CCDL General Meeting Minutes July 8th 2014
19:11 Meeting began with the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance.
Welcomed first time members
Quick info on raffle, John Bolton Dinner – 3 seats up for raffle at meeting only.
Presidents Report: Busy with 2A candidate contacts, Exec meeting.
VP Report: Exec meeting, Bridgeport Rescue Mission broken into food and coats stolen – donations really needed to fill the gap.
Treasurers Report: Peoples Balance $8575, PayPal $2557, Sales $2827, Bolton Tickets $2000, Merchandise Expense $333, Web $122, Hall rental $200, Brochures $1010, Picnic $160, some other stuff I couldn’t copy fast enough, Total net expenses $3031
Dave Bicknell: Branford Gun club has raffle tickets in the back
Membership Report: Members 14424 of which 255 are new.
Events Report:  Picnic Aug 16th Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford, bring a dish, sign up for grill duty (2 grills 30 min stretch), cleanup, balloons, face painting, dog friendly, kid friendly, O/C friendly, no alcohol.
Fundraising Report: Ray in place of Bob – Bob doing a great job, Bolton Dinner July 20th $1000/seat
Raffle to win a pair and a single seat tonight. Tickets in the back.
Patterson Club in Fairfield.
Colt donates a 1911, Ruger something special, S&W a revolver from their performance center and there will be a nice gift for the attendees.
Sept 27th is the Poker Run, Flyers coming soon, Bikes AND cars are welcomed.  End at the Cadillac Ranch in Southington, Ranch only $15.
Permit Issues Report:
Hoffman’s class to be announced
Legislative update –
Need to help out the pro 2A candidates, volunteer, donate, place signs, call your friends, get them e
Commission (Sandy Hook) report suggests Man of magazines over 10 rounds, limit ammo purchases, rules against the capacity of loading firearms (anything that *can* take more than a 10 round magazine), Trigger locks, mandated storage in homes, shell casings serial numbered for tracking, mental health screening for anyone who owns a gun, micro stamping of shells as they are fired which would stop manufacturers from shipping to CT like CA did, smart gun technology.
Merchandise Report:
Selling water, pamphlets, shot glasses, last few poker run shirts, credit cards accepted.
New Business:
Matabasset Rifle and Pistol club Brian Kowalcik donation of $1500 check for litigation fund.
Rebecca – Meet and greet Tuesday 15th 5-7 at McBride’s Pizza in Wolcott. Senator Joe Markley, Rep Rob Sampson and other good folks.
New Haven Sportsman’s Club sent monthly $1000 litigation donation.
Candidates Open Mic:
Linda Szenkowicz running for state rep in 33rd district (Middletown) running against a 22 year incumbent.
Fundraiser at the Italian Center in Middletown July 23rd 5-8 featuring the Chubby Checker suggested donation $25
Angel Fernandez running for state rep in the 100th district against Matt Lesser
Kathy Pugliese - running in district 22 (Plainville, New Britain) against her cousin 20+ year incumbent. Has been on town council in Plainville in various roles.
Mark Greenberg running against Esty in the 5th Congressional district.
Penny Bacchiocci running for Lt. Governor, currently the representative for the 12th district (Stafford and Somers), voted against SB 1160, has 200 yard signs to give out.
Pablo Soto running in the 83rd district (Meriden and Berlin), electpablosoto on Facebook.
Quick notice from Jeri McMillan – volunteers needed focus on senate and house races where 2A friendlies are under attack and those where anti 2A are vulnerable.
Brian Saucier mentioned that we need to organize gun owners, all of them and get everyone ready for the elections.  Don’t go to the polls on your own, fill your car with gun guys and have the plan for who you are going to elect before you walk in.
20:30 short break
Steven on behalf of Phil Tripp running in the 17th District.
Kie Westby running for Attorney General, July 30th (Wed night) Middletown Elks fundraiser 5:30-8:30, catered dinner $40/pp suggested.
Closing notes:
Family Picnic needs volunteers to grill, and bring a dish to share.
Picnic is free
Ray Bevis – Raffle for Bolton dinner
Blue ticket 143, Red Ticket 425 congratulations.
Close of meeting.


