General Meeting - 2014-12-09
7:05 Start of meeting
7:07 President
7:10 Treasurer
Income: $4,550
Expenses: $1,227
Total Litigation Donations: $568k
Total Litigation fees to date: $485k
Donation received from collection taken by Niantic Sportsmen's Club: $335
New Haven Sportsman's Club monthly donation: $1,000
7:14 Len Suzio
Thanks for volunteering to all members who helped.
Even though we lost, we sent a message to the legislator who voted for S.B. 1160.
7:18 Membership
264 new this month
16,387 total members
7:20 Merchandise
New T-shirts available on website. They're grey with a white logo.
7:21 Testimony Tips and Update on Lazurek case
We must stay engaged. We gained a lot of momentum during the election and we need to keep it going.
Sign up fro CT General Assembly website to keep track of bills.
Case @ Board of Firearm Permit Examiners: guy had permit yanked. Police Chief lied as basis for pulling permit.
Lazurek: New tactic from the state. They pulled his permit to prevent him from working. During the hearing, the judge kept correcting correcting the State's Attorney on the law. Hearing on stay decision in week. Looks good for Scott to at least keep permit during court proceedings.
7:27 Gun Seizures
State using anything and everything to take guns. Be mindful of attempts to use Temporary Restraining Orders.
7:30 Appellate Hearing and Fund raising
Since there were no oral arguments @ district court, this was our first chance to argue in court
Lead Attorney: David Thompson (with Stephen Holbrook and Brian Stapleton)
David was well briefed. Argued strongly and attacked the states expert witness vigorously.
Both state's relied on Mother Jones for "expert witness"
By time it gets to this level, Judges have been fully briefed and may have already figured out how to rule, but are looking to solidify their arguments.
Possibility to expand fund raising efforts beyond the state after progressing past 2nd Circuit court.
The legal team is to be commended for their efforts
7:53 Interacting with Urban Communities
Mark Twain Forum to be aired on C-Span befor eChristmas.
How can we take the next step?
What do we do about a gun buyback program? When guns/2A are mentioned, urban citizens think about gun violence.
Where can urban residents go to get licensed? Practice?
How can we help those in urban environments?
There is not a voice opposing CAGV and others talking about gun violence.
7:58 Upcoming CCDL Events
We'll have a table at the Hunting and Fishing show: Feb 14-16.
No details on the dinner yet. We'll have details and tickets next month.
8:00 Possible CT Compliant AR
Doug Hoon worked with Atty. Greg Miller to design this CT compliant semi-auto firearm.
8:17 Final Topics
Arnie from CT Sporting Arms collected $300 in donations from his customers for the litigation fund
8:20 Close of meeting
General Meeting - 2015-01-13
7:09 Open Meeting
7:12 President
Obtained copy of oral arguments
Communicated with NRA on Litigation
7:13 Vice President
Wife had a baby
Dave Bicknell ran Turkey Shoot and raised $542 for us
Received check from Guilford Sportsmen's Association
7:14 Treasurer
Income: $2,075
Expenses: $6,820
Litigation Total donations: $573k
Litigation Total expenses: $511k
7:18 Membership
304 new this month
16691 total members
7:19 Board of Firearm Permit Examiners
Getting better at local issues. Cyclical, but doing better at handling cases before the appeal.
There's a process to force a town to accept an application. E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need help.
Need to start tracking extra requirements freshly for this year. Get copies of local towns paperwork (application and all attachments) and bring to Jonathan at a meeting or email a scanned copy.
7:22 Upcoming Events
Did some work for the Hunting and Fishing Show, Feb 13-15.
Annual Dinner will be held March 15th at 5:30pm at the New Life Church (350 High Hill Road) in Wallingford, CT.
7:26 Merchandise
Shipping a big order soon.
New gray shirts.
New style hat coming.
7:28 Additional Donations
Mec-Gar sent in a $500 donation
Patchaug Outdoor Club held a pig roase and raised $2,000 for litigation
7:29 Legislative Breakdown
Sing up to follow blog and be up to date
11 gun-related bills. Legislators have until Friday to propose new bills.
Bills are headed for committee
Contact legislators early.
Around 2/17-2/18 when committees come out with their bills
TRO bill will be most important
7:46 Break
7:58 Special Election
23rd Senatorial District
107th Assembly District
129th Assembly District
8:02 Special Guest: Attorney David Thompson
Heller is clear about legality of firearms by lawful citizens for lawful purposes
Most popular long arm on market has to be commonly owned. Appeals courts around country have rejected that argument.
Longer courts have engaged in "interest balancing" on guns which Heller has taken off the table.
CT wants to blind the courts to the positions of defensive gun use.
D.C. said why do you need handguns when you have rifles and shotguns? SCTUS said it doesn't matter. There's a right to them and that's all you need to know in Heller.
The law in CT is an act of political theatre. Won't save any lives. Fortunately founders understood the importance of self defence by enshrining it in the Bill of Rights.
