/22/12
Attended Executive Meeting on 04/24/12
Attended 2A Rally at the State Capitol on 04/28/12
85 New Members
2165 Total Members
7:18 Events Coordinator's Report
Attended 2A Rally at the State Capitol on 04/28/12
Attended meeting to Support Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post
7:20 Legislative Report
Explained misunderstandings about HB5245
Contacted Senators to push HB5245 forward
7:27 Technology Coordinator's Report
Added Pictures from Anniversary Dinner to website
Sent out campaign emails
Facebook updates
Website updates
Attended Executive Meeting on 04/24/12
Posted all available meeting minutes to website
Attended 2A Rally at the State Capitol on 04/28/12
Transferred Paypal funds to bank account
General member database and Website maintenance
7:29 Registered Agent
Attended Executive Meeting on 04/24/12
Attended and Video Taped 2A Rally at the State Capitol on 04/28/12
7:30 Merchandise Coordinator's Report (not present - read by Membership Coordinator)
Took T-shirt inventory and placed replenishment order
Manned Table at Hoffman's Gun Center on 04/22/12
Attended Executive Meeting on 04/24/12
Attended 2A Rally at the State Capitol on 04/28/12
Filled online orders
Attended Woodbridge meeting to Support Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post
Emailed State Senators on gun Bill HB5245
7:33 Mike Majewski Co-owner of the Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post thanked CCDL for the hard work
7:40 Kevin F pistol permit denial issues (much discussion)
8:10 Donations and short break
8:25 Polo shirt for Mike B in thanks for his DJ work at the Anniversary Dinner and the 2A Rally
8:27 John B on Agenda 21 (much discussion)
8:35 Scott W on Not endorsing candidates, instead maybe a list of approved Pro 2A candidates
8:38 Kurt on Questionnaire for candidates
8:41 Jonathan BOFE discussion
8:49 Cheryl on Family Picnic this summer, looking for new volunteer to help with Picnic coordination
8:52 Jonathan is looking for volunteers from all four corners of the State to help him dealing with the Pistol Permit issues.
8:57 Meeting closes

7:05 PM 4/10/2012
Open meeting

7:08 PM 4/10/2012
Executive Reports - President
Executive member Meeting
Discussed 2A Rally: Riser for speakers, port-o-johns,
Contacted WTNH regarding their story on Delta.
Nominated Eric as membership coordinator.
Communicated with State Representive regarding gun bills on the floor including H.B. 5245.
Communicated with New London Police Department regarding the NL Concealed Carry ordinance.

7:12 PM 4/10/2012
Executive Reports - Secretary
Attended executive member meeting, nothing else to report

7:12 PM 4/10/2012
Executive Reports - Treasurer
Had a great time at the CCDL Annual dinner.
Donations $1679
Merchanidse $498
Total Expenses $2,056 (including annual taxes)

7:13 PM 4/10/2012
Coordinator Reports - Membership
Eric is the newly appointed membership coordinator.
Attended annual dinner and executive member meeting.
58 new members in last 30 days.
2087 members total.

7:14 PM 4/10/2012
Coordinator Reports - Events
Had annual dinner. Thanks to everyone who came.

7:15 PM 4/10/2012
Legislative Update
Sent out a legislative alert via e-mail, Please read it and contact your representatives.

7:15 PM 4/10/2012
Coordinator Reports - Merchandise
Sent out outstanding orders.
Contacted Rep. regarding 5245.

7:16 PM 4/10/2012
Special Guest - Peter Lumaj - Candidate for US Senate

7:33 PM 4/10/2012
2A Rally
Hoffman's allowing us to host a table at their store for the two weekends before the rally to hand out flyers. April 14th, 15th, 21st, and 22nd. Open 9-6 Saturday and 10-5 on Sunday. Need volunteers for Saturday the 21st.

7:43 PM 4/10/2012
Board of Firearms Permit Examiners
Had first "Denials Day" hearing. Denials are typically quick hearings because most of the time it's usually a poor denial reason. Excessive speeding tickets, stealing a pack of batteries from many years ago, etc. Towns are holding out with denials until just before the hearing and then granting the permits.
The board is only required to meet every 90 days. They're currently doing 2 hearings a month. All members are unpaid volunteers.
We lost Art Carr who was a friend to permit holders. He passed away last month.
Two cases that are interesting. Seems to be a lot of cases regarding restraining orders. Temporary Restraining Orders expire on their own. Some people are forgetting they had an expired restraining order and fail to put those on their applications. Towns are then denying for lying on their application.

8:01 PM 4/10/2012 is a free classified gun trading website.