7:09 Open Meeting
7:11 Announcements
President Scott Wilson wrote a blog about a number of SB1160 'NO'-voting legislators who are now supporting McKinney. After speaking with several legislators, he understands they feel some loyalty to McKinney as a leader in the Legislature, but we can't condone politics as usual. Our members need to hold their legislators feet to the fire and let their legislators know how they feel about endorsing someone who voted for SB1160.
After SB 1160/Public Act 13-3 went into effect, many refused to register their firearms or declare their magazines. We are starting to see an increase in e-mails from people who didn't register and got into a dispute or other situation in which the police got involved. As a result firearms and magazines were seized and these individuals may be facing charges under the new law. CCDL has always felt choosing not to register was a deeply personal decision that individual had to make for themselves after accepting the risks for any act of civil disobedience. The best advice we can give at this point is to walk away from any bad situation before it can escalate, find and develop a relationship with a knowledgeable lawyer (, and exercise your right to remain silent.
It has been the policy of the CCDL Board to keep our cards close to our chest when it came to how much money we have raised for our litigation effort against Public Act 13-3. However, we've reached a point we're pleased with and would like to share with all of our supporters. With a tremendous effort from Coalition of CT Sportsmen, sportsmen's organizations and gun shops throughout the state, and individual gun owners in CT and around the world, we have been able to raise nearly $500,000 to fight the unconstitutional laws enacted April of 2013. We have no idea how much this lawsuit will cost in the end, but if the Heller case is a guidepost it may be more than $1 million.
7:16 Executive Reports - President
Took care of usual correspondence: emails and phone calls
7:17 Executive Reports - Vice President
Thanks for bringing in food donations. As usual delivered the donations to Bridgeport Rescue Mission.
Chaired the monthly Executive Meeting
Ordered and took possession of 2014 CCDL Trap Shooting trophies. Participated in the trap shoot event. Thanks to Dave Bicknell for putting it together, Guilford Sportsman Club for hosting, and CT Sporting Arms for a big donation.
7:19 Executive Reports - Treasurer
Donations/Merchandising/Tickets - $14,615
Expenses - $5970
7:22 Coordinator Reports - Membership
Cheryl unable to attend, but Scott reported the current number
13840 total
458 new this month
7:22 Coordinator Reports - Events
Attended the executive member meeting
Received a large order of merchandise. Set up our new operations center which will allow us more room to organize and a dedicated station for mailing out orders. This should help us get up to date and stay more current on web orders.
We're always looking for volunteers for events. We're going to be announcing our annual FREE picnic coming up. Let us know if you're interested in helping.
7:24 Coordinator Reports - Fundraising
Bob couldn't be here, Ray filling in:
Day at the Ranch -  Sunday, May 18th - Noon-4pm - $20 - Tickets available online for pickup at the door.
Cadillac Ranch - 45 Jude Lane, Southington, CT
Cennicola's Pig Roast - June 15th. - $20/person - Tickets available at Cennicola's Deli
Ceniccola's Italian Deli & Pizzeria - 36 Killingworth Turnpike | Clinton, CT 06413
"An Evening with John Bolton" - CCDL Litigation Fundraising Dinner in Fairfield
Special invitation only event. $1,000/person $9,000/table. 100% of proceeds will go to litigation fund.
If you want to be included on the list or know of someone who would like to be included, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
7:27 Coordinator Report - Technology
Sent out the usual e-mails and website updates.
7:29 Special Guest - Chris Conte, Legislative Counsel, NRA/ILA
7:46 Presentations from Gun Clubs
Harwinton Rod and Gun presented a check for $500.
New Haven Sportsmen's Club donated $7,000 last year. This year they pledge $1,000/month for the next 12 months.
7:49 Special Guest Dave Walker - Candidate Lt. Governor
7:59 Special Guest Lori Hopkins Cavanaugh - Candidate US Congress, 2nd District
8:05 Special Guest Rob Kwasnicki - Candidate CT House, 59th District
8:11 Special Guest Representative Dan Carter - Incumbent Candidate CT House, 2nd District
8:17 Special Guest Al Aldinolfi - Incumbent Candidate CT House, 103rd District
8:22 Special Guest Carl Higbie - Candidate US Congress, 4th District
8:26 Special Guest Joe Markley - Incumbent Candidate CT Senate, 16th District
Joe was not here to talk about his campaign. Instead, Joe asked that you start asking your boss for election day off (Nov. 4th). Free up the weekend before election day as well. Find the pro-gun candidate in your district (or a neighboring district if you can't find one in your district) and volunteer the weekend before election day, and election day, to helping that candidate get elected. Generally, get involved to change the makeup of the legislature.
8:42 Permit Issues
Issues have increased exponentially. Receiving half a dozen e-mails a day from people having issues, including some with problems under the new law.
Remember: take the high road. If you get into an argument, just walk away.
8:47 Close of meeting