Ruling, not rule on timing, probably next 6 months
2nd Circuit not been helpful in the past, but panel seemed to be interested in facts and law. That's a positive sign.
Next step is SCOTUS. They've been reticent to take 2A cases in recent past, but who knows. Maybe they will take ours, maybe they'll take one of the others out there.
It's unusual to argue both cases in tandem, but tactically made sense to handle it how it was done.
Next election is crutial because theyw ill likely select at least 1 new SCOTUS Justice.
8:44 NSSF
Anti-gunners organizing rally @ NSSF headquarters. Jan. 20th @ 4:15.
Come early and counter protest
8:46 Close of meeting
General Meeting Minutes - 2014-10-14
7:05 Open Meeting
Scott appeals to CCDL members to get involved in a campaign for a pro-gun candidate.
7:12 Executive Reports - President
Communicated with Attorneys and 2A candidates
Participated in media interviews and fielded e-mails.
Conducted an executive meeting in Middletown
Worked on 2nd round of endorsements
Volunteered at the Poker Run
7:13 Executive Reports - Vice President
Delivered the non-perishable food donations to the Bridgeport Rescue Mission
Helped at the 2nd CCDL Poker Run
Arnie at CT Sporting Arms donated $300 from his customer
Dave Bicknell is running a Lucky Target Shoot and a Line Shoot
7:16 Executive Reports - Secretary
Helped at the 2nd CCDL Poker Run
7:16 Executive Reports - Treasurer
Niantic Sportsman's Club raised $180 by passing a hat at the last meeting.
New Haven Sportsmen's Club has decided to donate $1,000 per month for 12 months to the CCDL Litigation effort
After making an additional payment to the IRS, we have finally received our 501(c)(4) status. [Reminder: donations to CCDL are not tax deductible]
Operations Fund
Income: $6,248
Expenses: $6,844
Total donations received: $546k
Legal Fees to date: $363k
Fundraising costs: $23k
Other costs and fees: ~$2k
7:24 Special Guest - Bob Seigrest
Candidate 36th Connecticut House District -
Town of Chester is holding a public information session Oct. 21st regarding a ban target shooting on private land. If you live in the area, please show up and voice your opposition.
7:26 Pistol Permit Case
Scott Lazurek, a CCDL member, was arrested and his permit to carry a firearm revoked while open carrying. All charges were dismissed and the Board of Firearm Permit Examiners (BFPE) reinstated his permit after over a year delay because of case backlogs.
A few weeks ago the State Attorney General’s Office made the unprecedented decision to take both Mr. Lazurek and the BFPE to court in an attempt to overturn the Board’s decision and again revoke Mr. Lazurek permit.It’s important to note here that Mr. Lazurek works in a profession that requires him to carry a firearm. The State’s actions are not just impacting his right to bear arms; it’s taking away his income.
CCDL is not involved in this case, but it’s importance to the rights of all gun owners in Connecticut should be obvious. Scott Lazurek needs all the help possible fighting to keep his right to carry a firearm, and by extension his profession.
[During the meeting, a collection was taken up for Scott's cause. Members donated $1,210 that was given directly to Scott's lawyer.]
7:35 Coordinator Reports - Membership
Attended the Poker Run on a motorcycle and took a bunch of pics. They'll be posted sometime soon.
15,725 members
461 new this month
7:35 Coordinator Reports - Fundraising
No events planned right now.
Poker run brought in a total revenue just over $15,000. Net profit was just under $9,000.
375 registered participants
450 total showed up including volunteers
7:36 Coordinator Reports - Merchandise
We still have a number of special even t-shirts available only at meetings for $10.
- I vote 2A
- Poker Run
- Family Picnic
7:38 Legislative update
These are the ideas legislators are floating around right now:
- Annual licensing renewal (at $70/year)
- In-person licensing only
- Expanding the AWB
- Getting rid of the AWB in favor of California-style 'approved firearms list'
- 50% ammo tax
- One gun per month limit
- 7 round mag limit
- ammo storage limits in your home
- reloading components limit
- insurance for gun owners
- no more mail-order ammo
- 'Smart' gun technology
- only able to purchase ammo for guns you currently own
- firearms registration every X number of years with a fee per gun
- Microstamping
- Serial numbered ammunition
- disaster recovery and forced evacuation with firearms legislation
7:43 Metacon Gun Club Presentation
Metacon has donated $750 to the CCDL operating fund
Additionally, when Metacon members renewed their memberships this year, they could donate an additional amount to CCDL. Metacon was able to raise $1,700 from that effort.
7:45 Garde Arts Center
Foley, Malloy, and Visconti to debate 10/16 at 7pm.
There will be a pro-Foley rally before the debate starting at 5. Wear your CCDL shirts. Rally will be across the street near Tony D's. Foley signs will be available and tickets to the debate will also be available.
7:48 Litigation Update - Chris Conte - NRA-ILA
Main Brief (Us) and Amicus Briefs filed. Respondent's (Connecticut) reply and Amici filed. Our reply brief has also been filed.
