CCDL Inc Meeting minutes      July 14, 2009


19:13 Meeting called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance

19:15 Reading of the presidents report (Scott) discussion of the ad-hoc meeting to discuss article V of the CCDL By-laws.

19:16 MTA Susan/Ira

19:17 Last meetings minutes, MTA written minutes with the deletion of the information regarding Ed Peruta’s brother’s information  Ed/Ira

19:18 Treasurers report

$1077 income

$301 balance

Tee shirts, business cards

Report to be forwarded to Scott/Susan

Checks ordered

Debit cards requested

19:19 MTA Susan/Nick Voted – unanimous

Shawn M mentioned that treasurers reports normally aren’t accepted until they are audited – to be discussed later

19:21 Registered Agents report

IRS papers have been received with numbers

$50 charge to register our logo as a trademark

19:22 Webmasters report Lenny for Virginia

Still working off the temporary domain

Working with Rick to move content to his server and point the domain at it

Requests for content, photos

Email addresses need to be created and distributed

Paypal for membership/donation needs a legit email address to tie to

Request the executive board to check it all out and make suggestions for adds/deletions

Webmaster position shouldn’t include Facebook modifications and Twitter stuff.

Virginia is having trouble getting in touch with Rick, Susan to get hold of him.

19:29 Purchasing report Lenny

Cards – the kind offer from Ed’s brother didn’t address some needs we had so Lenny got some cards online 2500 for $74.19 inc shipping and taxes.

A larger banner was procured online with a free smaller one thrown in.  Both a kind donation to the cause by Lenny/Virginia

Don’t distribute the CCDL cards just yet as the website is still Facebook not our website.

19:31 MTA Ira/Susan Unanimous

19:32 Ad Hoc Article V discussions Ira

Executive board and organizational governance items discussed

Coordinator positions discussed and described (not elected)

Positions for the executive board (President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary) and functions thereof.

Coordinators are nominated by the President and approved – not elected (Membership, Events, Legislative Advocate, Public Relations, Webmaster)


19:43 Sean said we need to check the rules to make sure if our legislative advocate needs to register with the state as a political lobbyist

Judy said there’s a threshold amount possibly $2000 of payment before a person is required to register as a lobbyist but we would need to check, she mentioned that they set up temporary PAC’s for each issue, and let it die once the issue is covered.

Shawn said a good resource who knows everyone is Bob Crook at Hartford, he is a 2A supporter.


Organizational governance section X

Committee chairperson can involve more committee members as needed

Proposals to be approved by the executive board

Following Roberts Rules of Order for all official business (with modifications as needed)

Registered Agent is appointed

Outgoing chairs will facilitate getting incoming chairs up to speed in their new positions.

19:50 MTA Nick/Lenny   Unan

19:51 Break


20:07 Meeting called back to order


Sean Murphy discussed some ideas he has based on his involvement with state government and the legislature.

Interested in getting state pack

Gun community, many disparate groups

Get group reps for hunters, target, etc etc

Umbrella group for all firearms groups to speak with one voice and many members

Sean told us about how the leftists are taking over the legislative process and the conservatives are being pushed out via primaries etc.

Scott mentioned we are non-partisan and judge each candidate based on their 2nd amendment position.

Deborah mentioned that the state constitution section 15 should be mentioned as that quote is on our tee-shirts.  Ira mentioned that it is included in our preamble and going forward the tee-shirts should put this on.

20:17 Ed Peruta discussed the BPFE meetings which he has been attending for the past 18-19 months.

He relayed a story of how a permit candidate was denied for a permit due to being honest on the form regarding some very old issues when he was younger.

He suggested that a good audience for CCDL would be the folks having to go to headquarters for hearings and such, banner on cars in the parking area, CCDL business cards handed out, flyers.  Said the meetings/hearings are informative on how these folk conduct business.  He contacted the NRA to see if he can get all the instructors or senior instructors to come to a state wide meeting to discuss state specific regulations and issues that never get discussed in the generic NRA pistol permit safety class.

An Ad-hoc meeting was suggested to discuss this whole idea.

20:30 Old business

Discussed revisions, business cards, voting rights of members, motions to strike regarding not open carry at the Elks, contacting the state legislature etc.

20:31 New Business

Propose to talk about organized political enlightenment – litter pickups etc.

Jeremy talked about doing something positive and visible like CCDL picnic/BBQ, litter pickup.  Various discussions about when to do a BBQ 19th of September place to be determined.

Lenny talked about adopting a highway and wanting to make a move on it.

Adopt-a-highway program, signs and what they would say. “This highway sponsored by”

CCDL Inc (Ira). Or spell the whole thing out.

20:36 Lenny talked about membership forms, how Justin made a nice one on his Apple but Lenny can’t use the jpg to make a form, Ira said he has a program that might do it.

20:37 Discussion of article V revisions

Vacancies are covered in the bylaws

Filled by special election and candidates serve until the next election

Resignation of positions is not covered in the bylaws

Discussion with new members about their willingness to serve in some capacity in the organization.

20:42 Motion to start up the website and call for content to put in it.

20:47 Motion to table discussion on hats/caps with CCDL logo

20:58 Discussion of registering logo $50, putting “Inc.” under the logo

20:51 Membership dues discussion Ira – differing opinions regarding who would be members if membership dues were required and who would back out completely.

General membership (free) versus executive membership (dues). Ask for donations.

Suspend membership dues for a period of 6 months. BRING THIS UP AGAIN Scott.

20:57 Motion to table discussion on membership Ira/Lenny

21:00 Article 6 Bi-annual election discussion, need for a quorum at meetings to make any outcome valid

Solicitation of donations Jeremy collected, Ed is going to approach Scott Hoffman for a donation, tee-shirt sales.

21:04 Meeting closed.