The monthly members meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 13th is canceled due to the anticipated snow storm. Our next member meeting will be Tuesday, April 10.

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                                                   MEETING MINUTES: CCDL General Meeting


General Meeting of Connecticut Citizens Defense League was held on February 13, 2018 at Elks Lodge 44 Maynard Street, Middletown CT. The meeting began at 7:05 PM and was presided over by Scott Wilson, with Cheryl Lemos as secretary. The meeting opened with the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance.


EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Scott Wilson, Chris Lemos, Bob Starr, Cheryl Lemos, Michelle McBrien, Holly Sullivan, , Ray Bevis, Robert Chambers, Kevin Holian-Borgnis, Kris Witherill, Keith Cagle

EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS NOT PRESENT: Frank Russello,Jonathan Hardy,  John Beidler

GUESTS:Candidate for Governor- State Rep. Prasad Srinivasan and Candidate for Lieutenant Governor - State Senator Joe Markley.


  • Executive and Committee reports
  • Candidate for Governor - Prasad Srinivasan
  • Candidate for Lieutenant Governor - Joe Markley
  • Discussion on state elections 2018
  • Letter writing campaign
  • Legislative Session (opening impressions)
  • Volunteering on campaigns for pro 2A candidates


President’s Report – Scott Wilson

  • Filed FOI and Received Response for Justice McDonald Communications with parties
  • Several Media pieces regarding Ghost guns, Bump Stocks, and stolen firearms
  • Follow up communication with Middletown Police Chief
  • Assisted with Dinner details
  • Attended Dinner
  • Attended GRE dinner
  • Communicated with numerous candidates running for various offices

Vice-President’s Report – Chris Lemos

  • Worked on the website, blog, social media post, and membership emails.
  • Attended the CCDL Long Term Planning session on January 14th.
  • Met with the Membership Committee to discuss new membership initiatives
  • Attended the 9th Anniversary Dinner

Treasurer’s Report – Bob Starr

  • People’s Bank Balance (Litigation) = $87,389.64
  • People’s Bank Balance (Operations) = $62,678

Secretary’s Report – Cheryl Lemos

  • Created minutes for the previous monthly meeting and provided to the Technology Coordinator to post to the website.
  • Attended the CCDL Long Term Planning session on January 14th.
  • Met with new Membership Coordinator, Kris Witherill, to transition her to the position
  • Met with the Membership Committee to discuss new membership initiatives
  • Attended the 9th Anniversary Dinner


Membership Coordinator – Kris Witherill

  • Attended the CCDL Long Term Planning session on January 14th.
  • No new numbers this month, still transitioning

Events Coordinator – Holly Sullivan

  • 9th Annual Anniversary Dinner was held on Saturday, February 10, 2018 at the Aquaturf in Plantsville. There were about 300 people in attendance. Several legislators and candidates were also in attendance.
  • The 10th Anniversary dinner is being planned for Saturday February 9th 2019 at the Aquaturf in Plantsville.
  • We will be setting up a booth at the Fishing and Hunting Show being held at the Connecticut Convention Center April 6th through the 8th, 2018. Will call for volunteers at future meetings.
  • The 10th Annual picnic is being planned. It is scheduled for Saturday August 25, 2018 at Booth Memorial Park in Stratford

Legislative Coordinator – Ray Bevis (presented by Scott Wilson)

  • Held four Legislative Workshops, in Middletown, Suffield, Guilford and Stonington 123 members attended. One more workshop is scheduled for Sunday February, 25th at the Rockville Fish & Game Club.
  • Attended the CCDL Long Term Planning session on January 14th.
  • Communicated with Legislators.
  • The 2018 Legislative session opened on 2/7. We’ve seen 2 gun bills thus far.
    •  HB5020   AN ACT ESTABLISHING A CREDIT AGAINST THE PERSONAL INCOME TAX FOR THE PURCHASE OF A GUN SAFE. To establish a credit, not to exceed one hundred fifty dollars, against the personal income tax for the purchase of a gun safe for a taxpayer's personal use.
  • Attended the CCDL Long Term Planning session on January 14th.
  • Discussed 2018 elections, citizens election program, election contributions
  • Save the date for Sportsmen’s Day at the Capitol being held Thursday March 22, 2018
  • Attended the 9th Anniversary Dinner


