General Meeting - 2016-02-09


7:13 Open meeting with national anthem and pledge
In legislative cycle and gun bills have already been introduced

Crucial to help pro-2A candidates get elected and anti-2A candidates unelected


7:16 Executive Report - President

Communicated with atty on drafts for SCOTUS

Communicated with media

Helping with legislative workshop in Patchaug


7:17 Executive Report - Vice President

Updated social media, blog, and e-mails


7:19 Executive Report - Treasurer

Op expenses: 7,004

Op Income: 8506

Lit total: 632k

Lit expenses: 564k

Lit remaining: 81k


7:23 Coordinator Report - Membership

21,285 total

439 new this month


7:23 Coordinator Report - Events

Executive meeting

metacon legislative workshop at King 33.

Hunting and Fishing show and dinner @ Convention center this weekend

Dinner 4-9 @ aquaturf


7:27 Coordinator Report - Legislative update

First leg. Workshop @ metacon

first 2 bills

- SB-20 AAC Carrying while intoxicated

  • 0.10 limit down to 0.08 to bring into line with driving statute

  • Under 21, limit will be 0.02.

  • GB 5054 – AAC Domestic Violence

    • Ex Parte orders are still an issue with this version of the bill

    Public Safety Committee has a concept for a bill

    • AAC Application for temp. pistol permit applications

    • No language yet

Buzz @ LOB that CT Police Chiefs Assoc. will try to get Open Carry addressed.

Open Carry Memorandum was been issued by Atty Gen. Office.


8:10 Coordinator Report - Permit Issues

Interview with WTNH on women an guns

Don't blame people who open carry. We need to stand together against the antis. Whether you agree or not, you must stand up against ANY anti-gun bill because they will use it as a wedge to divide us.

Working with legislators on campaigns

Need help checking municipal codes and getting copies of local applications for permits, especially any additional requirements towns are asking for.

Deep River asks for medical/mental impairments.

Constructive Denials were being pushed up to the front, but are not being spaced out. CDs currently have an 8-9 month backlog (vs 2 years for denials/revocations)

We need applications for permits from every town.


8:27 Clay Cope, Candidate for 5th US Congressional District (against Esty)


8:33 Lawsuit update


8:54 Legislative workshop

Being held 2/13.


8:55 Close of Meeting

General Meeting 2015-01-12

7:12 Open meeting

7:20 Executive Report - President
Communicated with the media
Having a singular issue helps us as an organization stay focused
Helped coordinate 2 legislative workshops (Patchaug and Metacon)

7:21 Executive Report - Treasurer
Income: 3935
Expenses: 1673
Total Lit Donations: 627k
Total Lit Expenses: 564k
Remaining Lit Fund: 75k

7:23 Executive Report - Vice President
Helped scott with press releases
Updated social media/blog/website
Helped Ray with Legislative Workshop PPT

7:25 Coordinator Report - Membership
20846 Total
754 new this month

7:25 Coordinator Report - Events
Dinner coming up
Hunting and Fishing Show as well
Need volunteers for both

7:27 Coordinator Report - Legislative
Feb. 3rd session opened.
Special election time
Primaries - Jan 26th

7:30 Coordinator Report - Permit Issues
Some towns still adding additional requirements. Don't fill it out, file an appeal (almost into 2018)
Constructive denial hearings are only about 4 month backlog.
Even if your firearms are confiscated, you can still sell them through an FFL. SCOTUS says you can't be denied their value.

7:34 Special Guest - Former State Senator Len Suzio - District 13
Considering another run

7:43 Special Guest - Matt Maxwell - Candidate for US Congress 5th District

7:49 NRA Grassroots Field Coordinator Christian Ragosta
Chris Kulpadi is new CT State liason (lobbyist)
After executive orders from obama
Bloomberg outspent NRA 10 to 1 in Virginia and pro-2A candidate still won
Go to clubs, put on events. Get clubs involved. Bring new people into 2A communities.

8:00 Lawsuit Update
Shew v. Malloy has gotten an extension. Need Kolby v. O'Malley (MD) decision to include in filing.