8:04 PM 4/10/2012
2A Rally (Continued)
March 21st went to State Capitol to meet with Lt. Richards of Captiol Police to tour the grounds. Went over where to setup and discussion of parking. Firearms must remain holstered. People to be reminded during rally.
Please tell your friends.
Parking in the Legislative Office Building garage is prohibited.

8:15 PM 4/10/2012
Parking at the General Meeting
Please park at the first parking lot. The side door (into the meeting room) will be open.

8:16 PM 4/10/2012
Open Floor
How do we change the ordinance in New Britain? Jonathan H. has mixed feelings because it's a gateway to pre-emption.
New London: Town is not enforcing the ordinance, and views a valid Permit to Carry as authorization to carry within the town. Town is in the process of reviewing the ordinance.
Don't forget to email your state rep in support of H.B. 5245.

8:30 PM 4/10/2012
Close of meeting.

CCDL General Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, March 13th 2012
Open meeting with Pledge and introductions
Presidents Report
Held Executive meeting on 3/6/2012. No General meeting was held in February.
Staffed CCDL booth at the Hunting and Fishing show
Testified on numerous firearms Bills in Hartford
Communicated with Public Safety and Co-Chair Representative Dargan
Enlisted several speakers for the 2nd Amendment Rally
Gave an update on the 2A Rally
Vice Presidents Report
Staffed CCDL booth at the Hunting and Fishing show
Testified on firearms Bills in Hartford
Attended Executive meeting on 3/6/2012
Made down payment to Wolcott Landowners to hold the hall for 3rd Anniversary Party
Communicated with Public Safety on firearms bill
Discussed collecting donated canned goods
Secretary's Report (read by President)
Submitted testimony
Testified on firearms Bills in Hartford
Treasurers Report
Attended Executive meeting on 3/6/2012
Staffed CCDL booth for several shifts at the Hunting and Fishing show
Donations $376.37
Merchandising Sales $276.00
Total Expenses $283.45
Membership Coordinator (Read by Technology Coordinator)
Testified on firearms Bills in Hartford
2039 Members
Technology Coordinator
Attended Executive meeting on 3/6/2012
Made updates to Website.
Made updates to Facebook
Sent out e-mails to members
Events Coordinator
Attended Executive meeting on 3/6/2012
Discussed 3rd Anniversary Party
Public Relations
Submitted testimony
President asked if he could make Media fact sheet for the 2A Rally
Open carry policy on Capitol Grounds
Parking at Capital
Merchandise Coordinator
Attended Executive meeting on 3/6/2012
Website orders
Staffed CCDL booth at the Hunting and Fishing show
2A Rally Coordinator
Spoke with Lt. Glen Richards Capitol Police
Podium confirmed (to be provided by John B)
President asked Kurt W. to put together a questionnaire for Candidates to find out where they stand on firearms related issues and to help educate them on the issues. General discussion commenced with ideas for the questionnaire such as Castle Doctrine, Assault Weapons Ban and a Regulation change to the ban on State Park/Forrest carry.
Voluntary Contributions
Special Guest - Amy Stegel - Legislative Update
Submitted testimony
Testified on firearms Bills in Hartford
Updates on numerous Firearms related Bills in Short Session such as:
HB 5096, HB 5220 Toy Gun Bill, HB 5245, HB 5246, SB 100 Sex Assault with a Firearm penalty increase, SB 196 Bound Book
State Rep. Rob Sampson deserves credit
State Rep. Steve Mikutel (Democrat who was very Pro-2A)
Bill allowing Constables to carry on School grounds
SB 325 Mandatory Evacuation Bill
Much discussion commenced about these two bills
John B. gave a quick description about Agenda 21 and 'Sustainable Development'
Cheryl L.
One Ticket left for the NRA Dinner
Asked that everyone going to the 3rd Anniversary Dinner 6-10pm at Wolcott Landowners please confirm on Facebook
Scott W.
2nd Amendment Rally Filming
Discussion about proposed Waterbury Shooting Range near School
John B.
Discussion about the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the need for Due Process
A reminder that 'Standing up for you Rights' is being watched.
Lenny B.
Discussed the Southern Poverty Law Center and their listing of organizations as being radical, even Militia like and being a threat to the Country. Amy S. calls it propaganda
Reminder about State Rep. Rob Sampson and State Senator Joe Markley's Pizza Party Fundraiser on March 21st, 2012 at Five Guys Flippin' Pies 690 Wolcott Rd. (Route 69) Wolcott, CT.
Scott W.
Reminder about the Death Penalty Testimony deadline
Meeting End