Merchandise Coordinator – Michelle McBrien

  • Flag decals are sold out. They are on order and will be available again next month
  • Sweatshirt pre-orders are now available on the website.
  • There are mugs and long sleeve t-shirts available.
  • CCDL will be setting up a booth and selling merchandise at the Connecticut Winter Indoor All Brands Motorcycle Show with Don Clady & Connecticut Cruise News for February 17th & 18th, 2018 that is being held at the Naugatuck Entertainment Building at 6 Rubber Avenue in Naugatuck
  • Save the date for annual CCDL Poker Run – Saturday, September 15th, 2018.

Permit Issues Coordinator – Jonathan Hardy

  • No Report


  • February Food Drive - for nearly eight years, CCDL has collected and distributed food for those in need at our monthly meetings. Thank you to all of our members who generously donated canned goods and other non-perishable items to our January meeting.
  • 2018 State Elections - 2018 might be a pivotal year for gun rights in our state. It all comes down to CCDL members becoming engaged in helping pro 2A candidates hold and win seats. This is the most effective way any one member can protect their rights.
  • Letter Writing Campaign – all CCDL members are encouraged to write pro-gun letters to the editors of news organizations.
  • There will be a campaign workshop at the next meeting


  • Candidate for Governor- State Rep. Prasad Srinivasan discussed his campaign platform. Explained his position on legislation he previously voted for that may have been perceived as anti-gun, including his vote on SB1160. Discussed his position on the 2nd Amendment and gun rights. Answered questions from the general membership.
  • Candidate for Lieutenant Governor - State Senator Joe Markley discussed his campaign platform. He is done with fundraising and is now looking for volunteers for his campaign.



The next General Meeting of Connecticut Citizens Defense League will held on March 13, 2018 at Elks Lodge 44 Maynard Street, Middletown CT. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM..


Scott Wilson called the meeting be adjourned at 9:05 pm


Cheryl Lemos – Secretary CCDL

February 14, 2018

CCDL holds its monthly general membership meeting at 7:00pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Elks Lodge in Middletown, CT. All CCDL members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Executive and Committee reports
  • Candidate for Governor, Tim Herbst
  • 2018 Legislative Workshop
  • Discussion on state elections 2018
  • National Reciprocity discussion
  • Letter writing campaign

Avoid the wait and shipping fees! The full selection of CCDL merchandise is always for sale at our meetings, including many items not sold on our website.

Guest Speaker
Candidate for Governor - Timothy Herbst

The State-wide races are heating up with the new year. Trumbull's First Selectman will be on hand to introduce himself and answer 2A related questions.

CCDL Legislative Workshops for 2018
At our January meeting we will be conducting our inhouse yearly Legislative Workshop. CCDL invites all that are interested in preserving our 2nd Amendment rights in Connecticut to this FREE workshop. This workshop is designed to educate gun owners about legislative action. We also have another workshop slated for January 18th in Suffield, and one on January 20th in Guilford. More workshops to follow! Topics will include:

  • Learn about the legislative process and any pending gun bills
  • Tips for communicating with your legislators
  • How to prepare written testimony
  • How to submit your testimony
  • How to testify at a public hearing effectively
  • How to track gun bills
  • How to become proactive and vigilant

2017 was a growth year for CCDL. Our organization and its 30,000 members were involved in legislative matters at the state and local level, as well as many exciting group events.

This year CCDL has tried to make sure that our members have had every opportunity to participate and help us preserve our 2nd Amendment rights at numerous levels.

CCDL has put together a retrospective look at many of the things we have done as an organization to show how engaged we are.

We hope that if you have not attended a member meeting or one of our other events, that you do so this year. We would love to have you join us and help defend your 2nd Amendment rights in 2018!

Here is a “look back” at 2017 - link