8:03 Close of meeting

General Meeting - 2015-12-08

Executive Report - President

Communicated with our Attorneys

Press releases and lots of interviews

Conducted executive meeting, including election of new officers

Helped people with various issues

Drafted material for letters to the editor resources


7:19 Executive Report - Vice President


7:21 Executive Report - Treasurer

Op Inc: $1,288

Op Exp: $6,377

Total lit: 624k

Lit Expenses: 564k


7:24 Coordinator Report - Membership

20,093 total membership

500 new this month


7:25 Coordinator Report - Events

Hunting and Fishing show 2/12 → 2/14, Friday to Sunday. We will be selling merchandise this year.

Anniversary dinner tickets are on sale.

February 20th at the Aquaturf $55.

Next month I'll be asking for volunteers. If you have a big SUV and can help Thursday 2/11 with moving stuff @ hunting and fishing show.


7:30 Coordinator Report - Legislative Update

Legislative coordinator could be here

No fly-list bill appears dead for now. Might make ens to contact Blumenthal, Murphy, and your Representative with respectful displeasure over their support of the bill.

Subscribe to blog for additional alerts and up to date info we publish.


7:40 Coordinator Report - Permit Issues

Good news: People starting to fight towns by pushing back.

Constructive denial hearings are now 2 years our, only a couple of moths because they get delayed.

If you know someone going through the process. Don't quote the 2yr backlog; it will scare them from fighting their constructive denials

Cancel appeal if issued before hearing to free up that spot.

Lot of contact this month with minor issues and town denies, people let it drop. It's important to file and appeal because they may deny appeal with 'at this time' which usually get overturned at some point in the future


7:50 Coordinator Report - Merchandise

Christmas Ornaments available


7:53 Coordinator Report - Technology

Handled by Chris and Kevin right now.

In new year looking for permanent tech coordinator


7:53 Woodbridge

Martha Dean met with ordinance committee.

There have been several meetings with the town attorney. Town appears to be draggin it's heals on this.

No guns on woodbridge property (including streets)


8:07 Bicknell

Last 2 years @ Branford cub opening up New Years Day for trap shoot for anyone who wants to come.

Last years had 25-30. Contact on Facebook. $5/25 shells. If there's enough of a head count, we may be able to do $10 for pistol

March, holding a CCDL Tag Sale. If you want to drop stuff off (in good shape only) Dave will sell it and donate to Lit Fund


8:12 Doug Hoon – New CT Legal Rifle

Doug has been an engineer for 30 years. A friend got him into Ars and it wasn't enough to build parts, he started looking at design changes.

Previously designed a fixed-mag version of the AR. More recently designed a pump-action AR kit.


8:25 Shew v. Malloy update




August Wolfe is running against Blumenthal


8:40 Legislative Workshjops

In january's meeting, we'll do a condensed version

Ful workshops will be held @ a few gun clubs aroudn the state.

CT NRA Liason and NRA-ILA CT grassroots coordinator


8:47 Close of Meeting

General Meeting - 2015-09-08

7:04 Open meeting with national anthem and pledge

7:08 Opening word from President Scott Wilson
It's important to get involved in local municipal elections. Be active and know the stances of candidates because first selectmen, zoning boards, etc. have some level of control over our right to keep and bear arms.

7:10 Executive Report - President
Communicated with attorney and the media.
Wrote a blog post about the home invasion in Hartford
Fielded emails from members and helped with various issues.
Held an executive member meeting at our new office.
Distributed Poker Run flyers

7:12 Executive Report - Treasurer
Last month’s Income: $3,187
Last month’s expenses: $3,971
Total Litigation Donations: $607k
Total Litigation fees to date: $564k

7:16 Executive Report - Secretary
After the loss of two of our founding members, we've all had to step up and filling where we can. Chris L. and Kevin have been keeping the website up to date and fixing problems as they come up.

7:17 Coordinator Report - Memberhsip
245 new this month
19,001 total members!
Shirts for the poker run and family picnic have been received.
Putting together a membership committee to set up booths and such at state fairs and other events around the state. If you're interested in volunteering, contact Cheryl at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

7:20 Coordinator Report - Events
Attended the exec. meeting.
Did work from the picnic and the hunting and fishing show.
9/19 is our free family picnic at Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford. Feel free to bring a side dish. Games and door prizes. We'll need volunteers to cover the grill and clean up. (contact Chris - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
9/26 is our 2nd Amendment Poker Run. We need more volunteers (contact Ray - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

7:23 Coordinator Report - Permit Issues
Good news: appeals are slowing down, possibly because people are standing up for themselves against unreasonable towns. The rate has slowed; under the previous rate we would have extended the backlog to the end of 2017, but it's currently holding at 2 years.
The board gives a special designation (and shorter time table) for Constructive Denials, cases where the town is taking longer than the required 8 weeks to issue a permit. The constructive denial process is helping keep owns honest. Most of these cases are resolved before getting to the hearing.

