The Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Inc. (CCDL) is a not for profit organization registered with the state of Connecticut. Our web hosting HAD been donated; however there were some issues with our emails being tagged as spam. We have fixed this problem by using a PAID web host. We are also now using a PAID host for our mass emails. The website itself and all of the hours that went into the design and development was and continues to be a donation to the cause from a founding member.

For an organization like ours to survive and continue to work for the people of our great state, we will need money. Donations, we feel, have been and still are best way for us to proceed. We hope everyone that visits our website, will sign up to be a member, attend our monthly meetings, become involved in the CCDL and please do not forget to hit the Donate button.

Every bit helps!

Carry On!

Founding Members

CCDL, Inc.