Open meeting with pledge and introduction

Executive Report - President
Coordinated the Executive member Meeting (Topics discussed: Hunting and Fishing show, Shall-Issue Campaign, NRA Banquet, Anniversary dinner)
Communicated with Ne London town council regarding concealed carry ban
Completed working on Shall issue document

Executive Report - Vice President
Attended Executive Member Meeting
Took delivery of CCDL return address stamp
Talked to chef for our Anniversary party
Answered all e-mails on CCDL 'bling' iron-on. Making deliveries soon

Executive Report - Secretary
Attended Executive Member Meeting
Worked on Shall-Issue document

Executive Report - Treasurer
Attended Executive Member Meeting
Expenses last month: $484
Donations from last month: $133

Coordinator Report - Membership
1866 Members
38 new this month
Attended Executive Member Meeting
Printed brochures
Maintained user DB with help of Technology Coordinator
Worked on gathering volunteers for Hunting and Fishing show

Coordinator Report - Events
Attended Executive Member Meeting
Uploaded speaker videos to our Youtube channel.
Did some coordinating on Anniversary dinner

Coordinator Report - Registered Agent
Nothing received in months

Coordinator Report - Merchandise
Received new merchandise from VP
Merchandise for sale during meeting

Coordinator Report - 2A Rally
Approved for location on date specified.
Flyers are done, need to distribute. Have some volunteers, but need to follow up with them.

CCDL Bling
Iron-on transfers available for sale. We will not be selling shirts with these already applied.
Selling for $10 each.
These can be applied with an iron or you can take it to a shirt shop to do the heat transfer for a nominal fee.
VP Will be meeting people in person to deliver these.

7:15 Minortown Firearms Group
Holing a meet the candidates forum for NorthWest corner of CT.
Saturday Jan. 21st, 3pm-7pm
Woodbury Senior/Community Center
265 Main St. South,  Woodbuy, CT
Candidates: Linda McMahon, Chris Shays, Justin Bernier, Mark Greenberg, Mike Clark, Lisa Wilson-Foley, among others.


Old business

7:30 BPFE Update
Board office is moving to a new location (with new phone numbers) on Trinity Street.
Board hearings are 'civil administrative hearings' and a lot can be admitted as evidence that wouldn't be admissible during criminal court. Sealed records can be brought up if a witness from town can provide character witness. You can fight that evidence being brought into the hearing, but who has the money to do that? 3 people in the past have gotten in trouble with this. By not answering a question, the board is allowed to take that silence as an admission of guilt. (adverse inference)
Federal firearms owner restrictions should be added to the Shall-Issue document to compare with state requirements.
About the individual who lost a gun while maintaining a trail in CT park/forest: The trail was approximately 20ft away from school property. Carrying an unloaded revolver with no speedloader and trigger guards. Chief Knapp wants to reinvestigate to see whether his permit should have statutorily been revoked as opposed to just being 'unsuitable' due to the proximity of the school.
CT Pistol Permit Issues website
- To compile a new list in next week or two about 20 or so new towns.
- Went from 2007-2011 OLR reports and pulled good information from them
- Castle Doctrine summary posted
Big Problem with fingerprints
- CGS ยง 29-29 describes a 5 day time limit once local-issuing authority receives fingerprints.
- DPS is not being straightforward about how long. Some reports include: 4, 6, or 12 week backlog.
The BPFE is considering taking a few meetings a year solely for administrative denials to speed up the process for those denied on paperwork issues.
Currently doing two meetings a month.
If town sends you a denial, but doesn't give a reason, schedule an appeal and don't ask about it. Town are required to tell you within 10 days of hearing. If they don't tell you the reasons within 10 days of the hearing, the BPFE has been pretty consistently finding for the applicant.

Hunting and Fishing Show
Hartford Convention Center, Feb. 17th-19th
Mostly about Hunting and Fishing, but some gun vendors will be there.
If you want to volunteer to talk about gun rights w/ other contact Jeff. Admission for volunteers is free.

2A Rally
Still working on finding a podium.

Anniversary Dinner
March 24th @ Wolcott Land Owners Protective Association
6-7 for cocktail hour
7-10 dinner
Entry fee between 10-15, will finalize.

Friends of NRA Dinner
April 7th at Aquaturf
Will be purchasing 2 tables. See Event's Coordinator (Cheryl) for details.
If you get a table and want to sit near CCDL, tell Ray when you submit for tickets.

Cos Cob Gun Club
Scott received an e-mail from CosCob gun club. Cos Cob is on City Owned lands and having trouble with the town.

Final Notes
No meeting next month, due to St. Valentine's Day.
Suggestion: On Website if an instructor wants brochures offer to send them some.

Close of meeting