7:26 Merchandise
We've got a bunch of $5 items we're trying to get rid of. And our usual. We'll have all of our merchandise available at the family Picnic as well as special picnic themed shirts. We'll have our poker run shirts available at the poker run the following week.
We've had requests for different types of items (hoodies, polos, etc.) We're working on a new web store that will let us handle these items for pre-order, as well as our current catalog.

7:29 Justin Zito on behalf of Cabinets Kwik
Cabinets Kwik is donating an in-wall concealment safe made of reinforced steel to the Poker Run.

7:32 Woodbridge Firearm Ordinance Update
Back in June, Attorney Martha Dean let us know about an ordinance in Woodbridge that basically prohibits the carrying of a loaded firearm anywhere on town property (including the streets). She's been pushing them to change the law for months and the Town Council finally agreed it's unenforceable and plans to change it, but they haven't done anything yet.
The Town Council is sending Martha a Draft of the updated language soon. A special meeting of the Board of Selectmen will happen next week to discuss the change. A following meeting of the Board of Selectman will take place after that to take action.
No action is required yet, but Attorney Dean is looking for people from Woodbridge and the surrounding area to be on standby should we need to make a showing at one of the meetings. If you'd like to be added to the list, please contact Kevin - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

7:37 Open Forum

7:45 #IAmCCDL Project
Several Years Ago the Twin Cities Gun Owners and Carry Forum put together a video showing what average Minnesotan Gun Rights Supports look like.
A few years ago, the Virginia Citizens Defense League (who we modeled ourselves after) put out their own video inspired by the original 'And I Carry' video.
We want to expand on that idea. We're going to start taking volunteer members from all walks of life during our picnic and add on to it. We'll set up a special website and start pushing our campaign to show the public the real face of CCDL, not what some Hartford Courant Cartoonist wants to portray us as.

8:05 Poker Run Update
Saturday 9/26 is our 2nd Amendment Poker Run. (What is a Poker Run?)
Our Poker Run starts at Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post and ends at the Cadillac Ranch in Southington. There will be 3 stops in between.
We need more volunteers at Woodbridge and Cadillac Ranch. Volunteers get free food and a free t-shirt. (contact Ray - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).
We have a number of good prizes: a leaf blower, suppressor, firearms trust services, etc.
Screamin Eagles Band will be providing the music

8:10 Legislative Shoot
We've put together an invite-only clay target shoot for the legislators and their aides. This is completely an informational event, no media or politics. We sent out around 290 invitations.
The goal is to introduce legislators to firearms, firearm safety, and have some fun.

8:12 Plymouth Gun Range
There will be a hearing on September 10th. Prepare to Act will just be asking for an extension as they've just added additional counsel and need more time.
Plymouth does let out-of-towners speak at their public hearings. They also accept letters if you'd rather not speak.
If you have any questions about the process or what's going on, contact Ray - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. He's got a FAQ sheet and the application documents.
Plymouth is kind of unique in that they have an ordinance that covers gun clubs.
A lot of you have contacted us about this issue. We are monitoring the situation and in close contact with Prepare to Act.

8:32 Sporting Clays Fundraiser to benefit Litigation Fund
On October 11, 2015 the Guilford Sportsman’s Association will be hosting a sporting clays fun shoot to raise money for the CCDL Litigation Fund. It starts at 9:00am. $40/shooter. Please pre-register if possible.
Any questions about the event please contact Dave Bicknell from the Guilford Sportsman’s Association at (203) 500-4169 or via Facebook.

8:39 WLOPA Ladies Day
Not a CCDL related event, but if you know a woman interested in learning to shoot,
Wolcott Land Owners Protective Association (WLOPA) is hosting a "Ladies Day" Sept 12th, 9am at their club. Wives, sisters, mothers, aunts, nieces, lady friends etc. are invited for a fun day of shooting. Guns, ammo and lunch will be provided by the club, and a nominal fee of $10 to cover costs is required. Contact Greg Gubitosi with questions or to register: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

8:40 Close of meeting