Hearing date tentatively set for week of 12/8. As we get closer to the hearing a final date will be set by the Court.
100% of the legal fees paid by the CCDL litigation fund go directly to fund the legal team for Shew v Malloy. None of it stays with the NRA.
Our case will be argued in tandem with the NY case
While the states and laws are different, the constitutional issues are largely the same.
Please limit attendance to those who can dress nicely and sit quietly.
The 2nd Circuit is not known for making quick decisions. Additional 2A cases are in the 9th, 4th, and 10th circuits. We don't need to win all of these cases, but we need to win one of them all the way.
CCDL presented another check for legal fees to the NRA for $123,000
8:03 Break
8:15 Special Guest coming to Connecticut
Colorado Recall organizer Timothy Knight will be in CT later this month to help raise awareness and get out the gun vote.
Joining Tim will be Sean Maloney of the Buckeye Firearms Association
8:21 Candidates for office
Pablo Soto - 83rd State House District
Steven Everett - 19th State Senate District
8:26 Craig Fishbein
This election is important. Talk to your neighbors, family and friends. Tell them how important it is.
Malloy lies when he says this new bill is preventing crime. There are no numbers showing that. Everything he claims it's doing was in place before the bill was signed. People are being swayed by the lies.
This will be a close election. Perception is important. Flood the public with images of gun owners supporting pro-gun candidates.
8:30 CT Oathkeepers
Will be at the Veterans Day parade in New Haven. 11/2 @ 12:30.
Don't assume people know about our cause. Get the word out.
8:35 Close of meeting
Meeting started at 7:03 with National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance
Opening remarks by Scott
Legislation enacted 1 year ago
Anti gun foes trying to lull owners to sleep
Public hearing tomorrow on 3 bills
Anti gunners end goal is a long term plan of disarmament
Submit testimony and attend the hearings if at all possible
Presidents report
3 month mark from oral arguments in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals
Perhaps up to 6 months before a ruling
Been communicating with media, legislators
Writing testimony
VP Report
Food bank donation delivery
Fighting for our rights
Attend Legislature for testimony if at all possible
writing testimony to submit.
Treasurers Report
The fight against the anti-gun crowd will take years
Don't lose the fight, don't give up don't stop
Educate other gun owners and friends
As of the end of February:
Peoples Bank     $7675
Paypal                $4565
Donations+Tix    $2990
Merchandise       $2361
Total                     $5351
Paypal fees/shipping    $370
Supplies/printing           $1081
Web,Hall, Tax                $4632
Total                             $6083
Peoples Bank Litigation    $78,134
Total Litigation income      $580,882.62
Expenses Legal                $485
Bank Fees                        $260
Misc                                   $24
Operational money to Litigation fund $4677
Due to operational account from Lit    $3807
Events Report
Dinner plans  Sunday @5:30  New Life Church
Gifts on hand Guns and ammo
Hunting and Fishing show
Snow on setup day.
Met an anti-gunner
Met a lot of people and got the word out
14 Volunteers so was well covered.
Legislative Report
Changes to Testify procedure
Bottleneck at metal detectors
Get to LOB early
Decorum - Don't rise to anti-gunners bait, they want us to look bad.
Submit written testimony
Plan to spend all day there
Food and wifi (free and open) available in LOB, bring a phone charger
Permit issues
Towns are charging the wrong fee for background check $16.50 let Jonathan know.
Merchandise Report
Few Poker run shirts left, 2 picnic left
$5 section
Decals, Bling, etc, and we take paypal credit
Guest - Senator Joe Markley
Stay involved
3 Bills pending
1 "safe storage" bill
2 Domestic violence bills
None of the 2 DV bills address violation of rights and no due process
Kudos to Rob Sampson for his work
Elections have consequences and the anti's know it
Some very strong 2A folks got elected
Plans to attach distasteful amendments and counter proposals to bad bills
Safe storage = Burglar protection act
Pledge to remember the votes and fight them at the polls
Keep getting strong legislators elected.
Question and answers.
Break at 8:00pm
Ray Bevis - Legislative breakdown
3 bills we are against
Metal detector etiquette
Meet in Rm 2500
Stickers to show CCDL membership/support
Lottery system to testify 8:30-10:00am
After 10am you go to the bottom of the list
Show up to see testimony even if you don't testify.
You will get 3 minutes to address all 3 bills
Use personal scenarios if you have them to grab their attention
If you can get them to ask a question you get extra time to answer and elaborate
Dress code - No camo please
Should be streamed on CT-N for those who can't come.
Mona Starwhiskey
Metacon is hosting the 12th annual Women on Target shooting clinic on Saturday June 6th.  Start at 8am
1 hour safety training
1 hour range
1 hour range
Open to 13 or older (13-18 must be accompanied by an adult)
$65 per person
For more info take a flyer or ask questions
8:38pm  Close of meeting