7:07 Open Meeting and moment of silence

7:13 Executive Report - President
Communicated with Attorneys and reviewed Appellate Brief
Communicated with pro-2A candidates.
Fielded emails
Conducted executive member meeting in New Britain
Met with Senator Markley and several other about State Senate campaigns
7:19 Executive Report - Vice President
Delivered food to Bridgeport Rescue Mission
Worked with e-members to get new trifold brochures printed.
Arnie from CT Sporting Arms again donates money collected from his customers for litigation fund - $400
7:20 Executive Report - Treasurer
Income this month - $15,245.16
Expenses - $13,815.21
7:22 Coordinator Report - Membership
787 new this month
14,169 total
7:23 Coordinator Report - Events
Annual Family Picnic - 10-4 August 16th at Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford. Dog and OC friendly. Free to the public
7:24 Coordinator Report - Permit Issues
If you know anyone with an appeal coming up, contact jonathan. He's hosting a training session to learn the process.
Appeals are out to 2016 with some towns reverting to old behavior. Generally, we're seeing the same issues from the same towns as repeat offenders.
PSA: Always be completely honest on your permit application, because you can't resubmit until 12 months after you've originally filed.
Hartford's permit detective was denying applications and pocketing the money. We need to make sure he doesn't get his pension.
If you ever had a restraining order, you MUST list it on the application, EVEN IF the arrest was erased from your record.
7:39 Coordinator Report - Merchandise
Cadillac Ranch was very profitable for merch sales.
7:40 Coordinator Report - Fundraising
John Bolton Fundraising Event
- Targeting high-end donors
- To be held at Patterson Club in Fairfield, $1,000/person $9.000/table
Poker Run
- September 27th (Saturday)
- Opening it up to more people by having it end at Cadillac Ranch. Show up for a good time even if you don't ride.
- Still starting at Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post
7:45 Special Guest - Matthew Corey, Candidate US Congress, 1st District
7:50 Special Guest - James Brown, Candidate US Congress, 3rd District
7:54 Special Guest - Theresa Tillett, Candidate CT State Senate, 2nd District
7:56 Special Guest - James McGovern, Candidate CT State House, 15th District
7:58 Special Guest - Rusty Meek, Candidate CT State House, 12th District
8:01 Special Guest - Doug Dubitsky, Candidate CT State House, 47th District
8:05 New Haven Sportsmen Club donation for $1,000
8:05 Break
8:27 Presentation: Campaign Support for State Senate Candidates
8:56 Close of meeting

Meeting Minutes March 2014


7:05        Open meeting with National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance.

7:07        Intoductions

James Brown- proud new member running for the 3rd District


7:11        Dave Bicknell- Trapshooting at Guilford Sportsman’s on April 26 to benefit the litigation fund

7:16        Executive Report- President

Spoke with attorneys, anniversary dinner, media, political candidates.

7:18        Executive Report- Vice President

Donated food, ordered magnets, Yale student interview/took shooting, anniversary dinner/auctioneer.

7:21        Donations received from Woodbridge Firearms, Shooter’s Pistol Range, Arnie at CT Sporting

Arms,  and Bob Margolis from Metacon.

7:24        Executive Report- Treasurer

Donations/merchandise $3583. 75

Expenses $6923.35

7:25        Coordinator Report- Membership  Membership for March is 12,630. 920 New.

7:26        Coordinator Report- Events

Executive meeting, reporters, Anniversary dinner, Rally April 5th needs volunteers,

Annual picnic probably in August.

7:28        Coordinator Reports- Fundraising

Bob is absent

May 18th Fundraiser at the Cadillac Ranch from 12-4. Enjoy music, fellow gun owners.

7:30        Coordinator Report- Permit Issues

Attended hearings, constructive delays, still needs blank copies of paperwork

requirements for towns.

7:32        Jim Smith of 2nd Amendment Voters has developed a strategy to get Dems out of the Senate.

7:40        Break

7:57        John French running for State Senate in the 29th District (Don Williams district).

8:13        Mark Lauretano running for House in the 64th District.

8:21        Mike France running for House in the 42nd District.

8:27        Evan Evans running in the 2nd District. Evanevansfor

8:37        Heather Somers running for Lieutenant Governor.

8:52        Martha Dean running for Governor.

9:10        Close of meeting.